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  1. Me too - never knew we were held in such high esteem by the "masses"
  2. The five "ps" Pre Planning Prevents Poor Performance" in Thailand's case this could be amended to "Pre Planning Prevents Pollution Problem" the "government" has actively encouraged the cultivation of sugar cane, the last couple of years alone there has been a 30% increase in crop - now they are surprised that it is being harvested in the manner it is did it not occur to anyone in "government" that the procurement of harvesting equipment may well be a good idea before choking the country & making worldwide headlines for the wrong reasons
  3. Keep your eye on the ball? Learn to read the greens & earn about 300 Baht?
  4. Agree, we had a power cut here (Udon) in 2016 in the middle of the hottest spell ever known to mankind!!! it was misearable and went on for 48 hours. I wanted to go to a hotel but wife refused so stayed with her the first night, the second night I was going to leave her and go to a hotel just before I left the house power came back on it was heaven ............. Next day I bought a generator - never again...................
  5. 'Sludge" is probably the wrong description! it leaves residue which when it dries out is a pain to get rid off & causes all sorts of problems, been working for the past week to clean out a set off Keihlin carbs I left with ethanol based fuel inside i should have drained them!.......................
  6. I believe they did, no idea why? - just ignore them.......................
  7. At my age, & after 40 years working mainly outside in the tropics its not going to make any difference now, thanks for the concern Aussie land is close to the "hole" in the ozone layer and people simply don't take enough precautions, even now you see them laying on the beach in "high" temps - moderation is the key and knowing your own body and limits is a must.
  8. Exactly! yet people are taught to be afraid of the sun! our bodies need it to maintain health, moderation is the key. Maybe somebody is getting rich selling and convincing folks to use sunscreen?
  9. Try here https://www.lazada.co.th/products/minxin-indoor-outdoor-air-quality-monitor-pm25-detector-tester-i283786065-s461542953.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.9.4d195206JiBpbK&search=1
  10. People do ignore the advice, the fact is most folks don't have a clue what constitutes healthy eating, how often do we read about the "great Thai food" usually based on price. Is red meat unhealthy, if it is grass fed, not grain - yes it is, people are kept in the dark about what is healthy and what is not with endless articles in the newspapers telling them what to eat and what not, most disagree with each other & don't rely on your doctor to tell you what to eat, most don't have a clue! Educating yourself is the only option, don't rely on others to "tell" you, most are paid for advertising articles!
  11. Yes, because sugar cane planting has been encouraged as I said, the crop total has doubled in the past ten years or so I believe, my wife's family used to grow rice in KK, after government incentives they now grow only sugar cane. "MY2018/19 sugarcane production is forecast to increase to 130 million metric tons, up 2 percent from MY2017/18, due to expanded acreage (Figure 1.1). Farmers are likely to continue to expand sugarcane acreage as two new sugar mills are expected to begin operating in MY2018/19. Combined, the two new sugar mills will have a production capacity of around 40,000 tons of cane per day. These two new facilities are both located in the northeastern region which accounts for around 45 percent of total sugarcane production. This would increase the total number of sugar mill facilities to 56 mills, up from 54 operating mills in MY2016/17. The new sugar mills are likely to actively encourage farmers to expand sugarcane acreage in order to secure cane supplies. Additionally, the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute expects that precipitation in 2018 will be 10 percent above normal, which will help maintain an average yield of 11-12 metric tons per rai (68-75 metric tons/hectare) for MY2018/19 sugarcane production. " Sugarcane planted acreage increased significantly as farmers substituted cassava with sugarcane. At the same time, multiple sugar mills have increased their crushing capacity, particularly in the northeastern region of Thailand which has seen sugarcane production increase by 30 percent from MY2016/17. F
  12. Hold your breath! this is the "new" sustainable agriculture, present "government" has been paying folks to start growing sugar cane and get away from rice, obviously not a great deal of thought went into the plan, surely one of the reasons they are saying so little about it and doing so little! Its only in very recent years that there has been a market for sugar cane, previously not much was grown here!
  13. Don't mention the "sludge" it leaves in tank and carb
  14. Its no different driving a car, if I stop, nobody else does, especially bikes, just makes it even more dangerous for pedestrians!
  15. You think to mutt, only talk - until the fuss died down Sad, but the way it works here
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