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  1. Your inferring someone in Thailand takes notice of him, may I ask who this person is, is it his wife?
  2. STUNNED SILENCE! How can he be serious, based on his success in CM? Theres no hope
  3. The vast majority of Thai's are not "insensitive" to noise, there is a small minority that are ignorant & generally uneducated that like to make noise. The majority err on the side of caution and put up with the noise as they know if they complain that the mentally unstable people that are making the noise are most likely also psychopathic and will basically resort to violence if they are criticised in any way, shape or form as they have never had any discipline in their lives, or to sum it up in one word - they are "nuts"
  4. Simply not true, they now have huge foreign reserves, they learnt a lot - strange as that fact is!
  5. When your visiting clients or customers, you don't generally have a lot of choice! sure most places have parking but the average Thai multi storey car parks are some of the worst designed spaces in the world! usually with nowhere near sufficient parking spaces!
  6. I have many friends that work in Bangkok, they all have drivers, if you have to make 3 or 4 appointments/meetings a day you could drive yourself - but the problem is when you get where you want to be there is no parking, often their drivers have to park miles away and wait on a call to come and pick them up.
  7. ^ pretty much what it takes for me, also depends on what "class" of postage used to send, signed for usually quicker.
  8. iherb have it, I would trust them more than lazada, can't see why it would be banned its a non essential amino!
  9. Same, known mine 15 years, don't have a clue what her name is, FIL either, guess I should ask
  10. I agree with what you say, there is doubtless a lot of nonsense written about the Amazon for the wrong reasons, I recently read an article printed in "Nature" journal that went into great depth about the Amazon and the sheer size, interestingly there is strong evidence that it was planted by "man" for quite a few reasons. Below from a reliable source - very hard to find these days as google and the like are totally corrupted! "The data, information and knowledge on the tropical forest area and its dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon remain contentious. We use time-series satellite images to quantify annual forest area, loss and gain in the Brazilian Amazon during 2000–2017. We find that forest area was ~15% higher than the estimate by the official Brazilian forest dataset (PRODES), but annual forest-loss rates were twice the PRODES estimates (~0.027 × 106 km2 yr–1 during 2001–2016). Forest-loss rates increased again after 2013. The El Niño and drought year (2015/2016) drove large forest area loss. etc............."
  11. If you can back up that statement with solid evidence I will indeed have some concern, I read a article somewhere that stated this "fact" I just thought it was alarmist nonsense, another article stated one football field per minute - big difference, kindly prove otherwise?
  12. One thing they do know is where there next pay check is coming from
  13. Because the "government" at the time wanted in on Tigers popularity and fame! he wasn't interested, the "ceremony" was performed at the old airport where he gave them 10 minutes of his time.
  14. Where you are maybe, I am in Nadee and we have had very little rain, local reservoir nearly dry! very localised this year for some reason
  15. You reckon? what gloom and doom have you been reading, it would take thousands of years to clear the Amazon, in the meantime it would be growing back, its huge -well over 2,000,000 square miles, makes a great "alarmist" story though!
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