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  1. You do realise that the BBC is no longer a trusted source for news, now has a leftist communist anti government policy Actually anyone that Bill Gates is a donater too is in the same "boat! Though not sure that any news source is reporting "correct" numbers as no longer possible due to rampant corruption within the testing procedure!
  2. Exactly, unless the domestic "tourists" have unlimited funds to spend, from an economic POV it's just taking money away from other sectors! Seems TOT and the doubtless large staff they employ are getting desperate to justify the huge budget they get!
  3. The reference to "farmers" in Thailand always confuses me, the "traditional" western view of "farmers" and the reality in Thailand is completely different from what I see, here it seems to consist of mainly families that have a small piece of land that they plant rice on once or at best twice a year, for the majority of the year the land lays barren as there is no water to raise crops year round, if indeed the land is able to sustain any crop without huge amounts of chemicals, the soil here is not exactly fertile & the returns minimal, how is loaning these people more money going to help, their already in debt, the yield from the crops is barely at subsistence level now. Farm land is "dirt" cheap as it cannot return a profit without intense labour, the majority of the land has no reliable source of water, will the loans change this?
  4. I'm sure ewe are correct, doubtless Clinton and the other "suspects" are innocent of any "conspiracy" and Berman was mere coincidence. Have a nice day!
  5. No idea, i take it you never bothered to look at the "art" work and formed your own opinion rather than relying on others?
  6. Immediately after the removal of SDNY Berman, shows how high up the corruption is? Be interesting to see how this develops, be a lot of people with very twitchy bottoms, these people were not only into "underage" children, if you want evidence of how twisted they are look at Epstein's art collection - strange, if you want really weird look at Podesta "art" collection! - sick, sick people.
  7. Indeed, the "wealthy" don't believe all the garbage written in the MSM, they know different as they or their "friends" are the ones that write the scenarios for the ongoing "agenda"
  8. White more thermally efficient, you do need a black "go faster" stripe to attain 100% efficiency though!
  9. One thing I find strange about this ongoing "agenda" is how people now listed to the "authorities" and actually believe them, not very long ago when the "authorities" spoke we knew they were lying. what happened, what changed them, or does induced fear make people grasp for someone to save them? To me the "authorities" remain a bunch of lying, self serving parasites who have sold their souls to the biggest spender! "For our safety" my bottom!
  10. Or they have never ventured further afield than Beach Road, I had a conversation with a chap up here in Udon, he was telling me what a terrible place it was, having lived 15 years there I disagreed with him, turned out he had never been there!
  11. Indeed, glass half full attitude is great to see From what I have observed of the "bank robbing" chap's here they need as much help as they can get, not many seem to make a success of their chosen occupation!
  12. Your missing out on a "unique" cultural experience, showing off your tats while wearing a football jersey that is three sizes too small for you, bill-boarding for free the sponsors of "your" club while complaining about the price of beer, the exchange rate, the unchanged immigration rules, rounded off with a good unfounded rant about how much Thai's despise us.
  13. Indeed! many on here live in a small world and think all are in the same "boat" Too late for change for most I'm afraid!
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