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  1. Is this your day job? Your kind of obvious and the truth off no importance in your posts, but its all about making your point - it appears. You are "challenged by the truth - why? Best go put that clown suit on, learn to at least not be so obvious, cant see this "outing" lasting long for you! Try making at least one post where you are not telling us the "Controla virus" is not fact? when did you join to further your expertise at interpreting the MSM? Sad - bye!
  2. Your an amusing individual, you mock people who "try" to stand up for you, sure you will get your reward
  3. God that was funny, I take it you can't read and understand the article, get someone who is able to question the narrative to explain it to you. Sad, you will doubtless be one of the first on the "Train" People question history and how easy it is too fool people, you are obviously not one of those people
  4. Are you sure about that? or does it just feed your cognitive dissonance Looks like you agree with suspending anyone who doesn't agree with the narrative, commie or socialist?
  5. Superior aerodynamics! enhanced by riding "Commando" it's also the "Super Sport", goes like a "Rocket" & was awarded a "Gold Star" at "Daytona" & a "Royal Star" at "Bonneville" got a "Tiger" in the tank! Need to be a "Dominator" to attain "Speedmaster" performance though! "Legend" & a "Victor" Going back to sleep now!
  6. I too am amazed at people lack of comprehension! the world has gone mad - or socialist immune systems no longer work, need the state to protect us with Vaccines and locking healthy people up - ridiculous! Protecting us? - yeh right, more people die on the roads in a day than a year with Controla virus yet they do nothing about that - wonder why if they are so concerned about "Us"! https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/?utm_source=phplist314&utm_medium=email&utm_content=HTML&utm_campaign=OPEN+LETTER+TO+THE+UK+GOVERNMENT+FROM+THE+WORLD+DOCTORS+ALLIANCE "We now ha
  7. Wonder if these would improve the high speed stability on my 69 BSA Bantam, sounds like they would be an improvement over the stock Girling units that have been giving great service since new.
  8. IMO! The real "elephant in the room" is the fact that Thailand will open to tourists when they are told they can by whoever is driving the "ContolaVirus" agenda & not a day before! despite all the showboating!
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