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  1. With respect, your opinion is usually one of the correct ones.
  2. Where, in the known universe is such a statement written, documented, noted, ???????? You are just making <deleted> up to suit your narrative.
  3. What rubbish, I entered on an OA then switched to a marriage extension. You extend your stay not the visa you arrived on. Immigration does not and cannot extend a visa. NO VISA is ever extended.
  4. Why would you give the OP wrong advice ??? Of course a TM30 is required, either the hotel or owner housemaster etc will be required to do a TM30. In the OPs situation the friend he is staying with would need to do a TM30. If the guy visits immigration for an extension, COR etc, most immigration offices will require a TM30 and fine if its not done.
  5. Yes they transferred the original visa information, but the point I was making is I am now on a marriage extension after originally entering on an OA visa. I am not tied to the visa I came on when it comes to extensions.
  6. I entered on an OA visa, its in my old passport and immigration have never asked to see it when doing my marriage extension. Thats because the extension I am currently on has nothing to do with the visa I entered on 5 years ago.
  7. As with most 2nd-3rd hand information, you have no idea what question was asked, the context, was it understood etc. There is a high probability the question or the answer was misunderstood.
  8. Thats right but it is unclear how the insurance will work for the 2nd year stay after the visa has expired.
  9. OP, if its just bookmarks and some files then its very easy. Just use a usb drive, copy paste etc. OR Copy to cloud storage (onedrive etc), use the same email for new pc and your files will re-sync. Any browser will have export/import bookmarks. If you are scraping the old laptop then its easy to keep just the hardrive in a usb case/dock, copy files later.
  10. I imagine you would show the prescription from home country. Nowadays they could just as easy find the medication in his checked luggage. If the OP gets stopped to check inside his bags, why would they only check his carry on ?
  11. An OA Visa still has financial requirement, you just show it in home country rather than Thailand. An OA visa isnt issued by immigration so not subject to any Thai immigration requirements. Not exactly a work around when you need the same or more documents to get an OA, as an in country extension. If anything, an incountry conversion to an extension is a work around to avoid, medicial, police checks etc.
  12. Its not clear as yet but the presumption is the new rules will only apply to Visa's issued after 31 Oct.
  13. You dont extend a Visa, you extend a stay. Once you are on an extension of stay the original visa you entered on has expired and is largely irrelevant. I entered on an O-A visa and I am currently on a Marriage extension, which is nothing to do with original Visa.
  14. There is no mention of showing insurance at 90 day reports. since you already have your OA visa then the requirements that come in at the end of october should not apply to you.
  15. If you are on extension of stay nothing has changed. The insurance is if you go home and arrive on an O-A visa.
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