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  1. Yes they all have different requirements but its important to check translations if they are other than the official MFA etc. I got yellow book with name taken from marriage Documents (MFA) and latter realised the translation on Chanote was completely different and could have been a problem later, took the yellow book/ID to the land office and updated the chanote.
  2. As you say, they want a translation of your name into Thai, if you are married, I think most will accept those documents because they contain MFA name translation etc
  3. Thats right, like immigration offices, they are all different. Most will want some sort of official translation of your name because the yellow book/ID name is your name in Thai, needs to match land office or marriage documents etc. Your local ampher probably took your name from marriage docs as thats an MFA translation, including parents names etc..
  4. Elsewhere in Thailand it is done at the ampher, Pattaya has a different local government structure (its a city like Bangkok) and city hall does most things instead of amphers. See my post above for the list of requirements, that may explain why you were not successful, as they do require MFA translations (marriage docs will do) and witness etc.
  5. I got yellow book and ID a year or so ago, Its all done at city hall, see list below for required documents
  6. How long ago was that ? I got yellow book a year ago and it was not a 30 min exercise. Some MFA translated documents, a witness, 2 visits.
  7. Have you tried signing up for the online ? Its pretty easy nowadays and not only for hotels. here https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/ The register button, fill in details, attach a copy of blue book, a week or so later they send you a login and password. you could register on behalf of thai owner or tell a little white lie and put yourself as owner.
  8. I have several go bags, One that I packed during the last coup, another that I packed when they enforced TM30s, one that I packed when they announced the 10 year visa's. Of course another couple packed after the latest immigration rule changes. I usually pack one when someone on Thaivisa tells me the Thai economy is about to collapse, 67 million people dont want me here etc. I do wonder sometimes if I am overreacting. Maybe thats what they want me to think, I better pack another bag. Oh, and whatever you do "dont buy a condo, invest more than you can afford to loose" etc etc etc.
  9. There would be phone repair shops that can unlock, not much use asking shops that sell phones as they want you to buy a new one.
  10. Yes I would agree 99% are not prostitutes etc, however there is a very practical aspect to relationships in Thailand, at all levels of society. Sex worker is a relative term and not defined by social status, or geography, or the company you keep. I dated my bank manager couple of years ago and to all intent and purposes, it was prostitution, I couldn't have described the relationship in any other way. I have also ended up seeing a friend of a friends GF, who was a bargirl, it was a normal relationship, not like prostitution at all. Its a little narrow minded to define sex workers as the ones that hang off a pole in the bar strip, there are a lot of paid for arrangements going on that look like happy couples.
  11. Yes, I have been asking the same in other threads. Everyone is leaving, the tourists have stopped coming and the Thai economy is about to collapse, a guy in a bar told me. I dont know anyone leaving, and I know a guy who knows a guy, and he doesn't know anyone either.
  12. There is another thread going where a poster is talking about how easy a recent extension was, in CM. No new rules or seasoning. Post 303 onwards
  13. OP, a positive test result would have an effect if you tried to get an OA visa from home country as it one of the medicial test required.
  14. I think you can also ask "why" she is a bargirl, Genuinely feeding the kids, thai guy has dumped on her, and looking after parents etc "or" wants a new iphone and play dress ups every night. If she quit the bank job to work in a bar for more money, 2 months or 2 years, not much different. .
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