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  1. Not sure what certificate you are referring to ? It is important to make sure any official translation matches other translations like on a chanote etc
  2. Do you mean set-up a company or run a business ? There isnt much in setting up a company and doesn't really involve a knowledge of accountancy, running a business is a different thing. What is the company for, to buy land ? to get you a work permit ? If the Thai partner just want to have a business there is no need for a company as she can be a sole trader.
  3. Most airlines and banks often dont accept Pink ID simply because name is in a different language (Thai) to the account name or airline booking. You can open an account with a pink ID then the account name is in Thai as per the ID, then pink ID is used. Same with an airline booking. if the airline booking system lets you book using Thai script then the PinkID is accepted. You dont often need passport or ID for normal daily transactions as you are presenting a card//book, its usually only required for a major transaction like a new card or change password etc
  4. Depends on the office you go to. Most would probably want to see originals. The main thing most offices will want is an official translation of your name.
  5. OP, more than likely your computer is infected, sending you off to sites that are not what you click on. Scan with malwarebytes or similar. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/
  6. People need to step back and apply some basic rules of supply and demand, if there is a demand for something, the price goes up. 30 million tourists, anyone who buys a hard drive, anyone who buys a car made in Thailand, all creates a demand for Thai Baht. Its the same principle that applies to bananas, if there is a demand, the price goes up.
  7. Most Australians that buy a new car, 4 out of 5 of the top selling cars in Australia come from Thailand.
  8. With that in mind one would imagine there is some sort of CCTV footage, in the last couple of weeks, of the guy casing the shop, maybe even making a purchase.
  9. Yes, I am sure the robber has licensed the firearm, has a gun license etc. I just hope he has updated his address details so police can drop around.
  10. Juristic person isnt always actually a person, its the confusing name given to the collective entity that runs the condo block, it can be the collective committee and manager etc. In Australia the term would be the body corporate.
  11. 2.5 HDD are slower and have less capacity. (both are sacrificed to make them smaller to fit inside a laptop). If $ per TB is your main criteria then 2.5 would be fine, for speed or larger capacity or reliability, a 3.5 drive would be better. Be careful buying 2.5 inch external drives as they can sometimes have 2x2tb drives inside to get the 4tb capacity ( or the drive will actually have 2 platters of 2tbb each). The physicial capacity limit of a 2.5 inch platter is 2TB, so there is either 2 drives or a drive with 2 platters inside it, ultimately having 2 times more chance of failure. Not sure if available in Thailand but I would be looking at something like this https://www.adorama.com/wd4003ffbxh2.html
  12. State Governments fight fires and manage disasters in Australia. Whatever the cause of the fires, it could not have been prevented in the 6-8 months the present PM has been driving the bus. Beyond some funding, the prime minister has no magic fire fighting executive powers. It really comes down to a vocal minority upset that their team didnt win the last election.
  13. Any drive will work in a NAS, it just depends how much you want to spend for speed/reliability etc, WD has different colors to represent higher speed, reliability etc , red, blue, purple, black (the best). I think red/purple is the model they make with different specs specifically for NAS
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