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  1. I had similar, official MFA translation turned out to be different from chanote. Had to run around and change to suit the MFA translation. Land office said it would have possed a problem when wifes marrie name doesn't match chanote owner name
  2. I'm really interested to know (without being too specific) What industry or product is selling at such a volume/margin to pay those sort of commissions, in the current economic climate ???
  3. Whilst I agree with the "pay peanuts you get monkeys" adage. There is also an upper limit to wages to remain competitive, still have a decent profit margin etc. Its fine to pay your Thai staff, very high wages, on Thai terms, but if the competitor down the road is paying average Thai wages, and their wages bill is 30% of your wages bill. Their products will be cheaper, their profit higher etc. I dont know any business at the moment that has huge profit margin and turnover, that warrants western wages for Thai jobs
  4. This woman didn't get find for appearing in a photo, she was fined for possession, cultivation, etc. The Photo just led police to her. Appearing in a photo next to Marijuana is not a crime. The clue is in the OP title "after posing in picture", not because of
  5. Are you currently doing 90 day reports, TM30 etc, in Bangkok
  6. OP, I think you will find you need to register/create an account and login before a my cart appears.
  7. I am actually getting more haircuts during covid, I literally have to says no on a daily basis and insist I dont need one. My wife spent the first half of this year doing a barber course, and her brothers shop where she was going to start has been shut since she qualified. That just leaves me as the practice dummy. I pay 100 baht a day not to have a haircut
  8. Op, you may want to enquire to your maids children's school, as they may have subsidised, discounted, an agreement with a supplier etc, computers for students to purchase. Also they can advise on required software etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Thai gov has some sort of program to assist poor students to get a computer.
  9. OP, you appear to be confusing "New" Visa (issued outside Thailand) entry requirements with ongoing extensions of stay in Thailand. Not sure if you are aware but you dont get or renew a Visa inside Thailand. Maybe include where you are getting this information from
  10. Op, interested to know what wages you are offering, accommodation, food etc ?. Its fine to say people dont want to work, are lazy etc. But there is a limit as to what people will do, or are even capable of doing in the height of summer. Farm or outdoor labour etc is often a job lot, 6-8 people plant a crop, tend a crop, harvest a crop etc. They have accommodation and food and later share in the sale of the crop. outdoor labor isnt always a baht per hour arrangement, so you may not find people to fit your concept of employment. As for a 5 hour lunch. Not sure if you hav
  11. OP, the whole island is only 4 kilometres long and 2 wide, probably no more than 10 kilometres of roads all up and many of them are just small pathways. Nowhere to take a big bike and plenty of scooters to rent over there.
  12. Most immigration offices will require a Kor ror 2 document, available from the ampher to show you are still married.
  13. Its the DLT appraised value. I believe there are some provisions (or used to be) to transfer within a family, husband to wife, inheritance etc, but not sure how that works
  14. Unforrtunatly, the embassy part is part of the process nowadays, probably too many kaosan road fake passports. I did a passport translation a couple of years ago and needed a letter from my embassy saying "yes, this is a real passport"
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