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  1. We must have different definitions of "ownership". You rent land that someone else owns and have built a structure on land that someone else owns. See how long your lease is recognised if the land is sold to someone else or repossessed by the bank.
  2. There is no such thing as the foreigner having 100% control, no mater how you structure the company, you cannot sell the companies asset without the approval of the 51% Thai shareholder/s. Managing director etc can block the 51% selling but cannot overide the 51% and force a sale.
  3. Married or not doesn't make much difference as to having control over land. You cant own land. The best you can do is own less than half of a non-trading company that owns the land. There are some limited controls over ongoing access to the land and stopping the 51% Thai owner from selling/mortgaging the company or land. Unless you want to buy a Condo, you cannot own a house, much less have 100% control over it.
  4. I have a feeling those six words will live in infamy. And to think, he may have gotten away with it, lol
  5. He signed the bill but didnt get funding for his vanity project, thats a defeat. Quote : The funding bill represents a legislative defeat for him since it contains no money for his proposed wall - the focus of weeks of conflict between him and Democrats in Congress. Trump made no mention when talking to the media. Quote : Trump made no mention of the bill in rambling comments to the media in the White House's Rose Garden.
  6. Talking about old Tech, interesting to look at this circa 1990 computer magazine. Windows 3, 40MB hard drives, Bulletin boards. https://archive.org/stream/byte-magazine-1990-12/1990_12_BYTE_15-13_State_of_the_Art_Advanced_Graphics#page/n59/mode/2up
  7. Pretty much kills the argument that all Chinese are on package tours . I wish people would make up their mind.
  8. As with many threads on Thaivisa, it would be interesting to know actual numbers. How many guys have spent all their money and are now short for the 800k/65k. Interested to know what percentage of expats the thread is even relevant to. In my broader circle of friends and acquaintance's, maybe 40 people, maybe 1-2 of them have spent all their money and dont have the 800/65k.
  9. There are more ways to contribute to to finances than just money, if one of the parties is mowing the lawn then the marriage isn't paying for a lawn-mowing guy.
  10. Not getting the logic. If you are married then all your expenses are essentially halfed, you have 2 incomes/pensions/contibutions etc. Why would you need twice the money for half the expenses. In theory 2 people renting a house, running a car, buying groceries are splitting the cost, not doubling the costs. You are presuming anyone who marries a Thai is fully supporting them, not everyone pays a salary to a BG.
  11. I dont think you will find anything that shows any of the embassies were ever dishonest, most just witnessed a signature on a personal statement or verified they had been shown documents.
  12. Also less requirement for a Thai company setup, less capital and employees. More of a path towards PR/citizenship.
  13. I do marriage extensions at Jomtien, haven't encountered any of the things you list. Renting or landlord docs are required for retire or marriage extension, no real difference there. Showing income the rules are the same, most are still using income letters. I cant recall anyone being rude to wife or an interrogation, I recall they were chatting about where wife got her sunglasses from. I have found lots of guys enquire about a marriage extn and when immigration suggests a retire extension is easier, they take that as a refusal of a marriage extension.
  14. The post is 6 months old, not sure why everyone is responding or arguing to comments that were posted 6 months ago. Yes it was blood, yes airport staff gave assistance and took him to the airport medical clinic, he didn't fly. Seems people will go out of there way to find something that a thai person did wrong, even 6 months ago, although, as the post says, 6 months ago the guy was given assistance and taken to a clinic.
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