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  1. I guess they didn't see the memo about the floods a couple of days ago
  2. Where would you go, most countries have similar restrictions in place. Its not like Thailand is the only country with restrictions. Health certificate, quarantine, insurance is pretty standard for most of the world at the moment. Even if you find somewhere, a good chance no regular flights are going there.
  3. This could probably be a stand alone thread. Personally, I am still waiting for the flying cars we have been promised.
  4. Do you mean like "Luke: Chapter 19 Verse 27" from the bible. Jesus says, "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them--bring them here and kill them in front of me."
  5. 1. Do you find people who refer to themselves in the third person O Annoying O Really Annoying
  6. Consider what is currently happening in the US, the virus is being spread by, as you say, an army of asymptomatic virus-spreaders. The death rate isnt going up and until recently hospital admission rate was not going up. Healthy young people have been spreading it. The virus has still been spreading, its only through widespread testing that they know about, Otherwise they would think the same a you, no cases at hospitial, it must be over.
  7. There are not many tourists here at the moment.
  8. I dont think genuine volunteers where being threatened with deportation. Lots of stories back then about the system being abused, people turning up as volunteers to set up businesses or be tourists.
  9. Enquire at your local ampher, first you get a yellow book then a Pink (non-Thai) ID card, lots of threads about it on Thaivisa. There is no path from retire visa to permanent resident or citizenship
  10. He usually gives them the job first, then says you're fired.
  11. Its not only his taxes, he wont release academic records, the results of his health checks while in office, details of his multiple bankruptcy's etc
  12. The perfect people to report on an election campaign that is all about Trumps Vanity, and not much else.
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