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  1. OP, your wife should be very familiar with providing copies of her in blue book details, Thais dont get far in life without it. Their ID card and blue book details are required for 99% of things they do. Blue book entry is proof of an official address and required for anything from getting a license to getting a mobile phone. Often the blue book isn't were they actually live/sleep, often its mum and dads house, and that doesn't matter. In the absence of access to blue book copies, then you would look at getting a copy of lease etc
  2. The OP is about lots of Thais visiting Pattaya this long weekend, I went out Friday night and saw lots of Thais visiting Pattaya and agree with the OP, even took a video of it. Why would I have no idea, I live in Pattaya with a huge Thai family, a wife, 3 sister in-laws, a brother in-law, 3 step children and 10 nieces and nephews. Im not quiet sure what you speaking Thai or training in boxing camps has to do with lots of people visiting this weekend.
  3. It does sound like the OP is being scammed. Interested to know why you mention yellow book as they are nothing to do with ownership of land or structure, you can get a yellow book for a property you are renting . and wouldn't Thais be listed in the blue book for the property
  4. Wouldn't it be two different things, one is an application to build a house subject to building codes, zoning etc, the other is a commercial contract between you and a builder. Why would the application have anything to do with who is paying who to build the structure. What does your original lawyer say ? I presume you want the contract in your name so the structure is yours, (I have never really understood what that achieves unless its a portable house) but as its an asset acquired during marriage, wouldn't that make it 50% hers anyway ? Is there a possibility of doing
  5. I presume you are talking about someone with dual citizenship Yes , if she has purchased it as a foreigner and imported the money from elsewhere. That is a foreigner owning a condo who happens to also be Thai. Otherwise a Thair cant own or hold a condo in the foreign quota, to suggest they can is just misinformation.
  6. If a Thai person buys a condo its then in the Thai quota, if a foreigner buys a condo (up to 49% of the block) its in the foreign quota. Thais cant be holding foreign quota condos. A condo becomes foreign quota if its sold to a foreigner, otherwise its Thai .
  7. You mean driving street, its jjust like driving down any other street nowadays
  8. I can vouch for the OP, went to Pattaya beach road last night for the food festival, really busy. The landscape is really changing, its becoming a busy weekend destination for Thais
  9. Often the other 51% is also foreign owned via a company structure.
  10. Condos are individually owned and have individual accounts for their electricity, direct with MEA/PEA. Apartment blocks (one owner) can add to electricity but condo block have nothing to do with electricity bills.
  11. Is that an O visa from the UK ? Dont you need insurance, quarantine hotel booking and flight etc before getting OoE
  12. An extension from an O visa for retirement is 800k, a marriage extension is 400k
  13. A company doesn't own the freehold, the individual condo owners collectively own the land. A condominium juristic collects fees from owners and maintains/repairs the common property. There is no income from tenants. The fees are held in a bank and pay for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, staff wages etc. The maintenance and costs for common property tends to be the same if the owners are there or not, the grass still grows, the pool still needs cleaning, light globes need replacing, insurance still needs to be paid. If maintenance is reduced then there is simply more money
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