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  1. You ,the foreigner doesn't need to do TM28 reports But you, the housemaster, owner or possessor of a property still has to report a foreigner staying or returning, including if that foreigner is you , TM30
  2. I usually hang on to boarding pass, at least until I have my bags, as it got reference numbers for your cargo baggage. Never had immigration ask for it
  3. OP, did you maybe leave the flight number off the TM6, could explain why he asked for it. Also could have something to do with corona virus, extra screening for some flights etc.
  4. Seems odd that that dont mention charging the guy with murder, man slaughter, assault with a deadly weapon etc etc. Stealing a vehicle and possession of bullets, surprised they havnt put illegal parking and bad driving on the list.
  5. An ATM will just dispense whatever its been loaded with, if there is a counterfeit bill in circulation it could end up anywhere in the banking system, in an ATM, handed out by a bank teller, given to a business for change or payroll. If someone is putting fake notes into the system, and pocketing the real ones, an ATM would be the worst place to do it as the ATM would have sensors looking for metal security strips, notes are inspected prior as they need to be not damaged etc. What would a bank employee have to gain putting fake notes in an ATM.
  6. Anyone can get a userfruct but any agreements between husband and wife become null and void if you get divorced, probably the main reason you want the protection of a userfruct.
  7. It usually wouldnt have anything to do with this end, the IP unblocker (proxy) just hides your Thai IP address and replaces it with a local US address. Often the streaming companies eventually catch up with and identify the range of IP addresses coming from a Proxy and block them. Google to find another proxy server, or start using a VPN.
  8. There is nothing on the map that shows any greater capacity or bandwidth available exclusively to internet to/from a mobile phone. It shows the opposite, all ISP's connect to the dozen gateways and then off to the broader international internet. So far as the map is concerned cellular providers are just another ISP, nothing to say they route their traffic any differently or have a greater international bandwidth. The only difference is the last couple of kilometres which is done wirelesly, slower and more expensive than a cable. No matter how much bandwidth an ISP rents/allocates, the data cannot travel faster than the handset to tower speed, and for most that is under 10mbps.
  9. They are all sharing the same internet backbone, Once you get to the cell tower, its the same internet, the cellular base station plugs into the same internet infrastructure. The cable from bangkok to chaing mai would have the same shared traffic on it. There are only a couple of cables that leave thailand and all the internet traffic is on those cables. There is no seperate connections for cellular traffic The Thai average real world speed for 4G internet is 10Mbps, a cabled in connection is 50-100 Mbps. That is faster and unlimited data.
  10. So they are going to print more money, what could go wrong, lol
  11. I think you will find GM sold the factory, not the brand. Great wall has purchased the factory to make great wall trucks not Chevy trunks in partnership / under license.
  12. One baht is worth one baht inside thailand, Thais still make the same amount of money and a truck made in Thailand (as they all are) still costs the same. Why would they be staying home or or changing spending habits ?
  13. Its as easy as downloading the apps that people mention. Some internet proidors may block torrent sites but the apps use proxies etc to get around the blocks
  14. MXQ--4K is just a brand name, any android box or PC will do the same. Yes, you could do the same anywhere in the world. The apps etc that people use are just front ending torrent downloads. You can find the same content using a torrent client and a torrent website. Keep in mind, its all illegal
  15. Its not that uncommon, my wife works as a waitress in Pattaya, the two Cambodian cooks speak Khmer, the servers/cleaners speak Lao, the waitresses speak Thai. A couple of them cant read/write the language that they speak. How an order gets to the table is amazing
  16. Thats good advice but unfortunately many have a plan of posting on Thaivisa from the immigration detention centre
  17. I dont know why they dont open the flood gates and let retirees do a couple of hours a week, They could structure a proper training course (Thais make money), introduce a registration/fee etc. Even if retires could just be there for kids to practice their English, that a real teacher taught, or be assistants to the real teachers. The existing teacher base would have more time, could take on more students etc.
  18. OP, its common knowledge that immigration now uses facial recognition, fingerprints etc. There is a PR story every couple of weeks how they caught an over stayer, too many visits or undesirable using bio-metrics. Add to that the BMWs with facial recognition cameras etc, It wont be a case of if but when.
  19. I recall living in Phuket a few years ago, 8pm every-night the girls from Tai Pan nightclub would march up and down Bangla Rd, 20-30 of them in skimpy clothes carrying signs etc. I think this is what the OP is referring to. Do they still do that, maybe someone who lives there can confirm ???
  20. What time of day is the new flight ? Depending on the new flight time, you could always clear immigration before midnight on the 7th and hang around airside waiting for the new flight.
  21. A normal AGM needs a quorum of 25% of the block otherwise the meeting cannot go ahead, so 225 people minimum would be voting not 20 people. To change major things like fees or bylaws its a quorum of 50%. There is no reason you cannot vote prior to a meeting via a proxy, AGM agenda should be advertised prior to the meeting with enough time to submit a proxy via email, mail etc.
  22. In the treaty copy you link to, page 21 chapter V, article 24, section 1 says you can drive on home licence so long as home licence meets the criteria specified in (page 50) annex 9 "Model driving permit", point 3, which states (amongst other criteria) that a home driving licence must have inscription repeated in Latin alphabet English script. To meet the treaty requirements, all licenses (not IDP) in the world need to comply with annex 9 Page 21 chapter V, article 24, section 2 says a country "MAY" ask for in IDP (not mandatory) if the home licence does not comply with annex 9 The treaty does not decide or mandate if an IDP is required, the individual country decides if an IDP is required, if the home licence does not meet the standard licence criteria defined in annex 9. If a home licence does not meet the annex 9 criteria, a country "MAY" ask for an IDP to confirm the missing details from the home licence. Countries accept each others annex 9 format/information standard licenses, if some annex 9 information is not on the home license then the country can ask for an IDP to provide/clarify the missing information. Thailand asks for (section 42) documents specified in the treaty , that is a valid license as per annex 9, not an IDP. Thailand states (section 42.2) that they accept licenses of other treaty countries. Local legislation mandates if an IDP is required, not the treaties. Thailand makes no mention in local legislation that an IDP is required.
  23. Internet via a sim card will always be slower or less data than a cabled in service. If your internet cuts off 10 times a day, that is a fault, Get your existing service repaired.
  24. In theory an IDP is not required, you drive on your home license. This is clearly stated in the Thai Motor Traffic Act. Section 42-2 In case there’s a treaty between the Thai government and a foreign government regarding mutual acceptance of driver’s license, an alien who doesn’t have an immigrant visa may drive a motor vehicle with a driver’s license issued by such a foreign government, In practice some police and insurance companies may ask for an IDP, In theory, if you had a major accident and went to court armed with a team of lawyers and the Thai Traffic act, you would win the case driving on only a home license. In practice, police can issue a ticket for anything and insurance companies may have an IDP requirement in the fine print.
  25. There is a court date/summons, then there must be charges. As you say, a lot of missing information
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