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  1. In 2015 here in my country (singapore), my colleagues who did not manage to get an air purifier(s) had to spend hundreds of dollars on healthcare for their kids. Air-conditioning doesn't really help overall, even if a slight drop is measureable on the laser particle meters. In a case several thousands of dollars of hospitalisation coz her kid is asthmatic. There was absolutely zero Air purifier stocks for those who were slow and waited a week in deciding whether or not should they get 1 or 2 units, everything and i do mean everything was cleared in the stores, even multi-kilobuck IQAirs. The IQAir dealer said someone just purchased 20k+ worth of air purifiers without even enquiring for specs and stuff. Ok i have to admit, in total i did "horde" 9 air purifiers (of which 3 were from previous haze seasons). Stocks of the locally developed N95 mask fit-tested during research and made for kids (they have 3 sizes) are also wiped clean from the retail shelves as soon as new stocks came out. There's nowhere for us to run to, unlike Thailand. The island is just 600+ square km (even CM province is several tens of times bigger). The haze season lasted for 2 months, but at levels that are 1/3 to 1/2 that of the current situation in Chiang Mai.
  2. Read that there are some thunderstorms in NE and N Thailand due to interaction with a high pressure air mass from China, will last till Wed. Hope that'll help the situation. Extended brown/purple conditions are really too much for the poor kids, elderly, sick....... unless they spend their lives totally in an air purifier filtered + AC environment and N95 masks when they are going out.
  3. Yeah....can see beaufort scale 2 on most stations in CM, some beaufort scale 3.
  4. Another new peak has been registered. Verification on aqmthai (PCD)
  5. A good no. of stations turning brown again.
  6. BTW, i'm not from Thailand, so the models/prices i got are not indicative of what you guys can get in Thailand/CM. Over here we get direct from China sellers and consolidate multiple items that we have bought and foward freight them over to my country. So it's slightly different from your Lazada/aliexpress. Anyway, my laser particle counters are dirt cheap, like usd 20-30. And anyway, here's a reference photo to an expensive TSI Dust Trak II. This comparison was done by my pal who has access to such equipment in the lab. I can't find the picture that compares it to an even more expensive MetOne BAM 1020 (using Beta Attenuation Method)....expensive enough to get you a car over there in Thailand.
  7. The portable laser particle counters are more than sensitive and accurate enough for "home use". The video below shows the resolution of the air quality improvement. Video is sped up 2X as the original is a boring 9+ mins. The middle and model on the right even has enough resolution to show "gradations" of 0 ug/m3, if you are willing to view till the end. Now, some air purifiers (like that Mfresh one shown in the video) only use Sharp IR modules, those are mostly inaccurate and unreliable, but might still give you a very rough indication.
  8. Went out after 1000h and came back to find that the situation has improved heckloads due to the winds clearing most of the smoke! Some areas getting beaufort 3-4. Chiang Rai is still getting smoked though.
  9. Sarapee Hospital = AQI 529 @ 0900h True Regional Office = AQI 541 @ 0900h Rhies CMU = AQI 535 @ 1000h
  10. Airpocalyptic conditions at 1 part of Chiang Mai city.
  11. AQI 588 for Yupparaj @ 1000h AQI 682 for HPC-1 @ 1000h
  12. Airpocalyptic conditions just to the north and NW of Chiang Mai province.
  13. 2 new stations in Chiang Mai surpassed AQI 500 too. Sarapee Hospital = AQI 529 @ 0900h True Regional Office = AQI 541 @ 0900h
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