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  1. If its put in place to <deleted> off a few moaning farangs, I'm all for it. They can find another country. Noone will miss them.
  2. Two positives were already in quarantine (returnees). Don't know about the Italian in Puket though.
  3. Because a handful of cases becomes 100's very quickly when no restrictions are in place.
  4. George Carlin had a lot to say about shopping malls.
  5. Do you know the requirements for teaching in a Thai school? The requirements are not congruent with the salaries on offer for native speakers. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement. If that is all they have, they will need a provisional teacher's licence. They can get about 6 years on such a licence, and in that time the teacher is supposed to get a teaching qualification. Otherwise, the teacher will need a teaching qualification from their home country, and then they qualify for their 5 year teaching licence. Most of the long term western teachers I know have their 5 year licence. Very few native speakers apply for teaching jobs at my school - and those that do are unsuitable for one reason or another. This also expalins why most schools employ Philipino teachers - most of them have teaching qualifications.
  6. Ireelevant to the OP. Disobedience of much of the US polulation (there rights and feeedoms being impinged upon) has led to massive numbers of covid cases and deaths. Again, irrelevant to the OP.
  7. And they need to be direct flights (no transits though high risk countries).
  8. I assume...hope....you are not a teacher of English.
  9. Good clearancce and 250nm of torque too. Good for flooded (but not too deep) roads. This engine is quite fast in the nissan note, so should be interesting to see how it goes here.
  10. Wartch the one where she has to pronounce quay
  11. Enjoy shopping in open hot markets then. Noone is going to force you to do anything. But I doubt they will let you into a shop without scanning it. If someone is found to be infected at the time you were there, you may be tested. How this will work pratically, I don't know, as there cound be hundreds in the shop at the same time.
  12. *You can always shop at a local open market. *The point is that if someone is found to be infected later, they can trace back to who was in the shop at the same time. These people will be called in for pre-emptive testing.
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