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  1. The modern cvt should be good for 10years or so, depending on kms driven. I think most modern cars are not made to last much longer than that. Especially in LoS, where everyone seems to have a relatively new car on the road. Most of the old cars I see on the road here are junk - its rare to see a well kept older car. They are made to be used and disposed of. Unlike some of the old metal we used to drive as in our younger days. Having said that,, I sold my civic with a rgular wato; at 250K km it never had an issue. The head gasket went, but that was an easy fix. No other problems wirth the engine; air cond compressor(s) were a bit of a nightmare though.
  2. When they had it here it didn't sell well. I looked at it but it had no airbags, and if I recall, no abs. I'm sure the new ones do, but there aren't many Kia service centers here.
  3. There's no point to that when this government does nothing about pickups and old vehicles billowing out <deleted> into the atmosphere. Better to go and moan to the Chinese who are worst polluters on earth. Besides I lovey diesel CRV that pollutes less than the petrol version. Also, there is not much infrastructure to support electric vehicles at this time. What do you drive?
  4. I've been there many times. An due to get x-rays for an implant next month, done by a university staff member. He removed my badly broken molar without any discomfort at all. Thought he may have a problem with it as most of the tooth above the gumline was gone. Yes the queues are very long - usually 2-3 months between appointments. I did start some root canal work there but had to finish it at a local clinic (and ge the crown done) because the tooth was starting to break away (due to the long wait period).
  5. Yes, if the wife is a civil servan then the husband and her parents are also covered. My wife is a civil servant and I can deduct quite a large sum from the normal hospital prices - eg. I paid about 2500 for a ct scan at Sirirat. Regular price was about 12K if I recall. There each bill has 2 parts - that can be claimed and the part that cannot be claimed back.
  6. I will check with them next time I go, Thanks. I've seen some videos of people using pieces of coke can to do that 55
  7. Unfortunately, that may not work on caliper slider pins. My next set of pins may be the last set anyway, as I will sell this car in a few years time when my wife retires (and wants something nicer to drive).
  8. I like mine, but on the 2013 model the caliper pins are not too good. They get noisy after a while. I will be changing mine again at the next service. Greasing them will quieten them but only lasts a couple of months. Apart from that, no other complaints. I'm sure the new model is better all around.
  9. The OP isn't a genuine tourist....you know the ones. They come, spend money, travel around, then leave. And may return, or not return the following year or asubsequent year. The OP needs a different kind of visa or needs to find a different country.
  10. There is a new honda city coming soon 1.0 turbo, 120hp, 200nm and fuel economy +23km/l (by the ecocar phase 2 rules). The new jaz will come after that sometime. There is also a new almera coming as well. I would go for the new city for its size and power over the ecocars you mentioned. The city will be released sometime in November. My wife has a 2.13 swift and we may sell that to get the city if she likes it. I don't mind the swift, but I much prefer to drive our crv, especially on longer trips. http://www.headlightmag.com/all-new-honda-city-coming-thailand-2019/
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