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  1. It sounds like a fistula. The tooth is most likely infected under the crown. You must see a dentists asap. The decay can cause bone loss. I have first hand experience of it. I had my tooth removed and am halfwat getting an implant. You may be lucky and there is not much decay and the tooth can be saved and recrowned. You will get antibiotics from the dentist also, due to the infection. Don't delay on this.
  2. I must have misread an article that I thought stated that she got infected sometime after quarantine. Another article stated that virus was found on gym equipment in the hotel. That suggests that returnees were allowed out of their rooms, possibly to mingle. I'm not surprised they got dropped from the list.
  3. Viruses don't mutate to become more deadly. They generally become more mild, and this has been shown many times. Look at the secodn wave in Europe. They death rate is far lower than during the first wave, even though this infection rate is much higher now. The same will occure after the 3rd, 4th and 5th waves....the death rate will continue to decrease, especially as more and more young people become infected.
  4. There are only ab out 90000 ICU beds in the entire country. Some counties in Texas are runnign out of beds and patients are being more to other hospitals. 500K infections this week in the US and it is going to get much worse there and Europe also.
  5. It makes me wonder then if those in quarantine are actually completely isolated for their entire stay. If not, this where infection is likely to occur.
  6. She was never let loose in Bkk. She was in quarantine in Samut Prakarn.
  7. Transmission of a plane is highly unlikely, as indicated by recent research in the US. Got a link about the gym equipment being contaminated?
  8. I once asked a Thai motoring journo about which benz to but - the early 90's E-class w124 he said. Easy to service and spare parts available. I think thenew ones are just if you have very deep pockets for when its out of warranty and the repair bills start to accumulate.
  9. The first lot of Chinese have already arrived. So some are willing to pay. Lets see home many more come. Certainly very few Europeans will pay for it.
  10. There are a lot of very wealthy Chinese that will pay for it..yes, lets see. Certainly not many Europeans will, as they can easily travel around Europe, but for how long I don't know. The pandemic looks to get very bad there over the winter.
  11. And what if a foreigner is covered under Thai health cover by way of their work or having a spouse who is a civil servant - I amlready get government health cover via the latter. I don't see such insurance lasing forever, as covid will be done with in the next few years. But a general insurance requirement may well be required over the long term for tourists. I imagine that this covid insurance may well evolve into general insurance civer for all foreigners entering Thailand. That won't help the TAT's numbers.
  12. What coffin? Tourism has been cremated this year already. There are only smouldering embers left.
  13. Plenty of business owners and professionals earn enough to own a benz and get a new one every few years or so.
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