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  1. Asymptomatic and mild patients (when identified) are taken out of circulation here, so that should aid in reducing spread. I;d be more concered about the Indian variant, and getting the widespread vaccination going, before that arrives here.
  2. 5=6% is expected when they are testing in known clusters. Even the walk-in positivity ratre may be high. I'd be far more concerned if they came into my village (not a known risk area), tested, and found a 5% positivity rate.
  3. I dont think it insidates much at all. It's just 2/100,000 people for excess deaths. This is 2 above the average for the past 5 years. If you look at other countries, they give unusual results. The US had 90K excess deaths, aside from those attriubuted to covid. The excess deaths in the Philippines was heavily negative, despite having a lot of covid deaths.
  4. Hope they catch him and find he's on overstay. Looks like a real slob to me. It's trash like this that makes it harder for decent foreigners to stay here legally. Just look at all the hops one must jump through to get an extension.
  5. Actually, any Thai can register, regardless if they are elderly or have underlying conditions.
  6. This is cool as it will end double pricing in tourist attractions run by the government, right....right?
  7. Anyoen with a long stay visa should get an initial criminal background check. I'm not sure if that happens now, but it should. He probably came on a VOA and never bothered to leave, but who knows.
  8. If the engine has been properly maintained there should be no issues with the rest of the head. I had the same engine in a civic and it was still fine at 250K km when I sold it. No smoke issues and no gearbox issues. Perhaps clean up the values and replace the seals, and that't it. But if the op wants to keep it another 200-300K, then it may be a good time for an overhaul.
  9. Highly likley the passport number, but a bunch of other information as well. Let's hope it works out and doesn't take too long.
  10. Well taake blood clots for example. Clotting is way more common in those that are infected with covid, and is causing significant mortality in India at the moment.
  11. A number of foerigners have been phoning up and this is what they have been told. My wife said they will need to collect biometric data from each person. So I guess a database of foreigners will be set up. It will take some time, but be worth it, especially as more vaccines come online and are made available. I don't think many will choose sinovac and az is just for those over 60.
  12. There will be a new system up for foreigners to register. This is according to my wife who is currently involved with the hotline. Don't bother with the current system. Just need to wait. Anyway, if you are under 60 yu would be offereed the sinovac; astrazeneca is for over 60's. So it's better to wait anyway, and just take the usual precautions.
  13. I had 4 wheel drum prakes, and a front disc conversion was $2000, twice what I paid for the car lol. It fels fast enough at 100km/h but liked to cruise at 130-140km/h. It was faster than my wife's current suzuki swift.
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