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  1. ALL public vehicles should have front and rear dash cams. And they must function at all times. If it's found to be turned off and there is an accident, the vehicle owner / driver should be hit with a massive fine. But of course its Thailand, so nothing will happen.
  2. I'd rather fly 5 or 6 hours to Western Australia for a nice beach...miles of white sand and basically no one one it.
  3. That's what I suspected:) I will be renewing in July. So the WP is still ok to use? I ask this, as one fellow worker went to get hers renewed and she was told to get a residence certificate (I believe she did have her WP with her), so I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps she did change addresses, as you mentioned. I've always used my WP at Nonthaburi. Never needed a residence certificate, so am wondering if the rules have changed.
  4. This is the second horrible death in the news today, with the choking death of the fisherman. I do feel sorry for the poor in this country. They often...always...get the rough end of the stick.
  5. So this only applies to public schools? Anyway, good luck getting fully qualified foreign teachers to work for 30-40K and teach subjects such as Physics, maths and chemistry to IB/AP level. Even if you get the teachers, 95% of students would not cope with the demands of such courses. I would propose that textbooks be produced that exactly mirror what is taught in the Thai curriculum. Anot some watered down version that is currently on offer in the market. I refuse to use them and write all my own material. The Thai entrance exams should also be translated into English and then given to the students from English language programs. What they are proposing is absurd and is doomed to failure.
  6. It may come down to what deal they have to offer...check on discounts, interest rates, length of warranty, etc. The new pajero sport has a 5 yr /100K warranty, for example. I think the toyota is 3 years. The triton should be quicker as it is lighter, and as mentioned, also has the on demand 4wd system so you can run in 4wd high on paved roads. That's a big plus here, especially in the wet season.
  7. They should stop staring into the blue light-emitting screens of their devices for a start - blue light at night inhibits the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. I use the f-lux program on my computer to reduce blue light on my laptop. I can fall asleep fast now (usually within 5 mins of putting my head down). I can recommend this program.
  8. Like the saying goes, there are old bikers and there are bold bikers. There aren't too many old, bold bikers though. Stupid ones don't last long either, as is evidenced by many of these clips.
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