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  1. I never report anything when I go to another province - I'm usually staying at relatives houses or resorts under my wife's or another relatives name. Even in large hotels, I let my wife deal with them (they never ask to see my passport). It's a stupid rule and I won't be a part of it. I just report when I come from overseas. I can understand them wanting to track tourists, but people living here for years and doing 90-day reports anyway....well, that's Thai logic.
  2. It's a mid-week public holiday so most people stay at home or don't travel far. Not much to do with banning the sale of alcohol.
  3. Ending conscription could result in a landslide victory for PT. I don't know one student I teach who enjoys ROTC. They all hate it and think it's a waste of time (and many of them have parents who would traditionally vote democrat. because of the way young soldiers are treated in the army, this could cause the defence force to implode if they don't smarten up their act.
  4. I've never used them, but their garage is always very busy....I go past there often and always lots of car there getting all manner of modifications. You can see them on youtube as well. I know they use a proper spray booth, at least. I will ask someone who I trust if they know of their work quality.
  5. My honda was quoted at 215K on that site. I got 230K but gave the sis-in-law a spotters fee and had to replace the radiator the day we sold it lol. Dealer tents seem to advertise it for around this price, but perhaps newer cars are more variable in the asking price. Browsing the tent site should give a fair idea of an asking price.
  6. Powerlab have a facebook page. They are always quick to respond to enquiries. I haven't used their services though. An isuzu will be dead easy for them to remap.
  7. That's what you get when they don't use a spray booth - sounds like humidity bubbles. You can get a decent job for 30-40K in Bangkok, but I don't know about down south. This photo is a paint job by addzest car colour in Nonthaburi. I'm sure there must be a decent shop down there. By ad
  8. Try to sell privately if you can. The tents don't give much these days. I just sold my 2004 2.0 honda for 230K with 250K kms on it. We will be buying the crv diesel. What year and model is your city? You can go here to check the market value. https://www.thanachartbluebook.com/search.asp example from the site:
  9. Buying second hand...preferably buy from someone you know who can tell you the history of the car. Many wrecks are rebuilt and sold on. Even newish ones. I would buy new. It's a safe bet and resale of toyota and isuzu is very good. Even only ones are in high demand and sell for a good price.
  10. The mazda 2 lacks space in the rear seat, so if you regularly carry more than 2 adults, it may be cramped (though most Thais are quite short so it may not be a problem. The resale on the jazz is historically insanely high (just look at the car tent stupid prices for it). Unless you really need a car now, get the mazda, but if you can wait, see what the new jazz/city is like.
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