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  1. Another worthless post bla bla bla. Another idiot for my block list.
  2. We've gone from all native speakers to about 7 over the space of 15 years. Nearly all are non-native speakers now (over 70 teachers). It's have been going this way for many years and has mainly been due to changes in rules related to teaching licences and stagnations of salaries. In my school, I don't think this has necessarily been a negative, as the school requires at least a 900 toeic score from prospective non-native speakers. Long term qualified native speakers are very thin on the ground these days. Those that are still here are, by and large, on good salaries. Some schools will still use native speakers who are on a gap year. We have found this does usually not work out very well.
  3. And if they can't pass on their own, there is always this.. https://qz.com/96793/chinese-students-and-their-parents-fight-for-the-right-to-cheat/
  4. 20 isn't all that bad. Most of my Thai students struggle to get 50% in their Thai-based subjects. For Thai language, they must learn a lot of archaic things, including writing very difficult poetry. For Thai social/history, they must rote memorise everything in their textbook. Any child that has spent a considerable amount of time with good western teachers really learn to hate their Thai subjects, mainly because of the teaching and learning methods. Having said that, the majority of those students will learn in International programs in Thailand or go overseas anyway.
  5. No hybrid until the new model in 2022-23. The minor change is next year and will continue with the current engines. http://www.headlightmag.com/special_report_new_cars_in_thailand_2019_2022/
  6. Alien is a legal term to describe a foreigner. It's not just used in Thailand.
  7. I know many civil servants who did postgraduate studies overseas (colleagues of the wife). They all speak english very well.
  8. More than 90% of Thai students have Thai english teachers, especially outside of laege cities. Nothing to do with native speaking teachers.
  9. Did you enjoy the hybrid when the cvt is screamints tits off? I prefer real gears, thanks. BTW the 1.6 diesel is not an "old engine" It superseded the 2.2 diesel. The 2.4 is extremely reliable, by the way, as it has been though a number of interations. Of course the hybrid will be faster, but I would by a civic turbo is I wanted to drive fast anyway.
  10. DavisH


    Well you better suck it up then. There is NO cure.
  11. I suppose you drove the underpowered 1.6 diesel? I have one and it hap plenty of power for what it was desinged to do. You will need to wait a couple more years form the 1.5 to be put in the crv here. I very much doubt the hrv will get the 1.5.
  12. I'm not surprised the salespeople won't know acceleration times - however my honda dealer did tell em my old civic would get about 10km/l when I bought it years ago, and that was pretty close to the mark. There is a lot on theinternet re acceleration and fuel economy measures for the accord and camry in the Thai press. Indeed the hybrid versions are quicker and more economical. That's the sort of thing I researched before buying my latest car. It makes it easier to narrow down the choice. accord hybrid tech 8.2 sec 0-100km/h, 17.7 km/l at 100km/h (8.8-9.5 sec for the 1.5 turbo) camry hybrid 9.2 sec, 20.8 km/l (9.4-9.6 sec for 2.5 petrol)
  13. Sounds like he fell off the radar as he was on overstay and thus his family contacted the Embassy, who then contacted immigraton.
  14. Yes it depends on if that 600 pounds is the root canal only. If so, it's much cheaper in Thailand. I have a root canal+post+50% gold crown for about 30K baht (20K total for root canal+post+crown with no gold content). This was a private clinic, and prices vary across clinics and also the quality of the material used for the crown. It can take several visits for the work to be done, so thats another factor.
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