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  1. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1148275-i-now-have-coronavirus/
  2. Your diagnosis was confirmed by whom, if you don't mind sharing that information? And by what method was it confirmed?
  3. If this post is you trolling the forum (once again) then it's in poor taste.
  4. I made a small friendly wager last week that Prayuth would not be PM by the end of 2020. I like my chances.
  5. Sure thing. I do think the other four countries are foolish for not allowing the ship to dock, given the circumstances. But since we're in a Thailand forum, I found it particularly pertinent to discuss Thailand's actions in the matter.
  6. In case you hadn't noticed, this is a Thailand based forum. Most of the discussion is about Thailand. The name of the forum is Thai Visa Forum. Edit: You're posting in the Thailand News sub-forum.
  7. Yeah, I just posted this on another thread. Cambodia makes Thailand look foolish.
  8. Now the ship is being escorted by a Thai frigate (gotta keep the Westerdam from going rogue) to disembark passengers at Sihanoukville, Cambodia. In the end, it appears Thailand did nothing. "Cambodian authorities will conduct onboard health checks and provide visa-free services to passengers, an unnamed senior government official told local state-aligned outlet Fresh News. He said a docking permit was granted after the ship's management assured the government no passengers or crew had COVID-19." https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/Cambodia-permits-Westerdam-cruise-ship-to-dock-at-Sihanoukville
  9. The news article states Thailand will provide humanitarian aid to the ship. That's usually donated. Expecting the ship to pay for "humanitarian aid" would be like the Red Cross offering to sell sandwiches to Ethiopian famine victims.
  10. Okay, I'll start - odds-on that Thailand will offer to sell supplies to the ship.
  11. Is the bully who smashed your bike and took your lunch money on overstay? #focusonthetopic
  12. "A lot of snitches holier-than-thou types on this site, damn." Fixed that for you.
  13. And that's exactly the type of person you wouldn't want to cheat out of 50K thb, particularly given it was a higher ranking official in his chain of command in the Army. Unless I'm mistaken, the killer specifically called out corruption in the Army as one of his "talking points" while he was still posting live on Facebook. One doesn't need to have "deeper" problems to get fed up with being crapped upon by corrupt government officials. Read a few threads re: Thai Immigration to see how that can infuriate even the most rational person.
  14. More "whataboutism". Are Thai drivers that kill people multiplying at 2-3x per driver? Are Thai drivers spreading to other countries and running over citizens in those countries? The coronavirus deaths are in addition to other forms of death. Playing the "well, what about this" game is inane.
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