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  1. Not sure how many "sales girls" have 1.2m THB to just lend to someone.
  2. It is their very subtle way of chasing people from what they consider is their patch of beach
  3. Spelt anonymous BTW, anonymous how? what do you want, a written introduction? Also it seems my hearing is suspect as is my understanding. Not sure exactly where I mentioned multinationals, I was told this was Companies that own land, believe what I was told or not, I couldn't care less.
  4. That was asked at the Land Office, the answer was doesn't matter.
  5. As far as I know being a shareholder is still ok and breathing the precious Thai air is ok for now. Of course if you are not a director you can't get a 1 year multi entry Non O B Visa. I believe now.
  6. A friend of mine (Aussie) was in the land office the other day as they want to sell their house of the last 15 years, they went through the generally accepted route of a Company to own the land and house with them as 49% shareholders and directors. Please lets not get into the old arguments of whether that is the best way of doing it etc. that is not what this is about. They were told that as from next year NO foreigners would be allowed to be Directors of Companies that own land, This has been confirmed since by my lawyer. Has anyone else heard this? If it is true then it could mean a lot of issues for home owners.
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