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  1. Our condo vent pipe is coming out the side of the building. They do struggle in knowing how to install s traps and only in the last few years I noticed they just start selling them in hardware shops.
  2. Retirement over 50 Ahh golden 50! if your getting the retirement visa and staying here fulltime I personally I would get a new passport. A fresh start before your non o and plenty of pages if you want to travel around asia once your here fulltime. Its more costly and a pain to get a new one here.
  3. Out buriram way farmers are turning their rice fields to cassava as well. They sure know how to drive the price down on farming produce.
  4. Apart from your mate, thats quite a pretty town!
  5. I would send pp a email and ask what documents they need to verify your account first before sending money. You may not have the correct supporting documents here i.e utility bill with your name etc. It will save headaches with reversals etc.
  6. They have cypionate and anthate, but no prop or bayer. I tried to get the number but was "no have" reply. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks tropo! I have been supplementing boron (borax) for a week now this stuff is nothing short of amazing. I had knee pain from a combination of training, age,weight and previous contact sport related injuries. All thd pain is gone! Even my overpriced glautamine couldnt compete with this! How do you make your magnesium and iodine solutions? I ordered my borax from chemipan very cheap.
  8. My last visit to vientiene was for a detv years ago. The other possibilty was extending my METV for 30 days at immi every 60 days after a cambo run that could have triggered that. Some TVF posts suggested to extend every 60 days at borders only. It would be great if they put in writing what the rules are similar to a schengen visa. Instead everything is fine to do until its used against you. Lol
  9. This was a few days before Feb 1 and the new booking rules.
  10. Theres always the small chance this wasnt a scam. Bitcoin (btc/usd) went from approx 18000bht to 3000bht a share over the course of the year. Everybody was touting a bounceback even on TVF.
  11. That could be a possibility, previous passports had no overstays and combinations of detv and metv with approx 6mnth rotations between Thailand and my home country for 9 yrs.
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