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  1. Lol ofcourse I forgot where I was for a sec. I know in NZ they eat wild boar but they eat natural vegetation, just wasnt sure if they ate rubish it would ruin the meat.
  2. There was a twonk thread recently about motorcycle rentals requesting to keep the passport as a deposit, I can see why. If you plan on coming back send a email and attach a copy of the fine and your rental reciept(hopefully you got one showing police have the bike). As another poster said explain your flight situation and tell them they can keep the bond of 1000 to pay 500 for fine and 500 for their trouble. Atleast if your coming back you can show someone immigration etc you tried to sort it via email and your solution sounded reasonable.
  3. I had a similar issue and the easiest resolve was to close everything and open new accts. Any other way was too confusing for them.
  4. Sorry to hear you got treated like that Romo. A host country should be respectful to aliens regardless of circumstances. I hope it works out for you!
  5. Thats a interesting point! I saw on the uk website mentioning if you had your own company you need to include a "self assesment" would that mean a previous tax return from your company?
  6. Like Ubonjoe said check on your requirements from your thai embassy in US. Where Im from they seem to be changing the rules yearly! I need to show equiv 200k bht in a bank for 6mnths and in the UK they also need to show a letter from a employer! Which wont be easy if your using visas to live here.
  7. Im guessing Vientaine decides your SETV visa based on how long you have been staying continually in Thailand. I had 2 METV visas with only staying 7 days in my home country inbetween. I then went to Vientaine to get the SETV and recieved the blue stamp of doom. What the above posters saying is right Elite Visa is peace of mind or Education visa which can be a bit of a hassle with immigration. Goodluck!
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