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  1. Lots of trial and error... and nothing worked.  Just tried Safari and Chrome on the Mac, then downloaded Firefox and tried that too.  I still think the missing link for that jQuery library is suspicious... but if it's working for everyone else maybe that's a red herring.


    I'll give up on doing this online from now on and next time try by post.


    What is the least busy day of the week for chaengwattana?



  2. 7 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    All of it including the 2 letters.

    It helps to only complete the required fields marked with a *.

    Have you gotten a new passport since you last entry?

    No new passport.  I just tried removing all non-essential (non-*) fields.  Same problem.  In a while, I'll try again from scratch on the Mac again.

  3. I'll just clarify a few things...

    1. This is my first online report.  My first 90 day report was made in-person (beacuse they told me I couldn't do the first one online)

    2. For my Arrival Card number, I've tried BOTH with and without the two letter prefix.  (MQ4.... and 4....)

    3. My Arrived in Thailand date was end of April.

    4. I'm using Google Chrome... I've tried both with and without IE10 emulation using Chrome UA Spoofer.

    5. I have tried both my Mac and Linux laptops.

    6. url is https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do

    7. jQuery library link at https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/includes/jquery/jquery-1.9.0.js is broken.

  4. The online 90 reporting website has been broken all though the Christmas and New Year periods.  I thought now that the holiday period is over they may have fixed it.  And it's my last day and last chance to get this done online before my due date next week.

    The jQuery javascript link is broken... so when you submit the first page of the form... it doesn't work.

    I tried the 1111 number... useless!... It took me ages to convince the idiot on the end of the phone that I was using the website correctly - it just isn't working properly.  Then he was unable to log a fault, or do anything useful.

    At the moment - as I'm typing this... I'm on-hold trying to get through to ChaengWattana.  If I eventually get through, I don't expect them to do anything - because they're all bloody useless.  Does anyone know the direct number for the website team?

    So what are my other options?  To save me wasting hours at ChaengWattana next week.  Too late by post.

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  5. I want to apply for an exit visa for a trip in December.  I haven't bought any flight tickets yet.  But I've got to go to Chaeng Wattana anyway in a day or two (for my 90 day report-in).


    When I fill-in the form - how crucial is it that my departure and return dates on the form tally with the dates I ACTUALLY travel?  I read a comment on another topic that suggested they don't need to be exact.


    If I do need to be exact?... Has anyone got their exit visa from the Airport on the way out?... How much is it?  How long does it take to process?  Anything I need to know?

  6. I've recently obtained my first year visa based on retirement.  My first 90 report is scheduled for October... and I've been asked to come in-person to the Immigration office.  I have questions:-


    1. What will this report-in entail?  What documentation will I need?  Financial documents again?  Or just residence address?


    2. When I got my visa, I asked about online 90-reporting... and they said my first report-in would be in-person.  How do I change to online reporting?


    3. Can I spend my money now?  I have the requisite 800,000 Baht in a Thai savings account... can I transfer some to my current account?  Do I need to continuously maintain an amount over the threshold?... or can I just top things up again next year - when I renew?

  7. On 8 February 2018 at 3:03 PM, OJAS said:

    If your Malaysian trips take you anywhere near Penang have you considered the possibility of obtaining a non-O visa there as an alternative to a non-O conversion in Bangkok...

    I was in Penang... but last time I looked into getting it done there - the problem was a "proof of retirement"... that they don't impose in Bangkok.

    Another Question.... If I get a non-Imm O-Visa.... how could I leave the country during that 3 months ?  Am I free to leave the country?  Does leaving the country invalidate it?  Or do I need to get a re-entry visa?

  8. Apologies for the confusion.  I needed to go out and in - because I'd have less that 15 days left by the time the bank got the letter ready.

    I haven't applied for the Non Imm O-Visa yet.  I intend to do so when I get back from Malaysia (on a 30day stamp).


    @Steve... I could have got an extension... But I like taking trips to Malaysia.


    Thanks for the information everyone.  A great help.

  9. So, it turned out I need to go out and in to Thailand again before I apply for my O-Visa.  (The bank has needed to confirm with head-office about the origin of my funds).  I should be applying later this month.


    How long can I stay on an O-Visa before conversion?  People have talked about 3 months... Is that just a minimum?


    Will conversion to a retirement visa be straightforward within Bangkok?  Are there any special hoops I need to jump through?  Any more evidence I need to submit?

  10. I've recently returned to Thailand (on a 30 day stamp).  Soon, I intend to apply for a non-imm-O-Visa in Bangkok.


    I asked some questions about this a few months ago - but there was a lot of FUD around visas, and talk of an impending change, and things being in-flux.


    ... so before I go off to the bank - and ask them to print a letter for me... I just wanted to check-in that situations haven't changed - and this visa is still doable.  As far as I'm aware - I just need a letter from a Thai bank that funds originate from outside Thailand.  Anything else?


    I have a UK passport.  I am over 50.

  11. On 6 October 2017 at 7:01 AM, steve187 said:

    doing a conversion will not be easy in Thailand as it seems some local immigration offices are saying 'no can do'

    it would be better to obtain a non imm 'O' visa before arrival.


    21 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    You could apply at an immigration office to get a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) entry. All you would need is 800k baht in a Thai bank on the date you apply. You would need a letter from your bank confirming the funds came from abroad. 


    @ubonjoe Do you mean an non-imm-O-Visa application applied for WITHIN Thailand?  But @steve187 reported that these are being refused.  Hence we've been talking about applications outside of Thailand.


    However - Right now - Penang is not an option for me - as I'm unwilling to sign a legal document that stipulates that I will never work again for the rest of my life.  (The "proof of retirement").

    So - I'm considering three options for now.


    1. Limp along on Tourist Visas until I visit the UK in March.  (I can get one in Penang for now).  Then sort out a non-imm-OA-Visa in the UK... then extend this within Thailand.


    2. Either get a Tourist Visa (from Penang) or 30 day entry stamp for now.  But when I exit Thailand again - go to a different consulate (not Penang) - that DOESN'T require "proof of retirement".  (Kota Baru?).  And apply for a non-imm-O-Visa... then extend this within Thailand.


    3. Limp along on Tourist Visas until I visit the UK in March.  (I can get one in Penang for now).  Then get a METV every year in the UK every year when I visit.  Forget about retirement visa hassles.



    I'm looking to spend a maximum of 9 months in Thailand every year.  So which is my best path?  1. non-imm-OA-Visa->retirement.  2. non-imm-O-Visa->retirement?  3. METVs

  12. From what I've gathered from another thread... The British Embassy doesn't do a "proof of retirement" letter.  Though they may issue a letter confirming your pension.  I'm not old enough to receive a pension.  But I am old enough to qualify for the 50+ condition.


    Will the British Embassy notarise a statement?  Has anyone tried this?  I'm reluctant though to commit to a legal document that states I will never work in the future.


    It's looking like this "proof of retirement" is a sticking point - and I'm inclined to limp along on Tourist Visas until my next visit to the UK in March.  So let's talk about "O-A" Visas applied for in my own country...  Do I still need a "proof of retirement"??

  13. Ok.  I need to investigate the "proof of retirement" further.  I thought that if you had enough money in a Thai bank - you wouldn't need to be in receipt of a pension.


    (btw... many years ago - I managed to open a couple of Thai bank accounts with just a Tourist Visa)


    If "proof of retirement" really does mean proving that you have adequate funds.  Then isn't that covered by having >800K in a Thai Bank?  But if it is a matter of showing evidence of further funds above this - - - how much?

  14. Would my Thai Bank Passbook suffice as evidence of funds?


    Will I need to provide evidence of accommodation / residence in Thailand?  (For the initial "O" Visa application).


    Just to confirm - the "O" Visa can be based on age + funds can't it? (+police, medical, and accommodation?)  I don't have to be married to a Thai I hope!


  15. In that case - I'll delay the "O" Visa application for a few months - and just go for another Tourist Visa for this iteration.


    If I have to apply for the "O" Visa OUTSIDE of Thailand then I'll need a letter from my Thai Bank - so I'll need to go back into Thailand first to get that.  


    For the "O" Visa application - will I need the medical and criminal certificates??  Where do I get the medical certificate?  Are there authorised clinics in Bangkok?


    How do I get a criminal certificate?  If I was in the UK - I'd pop into a police station I expect... but how do I get one here in Asia?


    For an "O" Visa, do people recommend Vientiane over Penang?  Or any particular nearby consulate?  (I'd prefer Penang).

  16. I've been spending more time in Thailand lately.  Hence, interested in "retirement" O-A Visa.  On the face of it the requirements seem pretty objective.  Over 50 years old and enough money in a Thai bank.  Possibly criminal and medical certificates - though I've read that you don't get asked for these applying inside Thailand.


    However, I'm getting the impression talking to other expats that there are more barriers to being granted visas now than there were previously.  More restrictions perhaps.  Is there anything I should know before applying?  Any potential pitfalls?


    Will it be ok to apply within Thailand, having entered the country (flight from Malaysia) on a 30 day stamp?

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