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  1. It's quite possible. Thai children have to be registered in a house book within 15 days of birth, but they cannot get an ID card until they are 7 years old. You need to ask your mum whose house book you are registered in, if any. If you were born in Thailand it's likely you were entered into a house book. If you were born abroad you might not be registered in a house book at all. This matters because it is the house book registry that is used to send the letters to call up male Thai citizens for the lottery. No house book registration, no call up papers.
  2. Off topic posts have been removed. This topic is about tax, not about work permits. Please do not derail this topic again.
  3. I think the point to remember here is that hospitals do not issue birth certificates. Birth certificates are issued by the District Office upon presentation of the correct paperwork from the hospital. Some (private) hospitals will present the documents for you as a convenience. You always have the option of presenting the documents yourself.
  4. There is no minimum salary required to get a work permit. However if you want a 1 year extension of stay on the basis of working in Thailand then immigration want to see social fund contributions and income tax paid on a minimum salary of 50k a month (less for nationals of some developing countries). You can do what you want with your salary. If you want to give it to your wife then so be it. Any company employee is entitled to receive minimum wage, however if your Thai wife wants to volunteer her time in return for workplace training, or upskilling, etc. then that is up to her. Consider the income tax exempt amount however. Your wife can receive some money each month and pay no tax at all. Social Fund will be payable if she is an employee, but not if she is a company director. For the small sums involved it's quite good to pay in as it will give her options in the future. I can't answer regarding your second proposal. I don't know anyone who had ever done it. Bare in mind the Department of Labour will have one set of requirements for your work permit, while immigration will have a different set of requirements for your one year extension of stay.
  5. As this was a post made in 2005, this topic is now closed.
  6. You need it; the form is part of the process to get married in Thailand. I would be very surprised if you found a District Office that married you without it. This is because the MFA places a numbered seal on the translation they certify, and this number is written into the marriage certificate you sign to become married. The contents of that marriage certificate are held on a central database. Why would a district official complete the document in an improper manner that is always attributable to them? And then why would a senior district official sign that document? If you are married incorrectly then further on down the line there could be questions about your children's right to foreign citizenship; the division of assets upon breakdown of the relationship; custody of your children, etc. It would be entirely possible to sue the district official who didn't do their job correctly and created all of these problems, and the district officials know this.
  7. It's a red registration plate, so it belongs to the dealer who sold the car.
  8. The difference is you got information about yourself. The news article is about obtaining information about other people without their knowledge or consent.
  9. You would have to get membership at the RBSC Sports Club and be one of the few non Thais to do so.
  10. Remember that your grandchildren need to be born in the UK (or qualifying territories) for them to automatically gain British Citizenship. (Or should I say that's probably the easiest route to citizenship, unless the mother is British otherwise than by descent). Prior planning and all that...
  11. I have, from Khet Wattana (via Samitivej Hospital) about 1 year ago. Absolutely no problem at all. Shortly afterwards, my daughter was registered in a house book in the same district. Again, no problem.
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