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    An off topic post has been removed.
  2. I've seen one. The projects are normally badly thought out from the beginning and are often put together by developers still in the learning stage. When the units are all sold it's not their problem any more.
  3. That's a grey area. The only way to find out would be to approach the OCPB.
  4. It does not matter where the properties are located. The individual landlord must have 5 or more residential properties that they let out. That can be 5 houses in a single moo baan. It could be 2 properties in one moo baan and 3 properties in another moo baan. It could be 5 condos in Bangkok. Or 1 condo in Bangkok, 1 condo in Phuket, a house in Chiang Rai and 2 apartments in Koh Pi Pi.
  5. Yes you can go to the Labour Office and hand in the documents and pay the fee yourself. You will, however, need to submit documentation supplied by your employer that is signed by a company director. There is no way of getting these documents without your employers agreement.
  6. A post in the Chinese language has been removed. English is the only acceptable language anywhere on ThaiVisa including Classifieds, except within the Thai language forum, where of course using Thai is allowed. Short Thai translation of technical terms is permitted in specialty forums.
  7. If you want an extension of stay based on working then you will have to set up a Thai limited company with four Thai employees paid at least the minimum wage for each extension of stay. You will also need to receive a minimum salary of 50,000 baht per month (assuming you are from a developed country) and you will need to pay social fund contributions for all staff. Be aware that the extension of stay on the basis of work is one of the more difficult categories to get. My own documentation bundle for immigration is about 3cms thick. I would be very surprised if your business idea would make enough profit to pay all of the outgoings. Personally I would let her run the place for 6 months without forming a company and see if it's worth it. You business partner can survive on tourist visas for that long until you can make a firm decision to move forward or not.
  8. This even happened in June/July of 2018. It is not current news.
  9. @cmsally You definately need to list it on ddproperty (and other similar websites) in English and Thai. That is all most agents will do in terms of marketing, and most of them do not do it well.
  10. That alone makes it almost impossible. Non-Thai applicants are expected to be legally married.
  11. If you had video footage of her being violent, especially against your son, then you would have evidence enough to get full custody. At the minute your wife has joint custody, so she has equal rights over your child.
  12. Just to clarify, do you mean getting a test for your own peace of mind? I ask because if you want to prove paternity in a Thai Court of Law then you can only use designated Thai hospitals.
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