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  1. The problem is that he transited through Dubai, which is on the Red List. To be fair to the UK Government the restrictions and Red List countries are all listed online. We even have the @British Consular Team reaching out to UK citizens on this forum to keep us updated by posting links and information on the latest travel advice. Was the airline wrong? Yes, they gave out the wrong information. Was he wrong for not fact checking the information he was told? He doesn't think so, which is why we are discussing this story. Personally, I would double check information like t
  2. The UK Embassy recently asked a colleague of mine to show evidence of 700 pounds sterling. That is a very minimal amount, considering the cost of the flight, the mandatory insurance and the ASQ hotel.
  3. Such products need Thai FDA approval before a license would be granted. That process takes months and involves detained medical and scientific submissions, normally from a registered Thai company who would become the license holder. 20,000 baht would not even scratch the surface if you wanted to do it correctly. However, if a license has already been granted then a second license would not be issued. Additionally, if a license has already been issued, the current license holder would have no incentive to help you import their licensed product and undercut their own busi
  4. @spider1197 With specialist equipment like this, a detailed list of what you are selling and a price would be helpful. Consider that every single person that is messaging you is going to ask the same questions anyway. For example, with the Ultra Tec, what version of the machine is it? Have you upgraded the mast? Is the cabbing machine a Genie, a Pixie or a Titan? Are you going to give a price per piece or lot, or do you want to sell everything in one go? Pictures help a lot.
  5. The Australian government decided it was unfair for Facebook to link/share to news sites without paying the publishers. So Facebook stops linking/sharing news content and now the Australian government is upset.
  6. A post and a reply have been removed.
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