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  1. Fired means they lose their pension and civil service benefits. Terminated means they keep their pension and benefits.
  2. If your current visa expires while you are outside Thailand you will need to apply for a new visa.
  3. An off topic post has been removed.
  4. I can't can't speak for every currency exchange, but the general rule is that they will only accept the current series of notes. If it's just one note then one option is to exchange it with someone heading back to the UK at some point.
  5. As stated, the OP has permanent residence. PR's are listed in blue books.
  6. The owner owns the property, and their name is written on the back of the title deed. The house master is the first named entry in the blue book.
  7. There are no legal implications for you as the house book is a register of who lives at the property. It does not cover any type of right to ownership. As you are entered into the blue book due to having PR, I assume you are the house master. This means that in the future you have the ability to remove any other person registered in the book. If you are not the house master but you own the property you can still remove people from the house book, but it can be a lot more complicated.
  8. This is quite possible, and somewhat easier if the transfer is a deed of gift. The land office are primarily concerned about the seller being deceived and the money vanishing. In this case the transfer would be between family and treated as a gift, so there would be no money involved (other than the fees required by the land office). A parent can sign the POA on behalf of the child. In this case, the land office might ask for the mother to represent the child as the father would be the benefactor. Again, there shouldn't be any resistance from the land office as this would
  9. I know John, and he is a really nice guy. A great auctioneer aswell.
  10. Your family will not be able to change house books if they physically do not have the house book of the condo to present to the District Office. You will have to obtain a replacement book first. You will not be able to obtain a replacement book without an original copy of the sale contract issued by the Land Office, and sometimes the original title deed (or a replacement). You will not be able to sell or gift the condo without the original title deed. By all means have as go and see how you get on.
  11. No. You don't need a lawyer, but you will need someone who knows what they are doing. The first thing to do is ascertain who is the registered owner of the condo. This will require a visit to the Land Office, which in your case is on Srinakarindra Road in Bangkok. Assuming you are the owner, you will next have to obtain a duplicate title deed, which can be a somewhat lengthy process. Once you have the replacement title deed you can obtain a replacement blue book from the Bang Na District Office on Thang Rot Fai Sai Kai Road. You will need separat
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