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  1. You cannot be forced. Yes. The company does not need to have a reason to terminate your employment. You have to do what is best for you, and the company has to do what is best for it. You would contact the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare who would see that you receive the lawful severance and pay in lieu of notice that is due to you. https://www.labour.go.th/index.php/en/ Telephone: 1506
  2. There is no import duty payable in Thailand for any vaccine for human medicine, including all covid vaccines.
  3. With contactless payments, there is no need to touch the customer's card at all.
  4. Did the transfer show the name of a recipient? We have transferred money to the wrong account number before, but the account number did not exist. The money was automatically reversed and it appeared back in it account a few days later.
  5. I don't know how they are going to do it. I suspect every addition will be cumulative. My understanding is that private hospitals will have to charge VAT on the vaccine component of an invoice. Medical services themselves, such as charges for the doctor's or nurse's time are not liable for VAT.
  6. Thailand charges no import duty on any type of vaccine for human medicine. That can clearly be seen from the Integrated Tariff Database. The HS code for covid vaccines is 3002.20.90 That leaves VAT. The Revenue Department has previously granted a VAT exemption for covid imports, but only if they are being donated to the public for free (so the government importing vaccines and distributing them for no charge). Private hospitals don't work for free, so VAT would be charged. That's not great, but at 7 per cent I don't think it's that massive a deal.
  7. Correct. No, because it is a civil matter. It will only go wrong for the ex tenant if the landlord has money and feels they have lost face. If the landlord takes the ex tenant to civil Court the Court can order that the defendant is blocked from leaving the country, and immigration will enforce this. If the landlord refuses to settle it will take quite a long time and your friend will be stuck here, making Court appearances and paying for their own solicitor until things are resolved. If your friend does not have a work permit then the chances are
  8. Moved to the Travel Forum. There are a lot of experienced and helpful people here who can help.
  9. It is very difficult to classify a piano as anything other than a piano, and the Thai integrated tariff database has a section for pianos: HS92.01 The section is divided into 9201.10.00 upright pianos, 9201.20.00 grand pianos and for items such as harpsichords. The only discussion after this is the rate of duty, which is calculated based on the country of origin. For example, there is no duty to be paid on a piano imported from ASEAN, but 10 per cent duty on imports from some other countries. It pays you to be aware of the HS code of the item you
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