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  1. You cannot travel from Thailand to Cambodia. Currently the Thai land border is closed for exit and the Cambodian land border is closed for entry.
  2. The safest place I know is the Thai Visa operations room. When I was made a mod I had to meet someone at the Mandarin Oriental who gave me a folder which had the exact location in it, along with my access codes.
  3. A usufruct entitles you to use the land. It does not entitle you to sell the land. It is always better to upgrade the land to Nor Sor 4 (chanote). This is the only proof of ownership in Thailand. All lesser titles are possessory in nature, rather than being true ownership.
  4. The filing requirement can be suspended by the Department of Revenue, but this will not excuse an applicant for not being able to submit the documents at Immigration or the Ministry of Labour. We have already seen a report of a member who could not extend his work permit because he he had stayed in Thailand longer than his permitted to stay stamp. The member is, or course, staying in Thailand legally as a result of the emergency decree, but without a stamp in his passport the Ministry of Labour would not renew his work permit. As you know, government departments in Thailand do not always see things the same way.
  5. If a corporate tax filing is necessary but no tax is required to be paid, the submission is still required by the Department of Revenue. You will receive a receipt for 0.00 baht which immigration then require a certified copy of as part of the Non-B extension of stay paperwork.
  6. Exactly this. The first thing you need to do before you go any further is to establish the level of the land title. If it is Sor Por Gor land you will not be able to have any kind of claim against the title whatsoever. Such land was given to landless farmers to be cultivated and cannot be officially loaned or mortgaged. You cannot be entered on the title in any way, shape or form. Such land cannot be owned by a company. Of course you could make a contract between yourself and your wife, however Section 1469 of the Civil and Commercial Code allows a spouse to void a contract at any time during their marriage or within one year of their divorce.
  7. As above. Leave it outside next to your refuse bin. Either someone local will find a use for it, or if not you can pay a small amount to the refuse collection people to take it away.
  8. What part of Thailand are you in? Do you have an electricity meter, or has it been removed?
  9. I think those still working will probably be grateful to still have a job, rather than thinking about more money.
  10. The OP is not in Thailand. It is normal in this situation to use a Thai funeral director to carry out all necessary duties to undertake the funeral, including liaising with the police, the embassy, the forensic hospital, any local hospitals, landlords, etc. Most embassies have a list of funeral directors that they will provide to the next of kin.
  11. Best cost of action is to ask the funeral director to send you photos of the bank books.
  12. Offering less is probably not the best way forward, especially as you are known as a previous buyer of good standing. My advice would be to explain to the seller that you would like to purchase X quantity of units, but you really do need a good price because times are very difficult and there are many other properties for sale. Then ask the buyer to let you know what their best price is, including who pays for what in terms of taxes and fees at the Land Office. Wait and see what they come back with. It might take a few days as the seller will often discuss the matter with family or colleagues to get a consensus on the price. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Q: Do you know if there is any liability passed on to us, his family, to sort out his estate? We have not agreed or counter signed anything as we were not asked to. A: You have no liability to administer his estate, and you have no liability to cover any claims made against the estate. Q: The landlord is wanting to claim for damages, again, would we be liable for them when we haven't agreed to be a guarantor. A: No. Q: Finally, if we do not go forward, and the state take hold of the possession, but find a Thai will, would the instructions of the will come into effect, or would the state just keep everything. A: Technically the will should be executed and the Court would have to appoint a professional executor. This probably isn't going to happen if the value of the estate is low.
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