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  1. I have re-uploaded the photo in a standard format. Posts discussing the unusual format of the original post have been removed.
  2. Yes. As noted, do it yourself and take a Thai person who can speak business level English.
  3. Your only option is to take the documents back to the same Land Office and ask them to correct them. Normally, they will correct the document by crossing through the incorrect information and hand writing the correct data next to it, then initialing the document. Importantly, they will also update their computer record.
  4. Is the ex-prisoner going to be living with you if they get released?
  5. Thank you for your reply. With regards to the original post, the OP is discussing a non trading or lightly trading company owning a house in a village, not a BOI approved company, an industrial estate act company or a petroleum act company, etc. In regards to the companies you used to work for, please feel free to PM me the company registration number or the registered company name and I will look at the ratio of Thai to foreign ownership online. That information is publicly available for free. I would love to find an active Thai limited company that is not:
  6. A PP20 is a VAT registration certificate issued by the Revenue Office to a Thai limited company. Each certificate is personalised to the company it is issued to. You would only have this certificate if the company itself was involved in the import process. There is no copy on the internet that you could use, and even if you did find a copy to use it would be fraudulent representation unless you are genuinely authorised by the company directors to act on their behalf. In general, you would also need to provide a copy of the company's DBD document, and all copy documents would need t
  7. I'm absolutely sure. Unless you are an American citizen, the total non-Thai ownership of a Thai limited company can be a maximum of 49 per cent. Additionally, there must be a minimum of three shareholders. American citizens can form a Treaty of Amity company, and they can own 100 per cent of the company. A Treaty of Amity company, however, cannot be used to own land.
  8. The key thing to understand is that they do not own the company. At best, they own 49 per cent of the company.
  9. Hi Meat Pie I have had a look at your previous post and I can see 6 replies, including some very helpful responses. Your previous post is here:
  10. Please keep us updated on your progress. It might be the builder returns the money or makes good his work. If he does not then you could end up spending a significant sun of money in legal fees, at the end of which you may be unable to recoup any money at all as the builder might not have any assets whatsoever. Let us know how you get on. It will certainly help others in the future.
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