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  1. Cases such as these have regular case review meetings between the police, CPS and the prosecuting counsel. Counsel and a senior prosecutor will direct the police to close all the holes in the case and the police will have a list of statements that are required in order to do so. The entire process is very managed and directed; the police do not just wander around chatting to people on the off chance. The same goes for the decision to charge. If charges are preferred then it will be after a thorough and careful review.
  2. To find someone guilty of murder in the UK, the jury would have to be certain the defendant was guilty. That means no other logical explanation could be derived from the facts except that the defendant committed the crime, thereby overcoming the presumption that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. After reading everything so far, there are still logical explanations that have not been ruled out. On that basis I would find the man not guilty.
  3. Is anywhere open tonight? I'm near Soi 33/1 and it's quiet here.
  4. You can overpay your electricity. Sometimes this is useful. If you are leaving the country for several months but you need to keep paying the minimum monthly fee, for example. In this case the overpayment will be deducted from your bill next month.
  5. These are units that can't easily be replaced. They are recessed aluminium lights that are set into the internal walls of the house. It would be a lot of work to change the units unless they were the same size and method of fitting. The cost is not so much the issue - it's more important to get the units working by replacing the drivers. There are only 2 components that ever need changing: the LED and the LED driver. I have the LEDs, now I need the drivers...
  6. I have 10 single LED lights in my house. Each LED light is powered by an LED driver unit. By a process of elimination, I suspect the driver units are starting to fail. I have tried to find direct replacements on the internet, but I cannot. Could any of our electrically minded members point me in the direction of an equivalent replacement please? This unit is 4cm long, 4cms wide and 2cms deep. The 2cms measurement is reasonably important because these driver units have to fit in a recessed hole. 3 cms deep would be ok, maybe a bit more. Each driver powers a CREE XML T6 LED U2 10W WHITE High Power LED chip on a 20mm PCB. This spec is copied from the seller: Maximum drive current: 3000mA Low thermal resistance: 2.5C/W Maximum junction temperature: 150C Viewing angle: 125' ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins Unlimited floor life at <30C/85% RH Reflow solderable-JEDES J-STD-020C Electrically neutral thermal path Technical Parameters: Quantity: 1pcs Model Type: Cree XML-T6 Emitted Color :White Color Temperature: 6500-7000K Viewing Angle: 110 Degree DC Forward Voltage (VF): 2.9-4Vdc DC Forward Current (IF): 3.0A Power: 10W Low thermal resistance: 2.5°C/W Maximum junction temperature: 150°C Viewing angle: 125° Diameter :12 14 16 20mm ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30oC/85% RH Reflow solderable - JEDEC J-STD-020C Electrically neutral thermal path Thank you.
  7. Really. British citizens in Thailand retain their original passport during the time their application for a new passport is submitted and considered. The old passport is not physically defaced in any way until the appointment when you collect your new passport. At this point your old passport has the corner cut off the cover while you watch.
  8. Yes. Your ex partner and your daughter can own real estate in Thailand. If your daughter is under 20 years old then it will be extremely difficult to sell any property in her name until she becomes an adult.
  9. There would be no requirement to declare when you exit Thailand. Just make sure you have no other assorted currencies that take you over the limit, as it is the aggregate total that counts.
  10. An off topic post has been removed.
  11. You will often find people selling them in various government offices. Often the person doing the photocopying has some for sale. The face value is normally 5 baht a stamp. You will pay 5 baht at a Revenue Office, but a few baht more elsewhere. Still, if a few baht saves you a longer trip that's got to be worth it. We always buy more and have a few spare.
  12. Your old passport will be ok. Your old passport is not defaced in any way until the appointment where you collect your new passport.
  13. Unfortunately such documents can easily be rendered worthless. If the person who signed the undated share transfer agreements makes a written statement to the police that they lost these documents, then the future use of the document becomes problematic. If the same person reports the documents stolen by persons unknown, anyone using the agreement in the future could find themselves in serious trouble. These documents can be signed one day and reported stolen the next day, creating a time bomb for anyone using them in the future.
  14. Various photographs of the person named in the OP have been removed once again. I have previously requested members not to post such photographs. If you choose to ignore my second warning then expect to receive a posting holiday. Forum Rule 2: You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.
  15. Various posts have been removed. Please discuss the post, rather than making comments about other members.
  16. That's not going to happen, for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason being that a limited company can only increase its capital by special resolution, and a special resolution requires 75 per cent of the shareholders to agree. This rule is unchangeable as it is statute law (CCC Section 1220). You would be better advised to consider CCC Section 1184 which states, “No shareholder is entitled to vote unless all calls due by him have been paid.” This is a complex area of company law, and you should consider getting decent legal advice. In essence, though, if a properly constituted meeting is held, and the unpaid capital of a shareholder is demanded or "called", then that shareholder cannot vote until the capital is paid up. This is quite significant, because a director can be removed if more than 50 per cent of the shareholders pass a motion during a properly constituted meeting. Another option would be to appoint a second director, but specify the signature of only one director is required to bind the company. Either way you would lose control of the company and the banking. Who is the third shareholder, and what percentage of shares do they hold? If they hold 2 per cent or more, you only need to get them to vote in your favour and you will control the ordinary resolutions.
  17. I think you will find that very few SMART visas have been issued.
  18. Photos and other details allegedly of the person discussed in this thread have been removed. Posting such details contravenes Forum Rule 2. I would politely remind everyone that this person is resident in Thailand, and as of yet he has not been charged with any crime. 2. You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.
  19. 1. I apologise for not posting clearly. When I said, "She could have easily met another man and decided to move back to Thailand", I meant that she died after the period of time when she left her husband but before she left the UK. She told her husband she was leaving for Thailand, but she may not have told him the truth. What if she decided to stay in the UK and work as a massage therapist but decided not to tell her husband so she could get a clean break? What if she met a customer and the customer is implicated? One well known UK serial killer, Steve Wright, is known to have previously visited Thailand. Steve Wright's brother is on record as saying Steve spent 10 weeks in Thailand and returned to the UK after, "Some girl scammed him for everything he had". Steve Wright was jailed for 5 murders he committed in 2006, but like all serial killers, he might be responsible for more than he was convicted of. Did he meet the deceased by random chance one evening? Who knows? 2. If she told the truth about getting married in Thailand she would have been committing bigamy only if she married the second husband on paper. If she intended having a village wedding there was nothing stopping her. Additionally, if she claimed abandonment in Court she would only have to wait for 12 months before she could apply for a divorce and marry at the District Office. If the police want to extradite the husband they will need a lawful reason to do so. There is nothing stopping the police interviewing him under caution at the British Embassy, should he consent. Quicker, and cheaper, especially as I would imagine he would only tell them what they already know. If they have enough evidence to charge him then they are legally obliged to do so without delay. The fact that they are travelling to Thailand to conduct interviews tells us that they do not have sufficient evidence to charge at the present time. Either way it is very unclear what really happened, and with the burden of proof being beyond reasonable doubt then the police might struggle to get enough evidence to proceed.
  20. Please do not cross post the same topic in different forums. Please continue here:
  21. If you are wanted, and there is a warrant for your arrest, then the UK police can get your UK passport cancelled. The UK authorities then notify this fact to the Thai authorities, who will rescind your extension of stay or your visa as you are wanted in another country and you do not have a valid travel document. At this point you can be picked up for being in Thailand without permission, and deported back to the UK. All of this happens quietly and behind the scenes, so when the Thai police turn up and arrest you there is nothing to discuss.
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