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  1. What passport did she use to enter Thailand? Or, was she born in Thailand and has never left Thailand?
  2. Logispost is a tracked airmail service. It is used for items weighing up to 200kg with dimensions less than 150x200x150 cms, but is only available to some destination countries. Delivery times should be 1-2 weeks, which is normally going to be much quicker than surface mail.
  3. The book isn't completely blank. The first page has the property details entered. Also, if a previous registrant has transferred out of the blue book, their name remains printed in the book, as expired pages are not torn out. The District Office normally has a red ink stamp they stamp the old registrant's page with to show they have been removed from the book. After a price has been agreed, ask for a photo of the blue book pages to see who is registered (if anyone). Your agreement with the seller should include that all registrants are transferred out of the blue book t
  4. Your wife can physically possess many house books, but she can only be listed in one book at a time. The unused house book will have the property details on the first page, but otherwise be empty. Regarding you residing at one property while your wife technically resides at the other, immigration will accept the house book of the owner, and then the house book of where you are living (which could be two different books), along with a rent contact or a permission letter from your wife or a copy of the title deed with your wife's name on it). Each immigration
  5. Several countries also require a covid test within 72 hours of returning home. If the Thai government do not supply documentation with each test then there is a possibility that the tourist would also need another test to return home. In this case the tests would be: Pre-departure (to arrive), Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, pre-departure (to depart). For a small family the cost of testing would be substantial, even if the cost of the Day 1, 7 and 14 tests are included in the hotel price. If anyone was declared positive it would ruin the complete holiday for everyone.
  6. Bickering posts have been removed. Gentlemen, please be civil to one another.
  7. A post has been removed. If you state, "Factual evidence is now coming out that..." then please provide a credible link to the information you are posting about.
  8. If you are in Bangkok, did the bike previously have a yellow motorcycle taxi plate? That might indicate a high use vehicle. Regardless, the previous owner should arrange new plates before you pay any money. I can assure you that after the money is paid they will not want to know.
  9. A number of posts referring to the possibly incorrect number of reported deaths for today have been removed. The Bangkok Post reported a different number to the government. The Bangkok Post have since corrected their report. A graphic with no attribution has been removed. If you post graphics containing graphs, charts or statistics, please also post a link to the source.
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