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  1. This topic has been locked. Please do not quote a topic from the News Team and attempt to start a separate topic.
  2. A post has been removed. 26) The Bangkok Post and Phuketwan do not allow quotes from their news articles or other material to appear on Thaivisa.com. Neither do they allow links to their publications. Posts from members containing quotes from or links to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan publications will be deleted from the forum. These restrictions are put in place by the above publications, not Thaivisa.com In rare cases, forum Administrators or the news team may use these sources under special permission.
  3. They work interchangeably. Easy Pass tokens work in M Pass gates. M Pass tokens work in Easy Pass gates.
  4. Yes, but for longer races such as the Grand National, Miles, Furlongs and Yards are used.
  5. Keep your old passport just in case. There may be a time in the future when you need to check which country you were in on a particular day, or if you apply for a visa to a different country they may ask your travel history for the last x years. If you have a bank account, have you updated your passport with them?
  6. Nothing and nobody has stopped UK citizens leaving Thailand to go to the UK. There have been direct flights available at least on a weekly basis, every single week (or more frequently) during the past year. EVA, as an example, were charging a little over 400 GBP for a one way direct flight to London from Bangkok. Your friend could have taken any of these flights, but instead chose not to. It is only in the last few days that everyone travelling to the UK is required to show a negative Covid 19 test in order to board their flight to the UK. The Br
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