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  1. A post has been removed.


    26) The Bangkok Post and Phuketwan do not allow quotes from their news articles or other material to appear on Thaivisa.com. Neither do they allow links to their publications. Posts from members containing quotes from or links to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan publications will be deleted from the forum.

    These restrictions are put in place by the above publications, not Thaivisa.com
    In rare cases, forum Administrators or the news team may use these sources under special permission.

  2. The Land Office will not know of any plans to build a condo until they are approached to issue condo title deeds. This will happen after all approvals and permissions have taken place.


    The first people to know will be the District Office as they will have to approve an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). After that a building permit needs to be issued from either the District Office or the Engineering Department.


    Enquiries at the District Office will yield the fastest results.

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  3. This is quite normal and not a scam. One reason why companies do this is because customers, believe it or not, do mistype their banking details. In my experience it happens more than it should.


    Also, requesting a copy of the front page of your bank book helps cut down on staff fraud and malicious behaviour from others.


    It shouldn't be easy to cancel an insurance policy. It should take more than an email with your banking details.


    Can you imagine if someone with a grudge cancelled your building insurance then set fire to your house?

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  4. 6 hours ago, FRUXNU said:

    Thats odd ! 


    Not really. The site is UK based, and as such it more than likely accesses the UK DVLA database. Access to the DVLA database is sold commercially.


    As a result the website will have access to UK VIN numbers, not VIN numbers from Thailand.

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