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  1. Costs 46000 baht for 1 years cover for a 52 year old. Would much rather put in bank an extra 400,000 baht making it 1.2 million deposit rather than pay 46000 a year which will only increase in age.
  2. It's not just about putting it in, thats the easy part. Try getting it out. It was a nightmare trying to get 500,000 baht out.
  3. Its a deal the Health Service Support Department director-general Nattawuth Prasert-siripong has done with Thai insurance companies for which he will no doubt receive millions of baht in commissions. This is the way things are done in Thailand. Use government contacts to pass laws which are win win for the corrupt government official who receives large brown paper bags under the table and the companies which benefit, in this case, Thai insurance companies.
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