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  1. What could possibly motivate any sane person to commit such an atrocity? RIP to the three killed and wishing a full and swift recovery for the survivor. As for the perpetrator life in a Thai hell hole is the best we can hope for.
  2. Whatever does the success or otherwise of the Olympics have to do with the man's proven history of telling porkies? You're scraping the bottom of the barrel with that piece of deflection. What about the legacy from those Olympics? Quite a costly mess was made of the stadium deal. what about the water cannons that he purchased for nearly half a million despite his own legal team telling them that they couldn't be used in England?
  3. It would have made more sense to go down the "mistake" line as you suggest. Unfortunately there's aPM sitting in No 10 who struggles with the truth, he was even sacked for lying when he was a journalist and he hasn't changed his spots since.
  4. When I see threads like these I've come to think they should be titled "Dear Crossy...."
  5. Looks like I miss-read the OP, not helped by the header and the content not matching.
  6. That may be so but they would be wiser to check with his local immigration office first, what's there to lose by making a call?
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