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  1. Absolute nonsense and shame on you for spreading it.
  2. There's lots of really good and some great tv around at the moment, I'd add (not in any particular order): Bosch GoT Hanna (although IMO the film was better) Warrior Wu Assassins (new) La Casa de Papel Mr. Mercedes Ozark Vikings Power Tin Star
  3. I can't believe BoJo and Prayut haven't got together to resolve both of their police problems at once. BoJo is looking for 20,000 'new' cops (to replace the ones that his party slashed). Thailand must have a similar number placed in "inactive posts". Unless I'm very much mistaken, the solution is a no-brainer.
  4. Apparently he was the foreman for a group of guys who were tasked with dismantling and removing an old cast iron footbridge, however he got them to "remove" it to a scrapyard rather than to where he ought to have done. Later on somebody noticed it wasn't where it should have been. I guess they didn't 'cover their tracks' well enough.
  5. Reminds me of a horrible toad that I once worked with, he had previously served time for stealing a railway bridge, I kid you not. He was then rampantly stealing from the company that we worked for. The last straw for a mate and I was when he, being our supervisor, lectured us on the subject of theft, telling us that it had to stop! It dod stop shortly afterwards as we reported his activity and he was sacked having been caught red-handed.
  6. So no more unelected head of state in the UK, you'd better get Lizzie to start campaigning. BoJo on his bike as he was not democratically elected. House of Lords disbanded and replaced by an elected chamber. General elections to change to PR so a party with 40% of the vote can no longer receive 55% of the seats. Whitehall mandarins to be voted for as we can't have unelected officials like those nasty EU commissioners. What's that? You don't really want democracy for the UK after all? If you did, these are the things that you'd be pushing for.
  7. Good idea but you forgot about the French, I'll put it to M. Macron next time we meet, I'm sure he'll love the very thought of hearing more English audio in cinemas throughout France, after all it is the native language of his paternal great-grandfather.
  8. "Being naive does not make one guilty" Neither does it excuse criminal acts.
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