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  1. That was kinda my point. I often see truck drivers pi##ing by the side of the road just a short distance from services.
  2. If only there were services in Thailand, then he wouldn't need to stop to urinate at the side of the road.
  3. Can you post her number for emergencies when Mrs BM's brother is not around?
  4. I came across one in the garage this morning, I suspected it was dead but wasn't taking any chances. The b-i-l gave it a prod with a long stick and was quickly able to confirm my suspicions that it was already deceased. I'd much rather assume one's alive and look a tit than assume one's dead and pay the price.
  5. Speaking of Gomorrah, if you like that you'll probably like this, I certainly did, fully deserving of its 8.6 rating on IMDb IMHO although obviously it will not be to everybody's liking. "This crime drama, set in Rome in the 1970s, tells the story of the Banda della Magia, a prolific Italian crime family responsible for some of the country's most violent crimes. One young man, known only as The Lebanese, dreams of rising to the top of the pack. While trying to prove himself through a series of brutal crimes, he makes valuable connections with corrupt cops and politicians, as well as in the Secret Service, which wants to enlist the gang to destabilize the government and provoke a right-wing coup. Working against The Lebanese and his cohorts is young police inspector Nicola Scialoja, seemingly one of the few people not in the Mafia's pocket, who is determined to bring down the gang, regardless of what it takes."
  6. When I was at school there were no sex education classes on the curriculum and I've never been pregnant so I don't see the need for it now.
  7. No, they haven't. They sat with the then PM and her negotiating team and agreed an exit deal. You may (no pun intended) be deluding yourself to the contrary but don't expect us to all fall in line behind you. There is no dictatorship, just an elected parliament, you seem to be unable or most likely unwilling to distinguish between the two. Stop it with your project fear language, it just shows that your argument has no substance. Which of the bordering countries have a fairly recent history of decades of near civil war along the lines of Northern Ireland? If there are none then your point is moot as they could hardly be considered sensible or relevant comparisons.
  8. So, as you've known these ills for years, please share with us, which EU laws have caused you, personally any pain? After all these years I'm sure there must be dozens, scores or maybe even hundreds or thousands so rather than list them all perhaps you could share the top ten that have injured you so.
  9. It is staggering almost beyond belief that Leavers use the term "project fear" when discussing the EU, when those same leavers continually use wholly inapropriate and unjust language in discussions around the EU and its relationship with the UK. There is no "forcing" by the EU for the UK to either leave or remain, to suggest otherwise is nonsense. "protectionist racket"? Nonsense, groundless, childish. "nounou state"? There is no EU State, rather a collection of individual member States, as for the "nounou" or "nanny" nonsense I guess this is some absurd, twisted reference to the many positive contributions made by the EU to protect human rights, consumer rights and employment rights, which have benefited many millions of its citizens.
  10. Yesterday the Chelsea family sadly lost one of our finest members in Trizia Fiorellino at the age of just fifty, after a short illness. I had the pleasure of meeting Trizia many times over the years (and over a few beverages of the alcoholic kind) and she was one of those people that you can't imagine anyone having a bad word to say about. She travelled all over Europe with the blues and I almost invariably bumped into her and her group of friends whenever I dusted off my passport for a match, the two CL finals included. I don't know whether any of you met her but fo those who did she will be missed. As well as being Chair of the Chelsea Supporters Group, representing us "ordinary" fans to the board, she had a regular slot in the Irish Examiner writing Chelsea propoganda articles. There is a link this morning's obituary piece in the Examiner here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/soccer/irish-examiner-writer-trizia-fiorellino-dies-after-short-illness-956112.html
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