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  1. Yes its late - can we agree not to go at it tonight? If its a misunderstanding then all good. Peace.
  2. Try reading past the first sentence before making an emotional response to something you didn't like
  3. Yes. There are still foreigners here. And a load of p***ed off locals too.
  4. Yes, there are foreigners still here. Didn't appreciate the lol response to that question above, but there has been a mass exodus since Feb and into March - this includes Burmese too, not only Foreigners. And the situation, while not as dire as it was up to late March - is still nowhere near good. But that goes for locals as well as expats I am in Yangon and a long term expat here (as well as working in Thailand for many periods in the last 10 years). SVB ring a bell to anyone? Summary: Let's do the day-to-day stuff (commerce/banking/Internet/Living) first, going over the questio
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