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  1. Could you be more accurate on timing please?
  2. Cherp, I also own my own condo in bkk and have filed TM30 3 times in last 6 months at CW. It's a real P.IT.A these days as the crackdown has seen longer queues and move from J desk to B desks. I just show my chanote, purchase contract and passport copies. The receipt takes 5 minutes (after a 3 hour wait). Only need to file if intending on doing any other immigration business this stay. If not then no need to bother filing as unlikely to get checked or caught without filing. Online is possible with application by sending copies of all documents however my login stopped working after 2 months so gave up.
  3. I finally got yellow tabian baan (house book) after one month waiting at PhayaThai Bangkok. The pink ID card is a 15 minute extra wait and valid for 10 years. Not sure how useful it will be other than for buying own motorcycle or car. BUT one thing is for sure, getting this and other status items will only ever be more difficult for farangs going forward. My thinking is that if entitled, do it now to avoid frustration in the future. It is worth the effort but possibly in future it may be unattainable. Once you have it then it will not be revoked.
  4. CW are now very anal about filing TM30 before conducting any other business such as extensions. If you have a TM30 receipt that you have stapled in your PP then you are probably fine even if not since your last entry. They may or may not check. TM30 at CW is s real P. I. T. A and I don't bother unless having to conduct an extension or other business. After owning my own bkk condo since 2010 I never did this until 2018 when needing to deal with Immigration. It was mobbed at B desks at end of April 2019 as the crackdown on foreigners (not just farangs) has spurred owners/managers to file TM30s on behalf of all alien residents. Nightmare.
  5. I've been to this zoo in Nakhon Si Thammarat twice (last time in march 2018). There's no admission fee even for foreigners. Mostly it's not too bad and I didn't notice there being any issue with trash or dirtiness. BUT I have to say that the primate enclosures saddened me greatly. Bare concrete cells with nothing inside except for the solitary macaques. Often in poor health and clearly suffering mentally. Pacing up and down, round and round. One male monkey even jerked himself off. Unbelievable.
  6. I did retirement extension of stay for 1 year a few weeks ago at CW. Based on 800k in bank. No mention of coming back in 3 months or keeping money in account. They did staple a printed note regarding doing 90 day reports though.
  7. I've done 3 reentry permits this year. 1 at CW and 2 at Suvarnabhumi. Both times at airport was processed by nice officers in less than 10 minutes. These were mid morning times. At the CW zoo it took about 1 hour after handing in. My last reentry is a multi valid for 1 year until extension of stay expires
  8. I observed same when at CW 3 weeks ago. Arrived at 11am and got tickets for TM30 B desk and TM7 extension at L desk. The TM30 number came up at 2pm and was processed in 5 minutes. Then L ticket cam up at 2:30pm for check. Then waited another hour to see the IO (was asked for the TM30 which she copied for me). Then told to sit outside and wait. Finally got passport back at 4:30pm. Luck all my papers/copies were in order. Thank goodness it's only once a year!
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