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  1. The Thai authorities are very fast to announce Covid-19 cases. What they never seem to report is the actual health and well-being of those "positive" cases. Are they dead, in ICU on ventilators, in ICU, in a hospital bed, have mild flu symptons ot totally sympton free? Would be interested to know the statistics.
  2. I have been suspicious for a while about the increasing numbers of positive cases found in quarantine. So as tests are not 100% accurate, how can a test be sure anyone is actually negative or positive? I haven't seen any numbers published for daily repatriations - numbers of arrivals - but only number of positives in quarantine. Anyone know how many daily arrivals into quarantine? Seems like it might be convenient of the government to report high positive numbers in order to keep borders closed to suit their aims. Whatever they may be.
  3. So true. As a Brit I'm well accustomed to roundabouts and we drive on the left too. Roundabouts in Thailand are fraught with danger as some Thais will give way when they have right of way and some will go when they shouldn't. As a result one never knows what to expect. Thankfully there are relatively few roundabouts here.
  4. A sanity test would be more appropriate right now if wanting to go to the UK. Why would anyone want to go back to the dark and cold of the British winter and the misery of further Covid-19 lockdowns? Of course, understood if there's a compelling reason such as family emergency etc. In answer to your question; there are currently no covid tests required to board flights from Bangkok to London and no quarantine needed on arrival.
  5. Why not start with training any motorbike rider and enforcing existing laws? I saw three teenagers riding on Phaholyothin Road at Ari on Sunday. The insanely loud exhaust drew my attention. Three persons on one bike (150cc at most), speeding fast through heavy traffic and not one of them was wearing a helmet. I was expecting to hear a crash.
  6. I have, unfortunately, been fighting the condo pigeon scourge for quite a few years on my balcony (Bangkok). Finally seem to have solved the problem and won the war now. Before I was staying regularly at my condo, it would often be empty for months at a time. First, the pigeons started roosting on my enclosed air conditioning units. This was behind a gated grill just big enough for pigeons to squeeze through. The mess was terrible and disgusting. Fortunately, pigeon <deleted> loosens easily with just water for removal (wear a mask though). Clean down afterwards with bleach or
  7. Standard insurance (with registration) only covers minimal 3rd party bodily injury. If you bash into a Lambo or Rot Benz then you'll be liable for 3rd party property damage. Best to find some appropriate insurance or get a newer vehicle that can be covered. I insured my motorcycle first class coverage with www.aainsure.net. Ask them what they can offer you. Personally if I was "up-country" in rural areas then I'd just go with minimal insurance. In Bangkok where there are too many expensive cars I feel safer with full coverage - just in case of collision with another vehicle.
  8. Agreed, I think you were responsible not to travel. The least the British government could do for you as a British citizen and your wife (after paying all the fees) would be simply to reissue the visa for future dates. Easy to do and minimal processing time as you've already satisfied them of the entry requirements. Just a simple date change on unused visa. Hardly difficult if they chose to help you.
  9. The alternative, Joe Biden is worried about "another 4 years of George, er, George..." God help the US and the world. Us Brits could do with a much better leader too.
  10. I was questioning the reporting and facts but changed my comment after researching the actual plane used. Originally expected it to be a smaller plane so questioned the number of passengers. Was surprised to find that it was a 787-9 Dreamliner with capacity of 297 so it was a fairly full plane.
  11. A couple more good options that I have done (ideally on a Sunday): Amphawa Floating market on a weekend with a stop at the Mae Klong Train Market (Rom Hoop) on the way. Hwy 35 is busy and there is still construction however on a bike it is still only about 90 minutes. Map here. Bang Pa-In Palace is a nice place to visit too then a stop at Ghong Khong market before Ayutthaya is a good day full trip. Hwy 31 runs under the Don Muang Tollway and then connects to Hwy 1. Not too bad on a weekend but you must keep to the left on the frontage road Map here
  12. I had the same issue. UK Visit Visa issued in June and expires in December 2020. If GF went to UK it would be difficult and more expensive for her to return to Thailand (quarantine and repatriation flight costs). Also, if I leave Thailand, I will not be able to return here. I wrote to the Home Office in September and their reply to me is copied below (with their email address). From: Home Office Coronavirus Immigration Team <[email protected]ov.uk> Sent: 14 September 2020 16:10 To: Subject: UK Visas & Immigration: Reply to
  13. Thai tourism has been overbuilt in many areas. Chasing ever higher head count numbers rather than quality of service. National Parks' government sanctioned price discrimination. Taxi mafia overcharging. Filthy beaches and pollution everywhere. Overcrowded beaches and bays and reduced marine life. Tourism to Thailand (by westerners at least) has been in decline for years as they seek nicer places. Many times on flights from London travellers would tell me they were going to Vietnam, Cambodia or even Myanmar but only transiting Thailand. For many tourists it's not so Amazing Thailand anymore.
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