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  1. So don't tell them you left and then re-enter via a country lane or rice field. Nobody's telling...
  2. Wow! This opportunity sounds "too good to be true" . What could possibly go wrong if I invest all my life savings, children's inheritance and the shirt off my back? ...and, no it's not a Beer Chang vest 555.
  3. I've done quite a few UK visit visa applications for Thais over the last 20+ years. Never paid an agent, never needed to. Read the rules and notes with the application and take charge yourself with your GF (too late for the deposit though). There are many threads on TV here regarding the process and tips for applicants and sponsors. IMO send them everything and more about your GF as applicant and you as sponsor. Leave the officer handling the application with no questions and only confidence that the application is genuine and you'll be fine.
  4. I just returned to the UK on 18th April after 14 months in Thailand. OMG! What has happened to the ladies here? Pasty white and overweight (many morbidly obese) no lookers or even anything worthy of a <deleted>. Can't wait to get back to Thailand in just over 5 months time!
  5. I guess you haven't been recently to many bigger/better restaurants or hotel bars. The prolifertion of ++ (plus plus). 7% VAT plus 10% service charge is now widespread in many places. It's infuriating to many as menus often show the lower price with small print regarding addition of tax and service. Very annoying and it inflates prices dramatically. Wish it would be banned.
  6. Can anyone beleive this nonsense? During a public health emergency and almost complete shutdown of the country, the Thai government wants to tax the import of medicine (vaccine) that will benefit the public health and ensure the well being of their citizens and help the economic prospects of the nation. The private hospitals will be taxed on their profits anyway. Also, What is this nonsense about "approval" of vaccines that are already approved by far more stringent regulators in the west? Pure BS in the form of profiteering in tax. <deleted> get the vaccines in and administered ASAP. Af
  7. Just down the road from my place there's a monument comemorating the victory of the Thais over the French. Are you really sure about this?
  8. "Leave thailand alone, pay us something, don't attack us and you can do what you want to do" should have been the defence ministry's spokesman's comments.
  9. It will likely bounce back somewhat. There's millions of men around the world who haven't had a <deleted> for over a year. Many will hurry back to Pattaya once they can.
  10. I grew up on the south coast of the UK. In winters the resort areas were shuttered and deserted. The only difference with Pattaya is at least the rain is warm and it's often sunny.
  11. I visited the Union Mall on 17th May 2020 and 7th January 2021 (according to Google Maps timeline). Both times it was a ghost town anyway. Many shops were vacant and there really were virtually no shoppers. May as well close it permanently. It used to be bustling a few years ago and very popular with trendy teens. Not anymore.
  12. Sorry but no chance of a refund or reduced fee re-issue. I was in the same situation and they would not even extend or change the dates. It went unused and has now expired.
  13. Will landlords of Thai apartment rentals be discounting the 8-9+ Baht per unit (KWH)? Doubt it. More profit for them at local Thais expense. Bastards!
  14. Always home currency. Never Thai currency. If you send in Thai currency you will be scammed by your foreign bank!
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