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  1. I have used Express Translation at least 4 times in the last 5 years. Very professional service and located right next to Ploenchit BTS. They are experienced and know exactly what to do and will also give advice and price quote in advance.
  2. I have a similar situation with a safe deposit box in my condo. It takes 4xAA batteries inside the safe. Should those batteries lose charge then the mechanism will not open due to low power for the motor. The safe supplier provided a separate power pack to plug in externally to overcome this. My advice (and practice) to anyone with these types of electronic locks is to replace batteries annually with quality long life ones.
  3. This is just one reason why so many spam emails get sent out seemingly from people known to us. Once their PC is infected, the rogue program starts sending out messages via the legitimate installed email client to everyone in the address book. The sender name will be someone's name you know but the email will have either malicious attachments or a link to a dodgy website where a simple visit will lead to further infection for those not protected by proper antivirus. Often, those infected are completely unaware of what is happening.
  4. I've ridden well over 2,000 Kms in Southern Thailand both touring and morning rides. A fair few dog chases but never been bitten. A chase certainly increases the heart rate a bit especially when unexpected. The bas-tards often come racing out of a driveway into the road just as you're passing. Nearly always from the left hand side. If I see dogs in the road ahead I will get some speed up before nearing them and STOP pedaling until well past them. Normally they will not take chase. If they do chase then I unclip the bike pump and raise it as if to swipe them while shouting "PAI" as in to go awa
  5. Definitely buy a proper Internet Security package. Most of the big names are pretty good. Check out reviews on various computer magazines to see comparisons of features and reliability at detecting viruses and security issues. It may be the case that the trial package already installed is one of the good ones. At the end of the free trial they will try to get you to subscribe directly with them. I normally use a favourite package and can usually buy protection for 1-10 PCs for 1-3 years. I usually buy 5 PCs for 3 years off Amazon at about $50 or so in total. They will often send the activation
  6. Gives the cops another 5 days to profit from busting the many "restaurants" serving booze in coffee cups
  7. SSL (or rather TLS these days) has been a must for a couple of years now if you want your website to be seen, ranked, usable and viewers to have confidence. It's very easy to do and not expensive. LetsEncrypt secure certificates should be free from hosts.
  8. @giddyup That's a very good price and a good specification. It looks like exceptional value. I'm considering similar for my parents. The RAM memory at 8GB is fine but would be slightly faster with 16GB which doesn't normally cost much more if available as an option. If not, then extra ram can usually be added or swapped later (check first though). The 256GB SSD drive will make it fast compared to a regular mechanical disk drive. If you need more storage (say for video) then an external drive is the cost effective way to go. Core i7 processor is good. Let us know how you get on.
  9. defo not connected to wifi as no nearby networks accessible (wifi on S9 turned off anyway).
  10. Surprisingly different speedtest results all using Ookla speedtest.net. Same AIS sim connection but different speeds on different devices: APP - Galaxy S20 connected to S9 hotspot by WiFi: = 74 Mbps Download & 38.8 Mbps Upload BROWSER - Win 10 on Dell laptop connected to S9 hotspot by WiFi = 51.98 Mbps Download & 17.44 Mbps Upload APP - Galaxy S9 phone (whilst being used as hotspot) = 18.1 Mbps Download & 18.1 Mbps Upload
  11. Just a few things I can think of... No idiot 2 week millionaires Quieter roads Reduced living costs Great weather No hoardes of tourists following the flag carrier Delicious food Cheap rent Deserted beaches Beautiful mountains Friendly people Personal safety through lack of petty crime Low coronavirus infection numbers Tuesday lunch club! - Na Jomtien 1pm-6pm
  12. Some people do say that Speedtest.net gives "nonsense figures". Thought I'd run some other tests. I'm in Pattaya using a Samsung Galaxy S9 4G as a hotspot with the AIS unlimited 10Mbps Sim card at 200 Baht per month. The tests taken on my Dell XPS13 laptop with Windows 10 over WiFi connection to the hotspot. Some tests don't have servers in Thailand but speeds still well in excess of 10Mbps that is advertised by AIS. Results below. Some wide variations in speeds. I'm still extremely pleased with this AIS sim card as it's been very reliable service and great value for money. T
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