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  1. Originally, I was thinking about getting both a Honda Click for local and a Honda CB650 for longer trips. In the end very happy with my choice of scooter. The roads here have too way many dangers for a powerful or fast bike. I'm only 53 but just don't have the need for speed like in teens or 20's. Staying alive to enjoy adventures is important to me.
  2. 555 Maybe they thought I was invading from Laos to seize control of Thailand?
  3. Just goes to show that trees are dangerous and involved in far too many accidents. Removal of trees should be a top priority to ensure the safety of sleepy drivers
  4. Thanks. A trip down memory lane... Some of my bike history just for you; from age 16yrs; Yamaha FSIE 50cc, Kawasaki AR80, Yamaha RD80, RD125, RD250, RD350YPVS (Marlborough Racing), Kawasaki GPZ600R, Yamaha Tenere 600, Yamaha FZ750 (my absolute favourite), Yamaha FZR1000, Honda CB250, Honda CB350 and now Honda ADV150. I'm sure there's a few more (there was a Suzuki or two but can't remember the model numbers). Not sure if you'd consider any of these "proper bikes" but they certainly gave me a lot of fun, adventure and riding experience. I am also a college qualified motorcycle technician after
  5. I was alone at Phu Chi Fa in Chiang Rai early October. A mountainous natural border with Laos and lots of jungle all around. Crossing there would probably need a high level of experience in climbing. However, the Thai Border patrol boys subsequently arrived in force, more of a sightseeing outing for them than serious border protection though. They were taking selfies and a couple were happy to be pictured with their guns and uniforms. If they really wanted to be effective suggest they target easier crossing points.
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I always thought that 10 wheel trucks were already banned from city streets during the hours of 6am to 10pm.
  7. I beleive that accident investigators are now able to analyse some data from vehicle engine management systems to gain insights into speeds and crash data. Would not be surprised if these devices become a requirement same as "black boxes" like planes have in the future (certainly by western governments and insurance companies).
  8. At this rate, in the next 5 months they will be able to start stating impressive recovery figures to the tune of "Thailand sees foreign tourism rebound with a 10,000% (or much more) increase year on year compared to April 2020".
  9. Think of a number. The clowns at TAT have to keep coming up with these statements just to be seen to be doing "something" when in reality, there is no chance of any tourism until second half of 2021 (at earliest). Even then the numbers will be subdued as most of the world is grappling with lost jobs, reduced income, outbound travel restrictions, incoming restrictions and remaining high levels of Covid-19 infection. The vaccines may help but will take time. Dream on TAT and we look forward to your next laughable predictions to keep us entertained.
  10. 555 The blue screen of death now that brings back memories. As for using AI and cameras to catch helmetless riders, they will need quality cameras and facial recognition to identify the faces, Many bikes don't even have licence plates or plates are tucked up under the seat so as to be unreadable. I was in Chiang Mai at end of Setember and got pulled over 3 times in 2 days at checkpoints for motorcycle licence checks. I've never had that here in Bangkok.
  11. Time often has little or no value to many Thais. Even some foreigners will travel longer just to save a few Baht. BTS is not neccessarily cheap and if two or more travelling then a Taxi/Grab/Bolt fare can work out cheaper.
  12. Many airlines will now give 24-48 hours after booking to cancel erroneous bookings with no fees. Some airlines will also allow obvious and simple typo changes for no fee. The original reason for no name changes was to stop the buying of tickets at low prices and then selling the ticket onwards to a different person later to make a profit. I agree that if a simple typo then any airline should be required to make the change. Most check-in or airport staff are not authorised to use discretion and are obliged to follow "rules" to the letter. No thinking or common sense involved. I wond
  13. Will General Prayut or his education minister be making a statement on this and what they will be doing to improve Thailand's English language ability? In this competitive global economy do they see English language skills as important for the prosperity of Thailand and it's citizens? I was not surprised to see Vietnam above Thailand in the rankings however didn't expect to Cambodia doing better than Thailand! I was curious to see Myanmar's ranking and only expect that to improve further over coming years and would not be surprised if it soon surpasses Thailand too. The will in Mya
  14. My ex was amenable until I got a new partner then all hell broke lose and she did her best to make my life a misery. If he is divorced but still on a marriage visa/extension then he is in a precarious position until he gets a new visa type. I wouldn't take the chance. Also, if she is in Thai government at a high position it would only take her one phone call to immigration... I don't see why she is such a hurry to divorce. Simply report now that she is still married to satisfy her employers and once divorced, update her status.
  15. I went to Chinatown in Bangkok on Friday night. Expected it to be quieter than in normal times. OMG! It was gridlocked with long queues for tables at restaurants. Was lucky to find my favourite place had only a short queue. Thanon Yaowarat was as jammed with pedestrian traffic as it would be if the borders were wide open. I suspect many Bangkokians stayed in the city.
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