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  1. My stepdaughter failed for car test in Amnat Charoen. Could return every three days for 90 days. After that would need to retest all from beginning. "Assume" same would apply for motorcycle. I did my motorcycle test on my HD 2002 Softail Heritage. DL test man said first he had seen test done on big bike. The test "balance beam" is 15 mtr long x 30 cm wide. I practiced on 20 mtr x 20 cm before taking test. The swerve test is cones spaced 5 mtr. I practiced set at 4 mtr. Tires on the Heritage are 130 front x 150 rear. So one bobble and ya off. I also pratxide staying on the sid white shoulder stripe at the motorcycle lane. Some are thich paint so raised a bit.
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