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  1. sfokevin

    Air purifier for burning season?

    I had the Hatari that HomePro sells for about 4,500 baht... it worked great.. I now have switched to the Xaiomi as I like their digital sensor and that they can be setup on timers via an app... I have few of them thruout the house and set to turn on at different times... The only thing I would recommend is get the largest Hepa type filter you can afford... the smaller ones work but only of you keep them on the high fan speed which can be noisy... I have two filters units in my main lounge set on medium speed st different ends of the room that work fine and are quieter... And most of March will be spend in Hua Hin...
  2. sfokevin

    gluay tort / fried banana fritters ?

    Every morning on the road to my moobaan there is a lady who sells them and sweet potato version too regardless of season... we must get there early if we want them as she usually runs out by mid morning...
  3. Curious... Has anyone successfully done the combo method using the new rules?... Another thread reported that they were denied extensions...
  4. Kasikorn must know when its Intl though otherwise how can they issue an FET for condo purchases? For those who use Kasikorn and other banks showing your transfers as domestic I would recommend you go to the bank and request a “Credit Advice” for the transaction... it may show the actually origin of the money proving its from a foreign source name... Here is an example Sheryl posted on another tread... (These can be requested for any credit to your account (foreign or domestic) and free if requested within 3 months of transaction)
  5. sfokevin

    Where to buy Wild Rocket (Arugula)?

    I’ve seen it at the Royal Project Shop... but go early as stuff goes fast here... Royal Project Shop 65 Suthep Rd, Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand +66 53 114 221 ext. 455 https://goo.gl/maps/YXzZZvafuwA2
  6. What happened to the monorail plans?...
  7. With the combo method one could get into a mess if your deposit amount were used/fluctuated during the year... transfers into the country to replenish the deposit amount before the 3 month seasoning would probably not be considered part of the monthly income portion transferred in any should be easily separated for Immigration to account for...
  8. I have been testing out TransferWise to replace the impending demise of the BK Bank ACH... So far all four of my transfers from my Fidelity account have arrived and posted to my Thai BK Bank account and listed as “International Transfer” online and are coded FTT on my bankbook... Use the link below and you will get a free transfer https://transferwise.com/u/kevinr530
  9. So at ones 6 month mark one could go to the bank and get an official first 6 month statement then at renewal time the second six month statement... Would this be doable?... I would worry immigration might balk at the first 6 month statement as it is technically 6 months old...