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  1. Can't say I've ever thought of it. Maybe I will in 20 years time when I'm in my 50's. Have you another odd thoughts to share with us?
  2. I ride here, and have adjusted. But of course nothing can guarantee you from the unexpected or the Thai. What bewilders me, are Westerners that are so moronic that they put their kids on their scooter or motorbike and take them onto Thai roads. Absolute stupidity.
  3. I find that kids in a bilingual home - English/Thai, often prefer English and Westerners than Thai and Thais. Regardless of being in an EP, Int. School or Thai school. Make of that what you will.
  4. As happens when they click on Marsha and The Bear. Nothing wrong with being trilingualski.
  5. No problem. Speak and play and be with them as much as possible. If they watch kid's cartoons or shows, have them on in English.
  6. I can assure that it is anything but. .
  7. They're communicating through the Thai wife. They say around 200k baht for the new part for this new problem. Or around 80k baht to fix it. No other details being given. Needless to say, I'm skeptical.
  8. Well, an update on this. It's all been put back together with 60k baht of new engine parts. But now the gears don't work! Automatic car, after 5 minutes of the engine running, it gets to around 3000rpm and then doesn't change gear, then starts free revving. They said this on the phone and to come and see it. Got back from the test drive, just about, after having to stop and turn off the engine 3 times, to all the mechanics busting their ass laughing. Waiting for the quote for them to fix that now.
  9. The battery is around 3-4 years old. I did notice it would be slow to tick over after filling with gas on a long journey a few weeks ago, where there was the aircon, headlights and dashcam all running. This morning from out of nowhere it conked out and wouldn't turn over. Though the electric windows and and aircon would still run, and the dash would light up as normal, so didn't seem like a battery issue. Got a new battery put in. See photo. It turned over perfectly. On my way. 500 meters to 1 km later, the exact same thing. It would turn-over sometimes, but loose power and cut-out quickly. While ticking over the engine did seem to be knocky, with a knocking sound that was audible. Go to move and it would cut out again. Got a tow truck back to the house. Turned her over no problem. Backed he into the driveway. Turns over and runs perfectly in neutral. 1st gear and reverse in the driveway is fine, no warning lights come on or came on. I don't really fancy taking her out again to make sure, in case she cuts out, which loses the power steering and braking ability, so is quite dangerous on the road. To the more mechanical minded and experienced, do the symptoms sound like a battery issue, or something else? The car is 9 years old with 80,000km, always serviced and never had any problems before. Thanks.
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