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  1. Completely normal. They really do have 'manhood' issues, especially when in a vehicle and on the road.
  2. Yes, in case he is attacked while doing the reenactment. You just arrive here?
  3. Well, one week apart. She married the farang and got the 250k and monthly salary, then he went back home for 3 weeks and she married her Thai husband 2 days later. Hell of a village party. Don't know how they afforded it.
  4. 37 year old Isaan mother of 4. Thai sinsot: 0 thb. Farang sinsot: 250k + 20k per month. Both paid at the same time.
  5. Warning lights? Stopping to look? Does anyone actually think they did anything but simply drive out onto the tracks without being conscious of doing so.
  6. As you say, massage is a reserved occupation. Unlike wedding photography, pigeon tourism and buffet demolishing. So it would have to be a Thai that was specifically trained in it. Not easy to find. Would actually be a good business for a Thai/Chinese person to set up legally. Set it up and train the Thais in how to give Chinese massages.
  7. A mate lives not far from Bangkok, the local school director owns a row of neon lit karaoke shops. Sets up the female students with ready made jobs. Finish school, then straight to their after school job. Probably don't even change clothes.
  8. I'm sure the store manager is going to listen and actively change the company policy after being in the presence of an old, ranting farang.
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