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  1. Just go to any area near a bar in Loi Khroi or inside Foxy Lady/Lucky Bar. PS; I obviously have no personal knowledge of these possible actions in those areas. My only knowledge is based on comments by TV members!
  2. Don't hold your breath but I think that is high on the "Groanarama index".
  3. Although this link is old all the methods are still available. https://www.howtogeek.com/272201/all-the-ways-you-can-still-get-windows-10-for-free/#duplicate=0
  4. They have done that with the staff already!
  5. Just say "Big fly chick, spud chop fry, smashy spuddy smashy. quickey quickey". While flapping your arms in a wedding dress should do it!
  6. Your missing important context for this thread by not looking at it. His blog makes it clear that he is a mentally ill person and that mocking him is like bullying the kids on the short bus. Why did you not say that in your post. I will not be looking at the blog but if it is true you should have asked the Mods to close this thread and stop his torment. I suggest the MODS do close this now.
  7. If the quote is anything to go by it as clear as the CM klong water, and just as useful.
  8. I will not be clicking on his "Blog" if that extract posted above is an example of the best of his output. If the OP wishes to get a meaningful point across I would suggest he cuts out the religious hyperbole and gobbledegook and actually produces verifiable proof of his scurrilous allegations. If a "conspiracy theorist" can't even get the background, meaning, application and source of such a simple and easy to find label (conspiracy theorist) it leaves me with absolutely no faith in any other utterances from the same source, whether self seeking and probably monetizing or not! PS; I am not "mocking him"! I pity him and others with the same/similar delusions.
  9. I am glad to see that you don't let easy discoverable facts get in the way of your extensive research. As the CIA was not established until 1947 and the phrase conspiracy theory is cited in a 1909 article in The American Historical Review I can state as a FACT that you are wrong. I beg to state that if you can get that simple fact wrong it does not bode well for the standing of your remaining factual research (sic) PS; My source is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
  10. Ah I think you mean "in the author's opinion without any facts to back him up he/she believes they are the work of the devil". Do we assume that the author would not wish anyone to use a Cell Phone or other mobile device to call an ambulance or use one in an emergency to either help themselves or the author!
  11. Can anyone provide a translation that mere earthlings can understand.
  12. All Hoaxes and false rumours/info for the gullibles posting here to swallow. I am still waiting for a Coroners report giving this rubbish as a direct cause of death. PS I'm of to MACRO for the tinfoil before the rush starts. I will by a gate when I'm there to stop me falling off the flat earth.
  13. I have done my research. That is why you have no PROOF, as I requested, to provide, just snide comments!
  14. TEACHER: If I gave you four cats today and six cats tomorrow, how many cats would you have? JANE: Eleven. TEACHER: That's not right, you'd have ten. JANE: No, Miss, I'd have eleven. I already have one cat at home! TEACHER: How old were you on your last birthday? CHARLIE: Eight. TEACHER: How old will you be on your next birthday? CHARLIE: Ten. TEACHER: That=s impossible. CHARLIE: No, it isn't. I'm nine today. TEACHER: Why are you late? DANA: Because of the sign. TEACHER: What sign? DANA: The one that says, SCHOOL AHEAD, GO SLOW.
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