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  1. I would agree with you, in principle, what is annoying are the exceptions, people in say the Philippines or USA DO get increases. They contribute nothing to UK GDP.
  2. Does this mean you can't do it person (just to be on the safe side)? As i live near my immigration office i would still rather do it in person on time and get the stamps in my passport.
  3. So he wasn't hacked? He was given a phone with a SIM which contained malware? Or the phone contained malware? The story is not very clear.
  4. They (and their families) must be looking forward to their free first class flights around the world.
  5. Those figures are crazy. Using TW over the past year i have got thai baht in the range 38.26 - 40.66. Now it's 38.7.
  6. Be careful i booked a hotel recently through Booking.com which was accepted and confirmed. But i got an email later from the hotel saying they were closed. So bookings are being accepted for closed hotels !! Also is cross province travel accepted now?
  7. Still amuses me that Thais wear masks but not helmets. The chance of dying with Covid is 1/1000th that of a bike accident.
  8. The Chinese will be exempt from any restrictions. Xi has confirmed there is no virus in China.
  9. QR code means they don't want my business. Fine i will go elsewhere.
  10. The Chinese will be exempt from any travel restrictions to ensure they come back in their millions. Xi will "prove" the virus is gone from China.
  11. How can people say Brexit is not working out so good. We haven't left yet (fully).
  12. Do you need some evidence of address? such as a utility bill or driving licence.
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