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  1. Getting appliances repaired is never a good idea. Just buy new.
  2. The 38.91 is based on the Uk getting a deal this week. When the UK Parliament vote it down on Saturday it will plummet again. Transfer now.
  3. Walking up and down Pratamnack Hill will keep him fit. Just don't ask a TGF to do it.
  4. When i did my 3 month report a guy took the forms who sat outside the main desk. He didn't make any entries onto a computer or give any receipt of my documents. Are they acted on later? or is it just a paper exercise? I guess you can't take the risk so do the report.
  5. 120kms is not very far, not even run in.
  6. Well the 800k is useless for any medical costs as you are not allowed to use it.
  7. All new cars are pretty much the same, buy the one with the best deal or you like the look of. Personally i would go for the Mazda 2.
  8. Not just the strong baht but taxes on alcohol too. For anyone who likes wine Thailand is a no go area.
  9. After Brexit the UK will be the No1. economy in the world, back to 60++.
  10. Whenever i go to the Avenue there is never more than a dozen people. I don't go often though as it takes me several weeks to thaw out.
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