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  1. The only way to buy any goods in Thailand. If they don't accept it no order.
  2. Weekend numbers are always down, expect a big jump today
  3. Yes i appreciate they are preparing for 1/7 but they will never get to zero cases. But are they willing to stop all domestic tourists upto 30/6 to get to that goal?
  4. So who on earth is going to go to Phuket for a holiday and spend the first 14 days in quarantine?
  5. You mean the 300 who have died of Covid (supposedly) or the 30,000 who die every year from road accidents.
  6. My thai friends are so excited about getting 2000 baht. Their problems are over !
  7. Problem no tourists. Solution charge them more. Amazing Thailand.
  8. Interesting why you don't choose Pattaya. Has far more malls, restaurants, bakeries, bars, massages, close to Bangkok and the airports. Cheaper and easier travel. OK the beach isn't that great. Samui might be great for a short time but the hassle in travelling outside and the taxi (and Bangkok Airways) mafia would <deleted> me off.
  9. Exactly, people buy a 1 terabyte micro SD card for 100 baht then complain about Lazada when it's not genuine.
  10. Do they think the virus cares about a person's nationality. Vaccine all of Thailand, but not the dirty farangs.
  11. Interesting post from richard. I have a Thai tax id card but i didn't realise it has a 13 digit reference in the same sequence as a thai id card that is x-xxxx-xxxxx-xx-x. Does this mean i can use it as a thai id and book this jab (should i want it?).
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