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  1. I recently had my credit card delivered to Thailand via DHL. Good service in about 4 days. Expensive though 39 GBP as it was delivered to my condo, maybe cheaper if it goes to their office here. A friend sent it but didn't declare it as a credit card, to avoid any issues. Just placed it between cardboard sheets so it wasn't obviously a CC.
  2. So if you come from the UK where the Embassy won't issue a letter is the income method useless for 2020 and beyond. I have a Government pension confirmed in an official letter but i guess that is unacceptable as it is not from an Embassy.
  3. Here in Pattata the weather is great IMO. Range from 23-28 at night to 30-38 during the day. The weather is the reason i came to Thailand in the first place (well one of them). I can't understand why anyone complains about that.
  4. I agree KK it's not a bad place to put your money but the problem is you can't touch it (if you use the 800k method for a visa). So the money is in effect lost until you die or leave Thailand.
  5. But the point is you can't touch the 800k, so you need another 800k for emergencies. $50,000 is a sizable sum. I read somewhere that 50% of Americans don't even have $400 saved.
  6. The problem is it can't be withdrawn or used for emergencies, unless you are leaving Thailand for good.
  7. I think the words best and estate agent are a bit of an oxymoron.
  8. I agree, most of us spend 65k a month anyway and can transfer it monthly. So why tie up 800k in a thai bank. The big IF is whether Immigration will accept "proof" of the 65k a month transfer. Will they accept Transferwise? will they accept the codes showing the bank receipts if not FTT? So you are never sure if you are going to be accepted until you go for your visa. Even then they might refuse it because one transfer was not coded correctly.
  9. Not really, you have to pay for the transfer from the UK to Thailand anyway. I think Dee Money is only 150 baht the other way, so it's 1800 baht a year.
  10. I don't know why anyone buys a pick up truck (unless you are in business). You have to live with a tiny cabin, poor handling and performance, difficult to park etc. 99% of the pick ups i see on the road have nothing in the back.
  11. It's been mentioned before and certainly an option, for some. It wouldn't cost anywhere near $100 though. To send 65000 baht from the Uk to Thailand costs $14, via Transferwise. To send money out via Dee Money costs 150 baht $5.
  12. But the point is you can't use the 400/800k in case of an emergency. You would lose your next visa.
  13. I had a similar leak into my condo a while back and i thought yes it was from the condo above. But on checking it was from a pipe above my ceiling NOT from his condo. So i would suggest checking the pipes running above his ceiling before you do anything.
  14. I prefer to have 4 x 2 TB or 2 x 4TB. What happens if you load all your data on a 8TB and it fails?
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