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  1. Tell that to Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland and now Britain.
  2. The advice i got from GF confirmed that i couldn't fly. Which is why i asked.
  3. No electrical goods seem to last long these, especially TVs. But it's certainly not worth spending money repairing an 8 year old device. It only cost you 100 baht a month, write it off. I've just replaced a 7 year old air con unit. It should last longer but just not worth spending 4-5,000 baht repairing it.
  4. Let us know when it gets to 17.4 million. You do know half the signatures are coming from OUTSIDE the UK.
  5. The flaw however is that no member is ever allowed to withdraw.
  6. Thanks GF. Despite what some people have said i don't want to risk it. I don't want to book a flight/hotel then find i can not travel. I will wait till my new passport arrives.
  7. I am applying for a new British passport early in April at Bangkok. I understand you can keep the old passport for ID purposes (but not international travel). I am thinking of taking a domestic Air Asia flight later in April within Thailand, which will be before i get my new passport. Can i use the old one as ID for my flight, or say my Thai Driving Licence, or can i not travel until i get the new one?
  8. I would dare the Tories to do that. It would be political suicide for the next 30 years.
  9. He may be shambolic but i can easily see him getting to be PM. He polled over 40% in the 2017 election, only 2% below Treason May. It wouldn't take too many pissed off Tory voters (and there are millions of them) to push him past 43%.
  10. How terrible that 3 lovely girls should die like this. But at 2.45 am possibly drunk?
  11. Hope your pick up has a cover on the back otherwise everything will be soaked.
  12. As a Brit i think it's disgraceful that someone is denied a pension because of where they choose to live. Like the ridiculous situation for UK pensioners where you get a pension inflation increase if you live in the Philippines but not Thailand.
  13. I am in a similar position and yes it's easy to keep 400-800k under normal circumstances. My fear is that maybe a medical emergency may require quick access to these funds and i am faced with the choice of funding my care or losing my visa.
  14. You are free to go and live in the EUSSR any time you want. Good riddance.
  15. Just out of interest how are you intending to "prove" your 65k comes from abroad each month.
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