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  1. I do not work here but i buy a lot of stuff so must pay quite a bit in tax with the 7% VAT. More than enough to pay for a jab, not that i want one.
  2. There is a big self store place on Thappraya Road just before the top of the hill to Pratamnack coming from Pattaya on the left. Not sure of the name Pattaya selfstore?
  3. Of course i was joking meaning that it won't be eradicated and we will suffer Covid restrictions for ever.
  4. What i don't understand is that if it so easy to eradicate Covid, after only 6 months why are we all still suffering from colds and flu every year?
  5. I got mine done by a lawyer on North Pattaya road on the left just before Tesco Lotus, 4000 baht.
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