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  1. I've bought some via Lazada. Lower prices. Just make sure it's a reputable seller. All the choice you could want.
  2. Just buy a new sofa every 5 years easy.
  3. At my advanced age i have done most of the travelling i want to do. Happy to stay here in the sun in God's waiting room. Tough for the younger ones though.
  4. Even the McDonalds in Soi Buakhao has closed. You know it must be bad then.
  5. I guess this means that anyone living here over 70 can NEVER leave Thailand as you risk not being let back in. A bit of a bummer, no travel outside of Thailand.
  6. 45-50 year olds should get new skills and alternative "careers". Maybe a go go dancers.
  7. Well at least in Thailand you can pay to get a fake vaccination certificate.
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