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  1. Since you have no say in this I don’t think he will be providing you with any lists.
  2. I don’t use Thai cha cha. I sign in and sometimes out
  3. Lack of testing and under reporting stopped it. Why else would we still be under curfew.
  4. The central bank has a lot of control over currency values so yes they “do”
  5. Then why are we still under curfew with travel restrictions and so many things closed. Do you think the government is just enjoying its people out of work and starving. Or is this just a bunch of power mad generals mostly interested in eliminating political opponents.
  6. If the figures this government were giving out were accurate there would be no need for a curfew and everything should be open. The fact they they continue with this drunken orgy of control tells you they are not giving true numbers or are using this to keep political protests under wraps. I suspect that now that they are running out of excuses to continue this level of control there will be a mysterious rise in covid cases to justify the covid coup.
  7. Yes which makes it impossible to justify continuing this emergency decree unless of course they are lying to us about the actual numbers. otherwise this is just a bunch of generals drunk with power not wanting to let go.
  8. Fiji is indeed in lockdown. There are 2 you tube travel vloggers stuck there. “gone with the wynns” is their vlog on you tube.
  9. I wear my mask but will not be downloading a tracking app of any kind. as to your foreigners not wearing masks I decided to count today on my morning 5k walk before coffee on sukhumvit road here in bkk. farang without mask 1, Thai without masks including the majority of motorcycle taxi drivers gathered around their stations 23. Yes there were many more Thais on my walk than farang but we are no less compliant than Thais we just stand out more and make easy targets.
  10. I would want a reduction in pricing to cover the cost of filling in your mosquito breeding pond.
  11. Not interested in having a government tracking app on my phone. you go Mickey Mouse!!!
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