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  1. The medical care I have received here is far superior and cheaper than any I received in the USA dental is on par with USA but also far cheaper. My dentist in Bangkok was educated in California and my doctor here in England. Both fluent in English and the nurses are so cute
  2. And if all that work stops the air could actually become breathable in bkk again
  3. When I was living in Phuket the biggest negative for me was lack of public transportation. They do have the open old buses occasionally running between towns but if you are going to live there you will need a car or motorbike and if you opt for the motorbike you will definitely need wet weather gear in the rainy season.
  4. Finally a topic that makes me feel better about the air in bkk. Although today it appears I am sitting in a fog while drinking my morning coffee.
  5. $500.00 a year for gym membership is $200.00 more than I paid in the USA and $61.00 for a meal and a glass of wine doesn’t seem like cheap living. Chiangmai must be way more expensive than Bangkok. Or maybe this is hi-so retirement they are talking about.
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