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  1. This is false information. I watched the last election in my local pub with friends after voting as I have every year since I was old enough to legally drink. Also noticed I must be hanging around with my Aussie friends too much as now my local bar has become my local pub
  2. I change my address with the 90 day report every year in Bangkok just prior to getting my extension.
  3. Says a lot about this society that they can’t trust their people with alcohol prior to am election.
  4. Mandatory insurance for tourists or how about 800,000 in a Thai bank 2 months before you arrive for your holiday
  5. I hope the “netizens” who are always demanding change can get off their <deleted> and vote for change in the election
  6. Why aren’t the people profiting from the beaches keeping them clean?? How do you tout yourself as a “world class tourist destination” if you can’t be bothered to clean your own beaches??
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