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  1. Was he giggling and did he say he had the 'munchies' right after he made that statement?
  2. Yeah, that's right. come on over from the high cost of living to the low quality of air. You've worked hard all your career, so now's the time to decrease your life expectancy.
  3. Reasons 1 through 10 Why I refuse to ride in minivans. I'd rather rent a car or take the train if it stops where I want to go than to ride with a**holes like him.
  4. I doubt that. Just like America when a government denies the way they treated first nation people for more than a century then, tries to cover up how they tried to exterminate them, where's the greatness? True everyone should wait there turn, however the issue was the Thai government doing a complete 180 for this guy while at the same time basically telling thousands of expats they don't care what they say give up the money or get out....
  5. The Australian government would not have stood up for him if he was some ordinary Joe. Australia is not the most friendly place towards refugees. They send refugees to some island and PNG processes them. They don't even want then to set foot on their shore at all. This was a political stunt. Sorry the guy got caught up it but Australia is no land of hope and glory for the normal or financially strapped refugee.
  6. On another level if the Thai government can reverse its decision at the drop of a hat about extradition because of international pressure, why can't they do the same around expat residence visa financial requirements, or is that 'another department'. Or is the 'what's in for me' factor not strong enough for them to drop the additional requirement of keeping money in a Thai bank three months after the visa is granted?
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