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  1. As Russia begins another massive spread of the virus triggering mask mandates
  2. Like there is any doubt about the outcome~the whole system is monopoly. Look at the outcome of airport concessions....
  3. Suckers~the country has no money~maybe they can just give China all their agricultural land in return for default.
  4. He thinks he is the most qualified person to lead the government He wants everyone to become farmers again, so they can keep the current structure Its another Cambodia
  5. Who cares, you don’t need a license to ride or drive in Thailand, just don’t get in an accident, and if you do, keep some extra baht in your pocket. Laws but no enforcement
  6. It will likely cost more than a airline ticket. A colossal waste of resources
  7. Totally clueless, as personal debt approaches 90 percent of GDP, and NPLs rising rapidly
  8. Why would investors want to work with this archaic government and regulations, unstable and unpredictable rule and laws, and distain for following through on international agreements by using retroactive legislation?
  9. I imagine there would be new elections, and someone who is capable of running a country would replace him~new reforms put in place.
  10. Tired of winning yet? In what used to be the most revered country for tackling a pandemic
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