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  1. Perfect! All with no enforcement~the same as everything else
  2. What about other airlines? THAI is a fading entity, and a drain on the taxpayers
  3. The party is over people. Cleanup your act, and stop the gimmicks for your own sake
  4. It seems impossible, but somehow the education system has managed a o accomplish this. Maybe they can export this know how to go dictatorships and authoritarian regimes worldwide?
  5. Driving them to their uncles or brothers bungalows more like it
  6. They want to be internationally integrated with China-not so much interest in the rest
  7. Is this he money that he begged from the Thai people? And who is in charge of accountability?
  8. It would be semi believable if even one hub was realized to date Thailand is falling apart, and they are still on the hub thing
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