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  1. That’s good, considering how much time they have had
  2. There are laws, not anything in a constitution read again when when you are sober-nice you stocked up on alcohol, and good you are not voting tomorrow
  3. Ooooo clampdown-scary-too bad they don’t work. What was the penalty-sing the national anthem, and a hundred baht
  4. They must have missed hundreds of thousands by not working 24/7
  5. I believe that is one tiny issue in the or so investigations, and unfortunately it’s up to the judge and jury to determine guilt. Edwards? Showing your age there. What about Hillary? At least that’s more current
  6. I’m much more excited about the other 10 investigations- and dozens of congressional investigations to come
  7. What they are proposing, does nothing that isn’t already covered by the constitution and multiple other laws. It’s game playing, plain and simple. If you observe, it is DT I hat is attempting to end press and other freedoms. Hate speech is banned in most states by law. Trump would love to strengthen libel laws, as he has mentioned many times, along with press freedoms. He even wants Congress to look into Saturday Night Live but not Fox The fact anyone takes this person that doesn’t read, use a computer, listen, and has been bankrupt so many times is a bit baffling-he can’t even speak proper English
  8. If you’re that scared, go back under the bed I have a blankey you can have
  9. Decades behind-the police are worthless in any case
  10. So he’s doing his job we don’t need to know every day details-give us only epic episodes
  11. Sad you even have the write that, but air pollution is “fixed” by spraying water in the air-it’s getting pathetic. Same getting the public to do the police’s work
  12. How can anyone focus on technology, when the education is so poor here? There is nobody to institute the tech, or maintain it . Until they fix the education system, or let foreigners work for decent pay, Thailand will keep falling behind
  13. I would never have elective surgery in Thailand they even screwed up my teeth
  14. One thing is for sure-nothing will be done, and it will be worse next year
  15. The government doesn’t care-too busy lining their pockets. When will the people reject this unnecessary death?
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