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  1. The air is fine now there isnt hardy any tour buaes..thats where they really need to clamp down if the Chinese ever start coming back
  2. More job loses....oh dear....will Ford be next?
  3. Only 36 mil...wasnt the target 42 mil...be more like 17 mil if you take away transit numbers, Loation and Khmer workers, Malayan border hoppers and the Chinese.
  4. Jomtien..local beers and spirits 40 baht..PFP, not sure but heard stunners can be had LT for 500
  5. Are foreign guys still loosing their savings on building up North. Thought the cat was out the bag on that one...great video though, while it lasts
  6. I'm gonna read about that while I have a picnic on a grassy knowle
  7. Where is Real Thailand???...is Pattaya on planet Zog or somewhere...The real Thailand of 2020...everybody has a smart phone, everybody eats KFC, pizza hut etc, everywhere has traffic....if you are referring to old somchai on his "rot Thai" thats a long era ago.. Even the most out of the way Boonie town has at least a 7/11
  8. Quite right...dont seem to be offering anything to get ole whitey to spend his hard earned
  9. Are you a Thai that will be visiting Pattaya???..it will be of interest to Thais
  10. If white women were mostly fit dirty whores into their 50s that did all the cleaning and washing etc...do you honestly think Foreign men would look twice at a Thai woman
  11. This calculator gives a good a guide as you get, rule of thumb approx 5%....However prepare for the worst, land offices have their own valuations....The buyer paid all tax which was over 8% on selling my condo. Of course if its in company name, legal fees at the lawyers to change directors is between 15-25k
  12. Pattaya police stop Bangkok plated cars more than Chonburi...your asking for trouble and certainly no advantage in selling.
  13. On duty guarding an armoury.....playing on his telephone....<deleted>
  14. PI-Philippines....I dont need implants....thats it, all they wanna do is pull your teeth out and do implants...theyve never heard of fillings or capping. .honestly tried over 20 in pattaya and all a load of rubbish
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