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  1. Lazy brother your paying for him and alao an abanded niece from some other relative. Wifes Mom wouldnt need a penny u if it weent for these leeches. Dont feel bad, youve done your bit and stop sending anything.
  2. Aint hurt me whatsoever, just sold my car for 475.000 thats 12k Sterling, only the bike and a bit of furniture to sell but couldnt have been a better result for me
  3. Certainly wont be any Brits visiting Thailand while it costs almost £6 for a small crappy Thai lager in WS....thats ?£12 a pint......even skanky rundown townshop bars are charging more than UK prices.....Burger King almost £8 extra long chicken......Top dollar peices for rundown third world service and environment. I had a full roast beef dinner with a pint of real ale ar my local a few weeks ago for only £5.95....pleased Im outa here and cant wait to get home again week after next
  4. Multi O gives a valid reason for being in Thailand and WP can be obtained with this visa....no reason whatsoever for IO to have worries
  5. Compiled this month... Considering holidays and the time it would take to compile such a report seems to suggest this is false reporting and is based on documents released almost a year ago
  6. Protein, protein protein, calories, calories, calories....heavier weights, less reps....that should do you
  7. Could quite easily dropped them back on Libya as they were just off the Libyan coast. Why these tree hugging do gooders put these Vulnerable People through so much pain and suffering beggars believe
  8. Difficult without a WP, dont forget most financing on bikes is 1.5% interest PER MONTH....
  9. Thai Lawyer fees are probably the most xpensive in the world with no reason or breakdown of charging structure. Police corruption is rife so is a possibility...Why was your gf living with her ex....or have you inherited the problem from outset....puts a new twist on a sick buffalo.
  10. Yes you will, some banks including First Direct have already implemented this.
  11. Three secret tunnels are currently under construction from Pattaya, Tom being dug to Cambodia, Dick to Laos and Harry to Vietnam. Progress is good but with constant headcounts{TM30s} not quite as quickly as expected
  12. But most countries are forward thinking and adapt to progress.TM30 is in place to counteract terrorism. I cant remember hearing of a Weaterner orchestrating a terrorist act in Thailand, yet in the South terrorist attacks happen on a daily basis.....all by Thais...its moot anyway as criminala just dont bother doing them.
  13. The emploment market is at its best since records began 50 years ago. Ive relocated back to UK after 15 years in Thailand. Back for a few weeks disposing of vehicles and chattels. Already offered emplotment within two weeks of resettling. The UK is booming regardleas of Brexit and dare I say Brits are reasonably happy with eveeything including the forthcoming Brexit. Different to the downhearted ambience in Thailand.
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