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  1. I don't think they are worried about the foreigners with 50 or 100 Talang Wah of land and villa....The sabre rattling was going on in 2004 when I first arrived, yet still nowt has happened
  2. You only need watch the hanging of Saddam because of Blair and Bush to see it's totally wrong
  3. Don't buy new...thousands of 6 month old vehicles available at hugely discounted prices. Go for a Camry
  4. The death rate is not so important as the stats for long Covid. This hasn't had the media attention it should. People suffering medical problems 7 months after initial infection, respitory problems, kidney failure, hearing problems and tinnitus, liver problems and many more.
  5. It's over the top expensive. I just had a lot of work done including 2 crowns...each 6k, no root canal required after xray but cost would have been 2k...so 8k in total...others in the same area are charging 12 k and 4k respectively, so similar to your quite. I can't praise my dentist enough...excellent work and, fluent English, and prefers to save teeth rather than extract and do implants.
  6. Get real...condos are a foreign purchase and ther ain't no foreigners her....rents in Pattaya are down 60%....prices on some similar...maintenance fees are a chain around owners necks...
  7. Considering most will be allocated to the Navy and creating shipbuilding jobs in the hard hit North, plus a large chunk going to fight cyberwar which the UK has not kept up with the game, t's a good investment. Well done Boris
  8. It's one of the best things about Pattaya and something they should be proud of and preserve. 10 Baht a ride from Jomtien to Central...can't beat that..every few minutes and from early morning till late at night...
  9. Food, utilities, gasoline, everything is almost priced the same throughout Thailand. Only thing cheaper in Issan is land price. Some good companies can build 3 bed 2 bath for 1.2 mil (build only).. Kids is upto you...pocket money, how often you treat them etc. After all your major purchases..30k can live very well with some to spare
  10. With most Western countries experiencing upwards of 20,000 new infections a day....do you seriously want Thailand to stop or even reduce quarateine...The figures already for ASQ show over 700 have returned carrying the virus
  11. The figures and debilitating effects of long Covid are quite frightening...something people are forgetting.
  12. School holidays at present, be busy for the next few weeks
  13. Just give the English a referendum to get independence from Scotland...
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