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  1. Why cut out the agent....they will have checked the property, can negotiate the best price for you, go to land office for transfer, assist in FET if required...you're getting that all for free while the seller pays....if you prefer to get a lawyer that you have to pay for...by all means do so
  2. Your examples are of the extreme and nothing like smoking...OPs condo, unless there is a no smoking on balcony rule...the neighbour needs to accept that, if he's not happy, he can move.
  3. Tell him to close his windows/doors. Unless it's a condo regulation, your partner can smoke on your balcony. He could be more considerate and move if he doesn't like it.
  4. Depending where you are...some offices require a Letter of Residence from the foreign seller....the buyer may come back to you and ask for one
  5. You lost my sympathy vote now but understand your feelings....sure she will grant you a lease for a price, that's if the land isn't already sold or hoked up to the limit
  6. Jomtien was one office that would start from day of application if you were changing from marriage to retirement or vice versa...not sure if still the same
  7. It's irrelevant...anything bought whilst married is split 50/50...however trying to get your 50% is a different matter..MOU will be a waste of money...unless of course the agent or lawyer will do for free
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