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  1. They also want to see the book
  2. I personally know of two married guys that have at last returned to Thailand...not an easy task but they did it...people saying they are still stuck in Thailand after 5 months are just not trying hard enough or willing to pay. There may be a few from smaller countries having problems but Europeans etc can get home if they really want to.
  3. No way of owning land in Thailand...all these weird and wonderful exotic get me rounds are geared towards the Thais, you own and have control of sweet FA...rent that's it...or buy a nice condo in your name.
  4. I predict the tourist numbers from January 1st onwards will be the same end of year as they were mid march..and then Mid march 2020 to March 2021...zero
  5. Not <deleted> Sherlock...same as candle sales increase when there are power cuts....amazing how they deduced this
  6. No, no, no......you meet at the land office, owner and bank rep, the mortgage amount is paid to the bank rep and the remaining of the sale price to the owner.....do not under any circumstances do as your wife's family have said.
  7. Check Title and bounderies, which with Chanote should be clearly marked with numbered pegs. Is water and electric easily connected...this can be expensive running electric lines to land if not already close by. Is it on a government road for access, what level is the land, if filling to raise can be expensive. Is there flooding in the area. What are the neighbours like...recycling plant or businesses can be noisy. Is there a boundry wall..again expensive to build. And of course check the seller is actually the owner..name on UD matches that in Title with no loans attached.
  8. As per Colin..the child needs to be entered in the blue book, birth cert, and your passport.
  9. Most of the blame can't be laid at the feet of phoney Tony and bush for creating the situation in the first place. Murdering Saddam and Gadaffi in their illegal wars was the start of everything...
  10. I think the wealthy educated upper class would enter legally by applying for the correct visa....let's not forget the child immigrant fiasco from Calais...all of them bearded young men.
  11. He can't afford to go back to his home country...maybe he feels trapped.....he has a lovely caring lady......most are in public but maybe not the same behind closed doors.
  12. Sounds like a good idea, pros, cons or just keep the two separate???...A tablet operating windows is ideal for what I want..seen prices from 3k upwards...dont wanna spend too much..recomendations? TIA
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