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  1. Nationwide cull is needed, and educate the idiots that go feed the strays.
  2. Still shed loads of buses chugging out black smoke but down here in the suburbs of Jomtien all is well and good
  3. Guys I know have asked their agent and even the agents in Pattaya dont know whats going to happen yet. They all say wait till after 1st March. It really could be a serious issue for many people that do actually spend a lot of money here
  4. Came by Uzbek once with stop over in Tashkent, nout wrong at all, good food and service.
  5. Social media and mobile phones have brought to the forefront what this nation is really like. Ive travelled most of the world yet have never come across so many rude, childish, arrogant people in all my life. The same scenario was probably happening in another 50 locations in Thailand at the same time. Toyland your time is up, the truth is out and you are the laughing stock of the world
  6. Had to get the Easter Europeans in, why not just say two guys as their nationality isnt relevant to the point you are making..You are just as bad as the xenophobic Thai media always stating Foreigner.
  7. Come on 69...even some of the hardest from The Den gave up way befor that age
  8. Blowing ones horn here is a definite no no....the babies really start to throw the rattles out their prams.. so today drunken, mc taxi fighting, song taew drivers waving a sword....it really isnt a friendly place anymore.
  9. It was this stupidity from HH immigration years ago that pushed me into doing yearly multis from Penang, even after buying property the thought of dealing with immigration made me tremour with anxiety and I continued with the multi O
  10. Somchai taxi at top of Soi 5 was giving evens on a coup befor end of May
  11. Pattaya and Sattahip do but as with anything in toyland will depend what land office, who you speak to and what kind of mood they are in.
  12. What a twatty comment... here's hoping you go one baht under for one day and frankly then you shouldn't be here. condescending dribble...and since when is money in the bank for visa an investment???
  13. Two long termers I know have already booked their flights. I think this Change is the final nail in the coffin for many... Looks like will be Peking duck rather than Sunday roast from now on.
  14. But the document you sign clearly states the money was hers before marriage.....when will you guys get it... You own zilch, control zilch, at best you can live there till you die... But honestly you won't want to stay in the house if things turn sour....
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