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  1. Thank you for the replies. One more question. In the past I always got the bank letter the day before I went to Immigration office. This was always acceptable but last time there was a bit of extra discussion between IO's about this. Is it still acceptable or does the letter have to be on the same day? The official rule was not older than 3 days but I read on this site that Chaengwattana may require that letter is issued on the same day.
  2. I have a 90 day Non O visa and already made the online queue booking for extension of stay based on retirement. Other than the usual requirements are there any additional requirements to apply for extension of stay based on retirement at Chaengwattana immigration office? According to the Thai immigration website all that is needed is: Documents to be submitted 1. Application form 2. Copy of applicant’s passport 3. Evidence of income such as a retirement pension, interest or dividends; and/or 4. Account deposited (saving / fixed account) certificate issued
  3. I have used the app many times in the past but can not use it anymore (for weeks already, keep getting message that there is something with the server/connection). I got the same message "Import data in sequence (1) is incorrect" on the website. Tried many times with direct input and also import spreadsheet (that was end December). At the end the problem was solved by switching off google translate before saving data. Try and let me know if that worked for you as well?
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