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  1. It was obvious from the beginning what the Thai government would do given an opportunity like this, they were never going to pass it up. RIP Thailand I hope your marriage with the CCP is successful. Talk about staying in an abusive relationship hahaha
  2. And at the same time, those terrified of the virus should refrain from trying to convince us who arent too worried to let us live how we want also. Works both ways. Most of us arent of the 'dont give a toss' brigade . . . more that we arent part of the 'everyone has got it and if I live in the same dimension as them, I am bound to contract it' brigade, thats all.
  3. And because we are humans and behave in the way of 'human nature', everyone on the planet will have been guilty of exactly the same behaviour as the cop. Yet doing so renders masks practically pointless? That mans chances of being sick are closer to zero than they are to 1% but you keep on using the same tactics as the MSM if you are too gullible
  4. It would be nice if all those asking other people to realise things, would realise themselves, that the chances of him having it or catching it from someone else in the market are close to zero. Pattaya has had zero cases for a month now. Please stop acting like the sky is falling down. Im not sure when society turned into such pansies but it would be nice to get back to the old normal, a time pre millenial when being scared was not something to be applauded
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