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  1. I live in the north-east and Phuket was my favorite place for over a decade, but that changed before Covid. That said, I remember staying there during the coupe in I think it was 2010 and I had the place literally to myself, thoroughly enjoyed it with hardly any tourists. I would imagine it would be even more quieter, make sure you visit Nai Harn beach, it's a favorite of mine. I usually stay at iBis hotel, it has everything you will need, it's about a 10 minute walk to the main Jungceylon shopping centre and Bangla road (main red light district) which I hav
  2. I hear you loud and clear and it is a serious dilemma to be in, and it leads me to the old cliche, make your bed, lay in it, (no disrespect intended), it is only as vicious as you allow it to be. I have seen many expats here trapped, mostly living day by day on their pensions finding out it is diminishing with the pound, $ Euor having dropped over recent times, and as the cost of living here increases, they are having to change their diets to Thai style diets to sustain the existence they have wanted to maintain here. A question for you, was your wife with you when you
  3. Agree, and who knows, this may be a drill for more things to come in the future. The above said, I couldn't help notice the other day that Melbourne Australia conveniently achieved ZERO infections after strict lockdowns for a while, many just about having had enough, suffice to say, they are slowly reducing the controls previously put in place. The question going forward is I believe people should learn from this and oust governments at the next election, while at the same time lobbying their senators to take to parliament and make sure such control measures are never p
  4. I found this article from The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine to be the very informative of the current situation, albeit it was released on 17 September 2020, long in the tooth, but you can scroll down to land where ever you like, from my perspective of reading it in full, it states from it's findings that Covid-19 peaked in March/April and that increases in the spread of infection are normal, in other words, it has weakened in the death count, suffice to say the excess deaths were actually inflated the way they were reporting the deaths. Make what you will from it, each to the
  5. So do tell, where do you get your source of information other than on the internet which you state is BS.
  6. No news on the person that died, you know cause of death etc etc. The news sounds promising, albeit I will be holding off as long as possible for any jab.
  7. In other words when you can't get it out there, find another source, please don't try and tell me that mainstream media doesn't have an agenda. Wiki: The platform was created in 2017 to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforcement on YouTube,[14] and some creators who have been banned from YouTube or had their channels barred from receiving advertising revenue ("demonetized") have migrated to BitChute.[2]
  8. So you haven't noticed the global pandemic? How odd. @simon43 He said he hadn't noticed any changes to his lifestyle, not the pandemic, that said, I agree with simon43 no changes here, apart from international travel restrictions, same (sh-t) day, different smell
  9. No need to be condescending, we are all different and all have our own views and beliefs, that is what makes the world what it is. The plannedemic as I call it is because too many responded to quickly to take control of something that didn't need to be taken control of, and if I am correct those that took control early stand to make a lot of money through their contacts put in places to make things go as smooth as planned for the vaccines to follow in 2021. I mean if you look at the statistics and how they are handled, for example, fear mongering on how many people are
  10. Your funny.....not, well aware of his passing, only if you could look past the obvious and understand what he actually said in the video, you could make the assertion that what he said is more or less what I was implying, regardless if he actually said the word Covid-19 because he parted before it came to play it's part in the plannedemic.
  11. I have done enough reading from reputable sources, one of which showed the inventor of the PCR tests stating that they cannot detect Covid-19 on their own, any dead cells from past viruses would flag a positive result, so what do you make of that ?
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