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  1. Wouldn't swim in that beach if you paid me !
  2. Tis inevitable that we all be infected with this virus as all the phases release the population back into mainstream society, we might be immune to it when the herd immunity takes control, just keep living and taking care to stay your distance, wash hands, wear a mask and sanitize, life goes on and yes none of us want it.
  3. I did mine for the first time about 5-7 days ago, very easy, although when I completed the first page and hit the submit button, it opened up a new window (blank) so I waited thinking it was downloading, but nothing, so after a while I did it again and it took me to the 2nd page and then onto the 3rd page and approved. Sometimes I have heard if people don't use the drop down boxes, it doesn't work, sorry I can't help any further.
  4. I hope they don't get too cocky and suggest that phase 3 be put on hold.
  5. So their scrambling now are they......or beating it ?
  6. As I earned a good income back in the old country, I never received any government payments as my income was too high, e.g. over the threshold, so I never really knew what government payments were or how much they paid, suffice to say I have recently found out that because we have 4 kids and my income will be under the threshold and there is no assets test, we have hit a home run, as the will provide us with money to go towards the kids educations, rental assistance and subsidies our electricity, and when the two boys 16 finish school at 19 they will switch them onto the youth allowance if they get apprenticeships or continue studying. The amount comes to around $30,000 AUS per annum or 615,000 baht per year which will pay for the rent of a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom modern house about 30 minutes out of the City. Plan is now in the making for September, just got to apply for the boys visa's when they open up again
  7. The saga continues. We took your advice and called the company in Bangkok as they reopened today and we by-passed the salesman that we purchased the treadmill from, who first said it was the motor (without inspecting it), then later said we have to also change the board, again (without inspecting it), "company policy". The company said, no need that to change the board as they do not recommend to change the board with the motor unless the board is damaged, from what my wife explained to him, he said it seems that it is the motor, he said he would get someone who deals with this to call us, next we receive a volley of texts from the salesman.....lol, all in on it together as I assume. Backwards and forwards today, salesman adamant that it is company policy to change the board with the motor, cost of board 3,900 baht, plus 600 labour, warranty for the board has expired. Long of the short, we kept up the pressure and he finally agreed to change the motor only, which is still under the 5 year warranty, however he said, if the motor packs it in again because we didn't change the board, warranty won't be covered on the motor and we have to wait 15-20 days to have it changed now, then he sent a further text saying he is going to ask the company how much it is going to cost to send the motor from Bangkok to Udon Thani. The thing I don't understand is that why give a 2 years warranty on the board and 5 years on the motor, but if the motor goes, you have to pay for the board outside of warranty as well, not going to happen ! Going to be interesting as I don't see why we have to pay for them to send the motor to Udon Thani, his labour I can sort of understand, although I would have thought the company would have paid for that.......welcome to Thailand, the land of opportunists.
  8. Or taking up positions at 7/11 or KFC when finishing university. While I amongst others are fortunate enough to be able to make have the finances and can make an informed decision, e.g. to be or not to be in Thailand, I am now leaning more to picking up the family by years end and tailgating it back to my motherland for the good of the kids futures as I agree with what you are saying. The last thing a parent would want to see is their kids working for low wages, been there done that till I picked up my degrees, these days degrees in Thailand aren't going to be worth the paper they are printed on and these bozos can only think about tourism as opposed to creating jobs for their own kind.
  9. Thanks for the links, so if I understand it correctly, if I was to be receiving a parenting allowance, not sure what that is, so should I am assume that is something like Family A & B payments to go towards kids, if so, it would cancel out if my asset were over $605,000 ? Not sure on that one because in their site (different link), it says for Family A & B payments have no assets test, only income tests. The other thing is as I am married, I would assume that I would get A couple, 1 partner, eligible, combined threshold, (wife 21 years my junior), and the pension payment would reduce if my assets were over $605,000 ? So confusing !!! I get the deeming thing now thanks Payment allowances and Parenting Payment From 20 March 2020, your payments cancel if your assets are more than the limit for your situation. Your situation Homeowner Non-homeowner Single $263,250 $473,750 A couple, combined $394,500 $605,000 A couple, 1 partner eligible, combined $394,500 $605,000 Full pension From 20 March 2020, pensions reduce when your assets are more the limit for your situation. Your situation Homeowner Non-homeowner Single $263,250 $473,750 A couple, combined $394,500 $605,000 A couple, separated due to illness, combined $394,500 $605,000 A couple, 1 partner eligible, combined $394,500 $605,000
  10. Anyone up to speed on how long a Thai child (Thai passport) who is moving to Oz with his Thai mum (Australian Citizen) on a child visa has to wait to get support from the government, be it a family A payment and or a job seeker allowance as the kid is 16 now. The reason I ask is that I am sure someone has done this before and knows the ins and outs, and I am not sure if the child has to wait till he gets his residency approved beforehand (permanent residency papers) before he can start receiving some assistance. For those replying, please hit the quote button otherwise I won't get an email advising someone has replied for some reason. Thanks
  11. Just a few questions regarding the OAP, sure it's been bashed around a bit, but am looking at returning to Oz with the family in the not too distant future and want to know how they look at the asset/s side of things and the threshold. Examples: I have shares in the stock market, some pay me a dividend, other don't, I also have funds in the bank. Question: Do they assess my asset/s (stocks) and money in the bank on the income I make during the financial year as well as their value, I think the term is known as deeming, however I only saw this on the website for those on the disability pension and I would be looking at applying for the OAP, although it is a few years away, but better to plan now and be prepared. Question: What is the threshold for non home-owners as I will be looking at renting. For those replying please hit the quote button as for some reason I don't get an email advising someone has replied otherwise. Thanks
  12. Glad to see you are on the same page as me, yes kudos to Declan "the hero" for going to the rescue and setting up the GoFundme page, with good hearted people helping out with donations to get this adventurous Brit into decent temporary accommodation and food until he back to the UK where he belongs. I have an 85 year old mum in an aged care facility back home, where sadly she belongs and is content, although my plans for years before coming here to retire in 2015 was to bring her here with us, but the reality is, she would have been a burden, or more likely we would have been a burden on her, I say that with guilt, took me awhile to circum to the reality, even as the doctor said, it's a no brainer, she needs special care. When people get to these ages, they are set in their ways and need a sturdy hand to get them to, let's say comply, they need care/support and in most cases, special care by people trained to provide that care and some entertainment, we cannot allow them to drive and be independent for their own good, I saw it first hand with mum going down hill living on her own, stubborn, didn't want to come with us and didn't want to stop driving, even when she had fainting spells when going for a walk. I would rather my mum be with us, but with all of her ailments she is better off where she is, I see the care she gets, the calls/emails I get from the staff with updates, like I said, she is content, just taking her out by the bay for a couple of hours for lunch one day when we were there last year with our family was a "major" effort, the complaints were never ending, the chicken wasn't salty enough, I want some Coke, why are those people with hijabs doing on our beaches, why don't they go back to their countries, ah yes, we won't mention the swearing coming out from her mouth, never heard of before.....lol The facility takes 85% of her pension, she has a room for herself and trained nurses/staff on hand, doctors visits, hairdresser, medications, daily injections for diabetes, annual eye tests, excursions, etc, etc, etc, she only has two complains, the first is the boring food as she is used to a European cuisine, e.g. she gets good old Ozzie tucker served to her with those yukkie green peas that she can't get onto the fork as she says, they go on the floor and I can't pick them up.....lol, and the second, all the people living in the facility are made, but as I said to her, mum, you fit right in, fortunately for me she is pretty deaf, and I did check under her pillow to make sure she didn't have a pair of scissors, ok ok, I have heard stories, and yes I think she is capable if someone rubs her up the wrong way Long of the short, there is no way in hell I would have allowed her to go on an adventure like this bloke did, what was his family thinking or was it there way of letting go ? As for the Thai family who were "allegedly" using his pension to "take care him", well I suppose he is lucky he is still alive, albeit it a little brushed and battered and perhaps malnourished. I will say that Thai's are opportunists, I won't brand them in a bad way as I wasn't there to see the conditions he was living in and what agreement they had in place, if any, let's not forget, there is always two sides to a story, and the elderly do tend to tell a few porkies from my experiences with them, however, I dare say if he is wanting to come back here, he will, but in the afterlife, silly old fool, (I say that with respect). hope he learnt his lesson, as harsh as it would have been on him. I hope his family know what to do with him when he touches down, e.g. if he doesn't need special care at his age, they can take him, or put him into a facility where he can enjoy the remaining years he has left. It's the survival of the fittest out there/here
  13. I also heard he was looking at supply them with special school laptops as they did/do in Australia when my adult daughter was studying as a child....lol
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