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  1. He is a hero and the world should be banning this product until the wrongs are right through human rights watch.
  2. The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has revealed what it considers the high-risk groups who have a high chance of mortality when they get infected with COVID-19. According to the record of COVID-19 fatalities from 1 April to 10 May 2021, the top three risks are (1) people who have high blood pressure, (2) people who are diabetic, and (3) people who have high cholesterol. Those who have a high risk should strictly follow the prevention guidelines and measures.
  3. Thanks for clarifying, regardless, the wrong has now been corrected, everyone has to pay and that is the way it should have been from the outset, not Thai's free, farangs pay. Will I go to Phuket because I have to pay, no I won't, but my point was that Thai's have for too long gotten away with this, Thai's free, farangs pay mentality, it's wrong, period. I had been going to Phuket since 2006, probably been there a dozen times, there is nothing good about Phuket in my opinion, outside of Patong there are nice beaches and places to go to, like Nai Harn, Kata, Karon, but i
  4. So tax payers around the world pay for everyone equally, regardless of nationality or residency, and there you have equality. Seriously, are you clutching at straws on my spelling, you don't have to be a good speller to be smart, but we can allow those who want to big note themselves to clutch at straws all their lives by knit picking, no skin off of my nose. Did you want to try gramma, punctuations or anything else, tells me a lot about who you are.
  5. You don't have to be cloned to spread diseases, luckily they didn't also get: The Cold Influenza Tuberculosis Whooping cough Diphtheria Chickenpox Mumps Measles What would they do then, all life threatening diseases too, which they could have passed on to their families.
  6. You don't get economics, I am not the one day in, day out, making noise about how bad tourism is doing and how I am going to do this and that, then someone from the side comes out from the shadows and says, everyone's going to get tested, Thai's are free, farangs 500 baht, <DELETED!> is that. Move on you say, I move on quickly when I know people try to rip me off, if you think that I think 500 baht is extortion for them wanting to test farangs, you should meet my Thai wife when someone try's rips her off 100 baht, and when I say try's to rips her off 100 baht I mean "try's",
  7. We all now it's a lot more than that worldwide, but they keep saying the risks outweighs the benefit, too me that's like saying; cross the freeway to save yourself going 20 kilometres around to get to the other side, no thanks, I will take the 20 kilometre route.
  8. When I read the above and hear it would cost you 207 baht for 5, even though you only need one, your still miles ahead, plus you would have spares, whether its a rip off because you have to pay for 5 is irrelevant, why, because your still miles ahead, consider the time and hassle you have to go through to find (one), to say save 157 baht, OMG, life's short, just get it over and done with, and next time your at Lotus look for a buy one get one shampoo for free and your "loss" is covered,. My private health insurance costs me more than that for one day, do I complain that it's extort
  9. I never see them providing us with graphs, just so so many dead, and so so many infected, where is the balance so we can make an informed decision ?
  10. So they all recovered from a mild case of Covid, how frightening.
  11. Sounds cheap to me, we had a small plastic pipe connected to a brass piece in our coffee machine and to replace it, we would have to replace the whole thing, e.g. to awkward to put another piece of pipe or hose over it as the pressure would just blow it off, so as opposed to forking out 900 baht for the piece, we purchased another machine for 1,7,00 baht and kept the other for spares in case we need it. We love our coffee, I wouldn't think twice if it happened again, 40 baht a piece a rip off....lol
  12. I know I am, to bad you don't see it my way. You are talking about international travel, not domestic travel for those already residing in Thailand, the word tourist here is used for both, Thai's and Farangs within Thailand who wish to travel to Phuket. Thai tourists don't pay, farang tourists pay, ah the irony, too bad for businesses. It is no different to Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, if you want my business and you want me to pay you 500 baht for you to test me, then you get zero, simple as that, now I thought to attract tourists in this climate, y
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