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  1. I have suddenly developed allergic reactions to vaccines, they can kill me, till proven safe enough for me to take them
  2. The more research that comes in, not conspiracy theories, but research from qualified people like viral immunologists etc, I find that we are being lied to about the efficacy of some of these vaccines, in this video link which is a bit long in the tooth, but 30 minutes into it, you will hear that Pfizer actually stated that it's vaccine had 95% efficacy, however when data was looked at down the line, it can be as low as 19% - 29%, go figure. I will avoid getting any COVID vaccine for as long as possible because there is NO guarantee at the moment that it will provide me with immuni
  3. Wow, I made a plan and retired here to Thailand in 8 years, no regrets. I am never lonely, I can be a loner, however prefer to join expats at a particular bar twice a week to listen to their life stories, sink a few cold ones and shoot some pool, doing it twice a week makes me look forward to the social interaction, however most of them are there everyday, I am not a big drinker and twice a week suites me, never bored going there as everything needs to be balanced. From my conversations with expats, they are far happier here for a number of reasons,
  4. As you say, could the story be for the ensuing protestors to take note, "look what we found", it might not be safe, a stay home message as the COVID social distancing message isn't working because there were no actual cases found to have spread from previous protests. What next, a lone sniper who couldn't be found shooting into the protestors ?
  5. Agree, she doesn't appear to be one of those main abusers that slaps or throws coffee mugs at kids, she was having one of those bad month days, clearly showing in her mood. I wouldn't be a teacher for quid's, I was slapped across the face when I was about 6 or 7, can't say I deserved it, but can understand a teachers frustrations, but violence isn't the answer. Even been asked to teach English here, told the Principal that I would be the last person here you would want to teach the kids, just ask my kids (4) I said, and her reply being, we need someone strong, like you who can disc
  6. Your mate is therefore a solid statistic then. The Greeks and Italians that worked and contributed to Australia are all dead or in their 90's, your obviously too young to have know any of them or been privileged to have had them work for you or seen them work. By the sounds of your mate, seems like the offspring of one of the above. Anyway, I am leaving it at that, can't stand debating with those who know everything.
  7. That may now be the case, but always good to know for others with a link for them to see.
  8. You forget to mention one thing, the Italians and the Greeks paid their taxes and contributed to building a better Australia. Your statement of them living off of the Australian tax payer is WRONG ! Every person who has lived in Australia for 35 years, the key word is "lived" the 2nd key word is "35" years is entitled to the OAP, so don't try and paint a bad picture on the Greeks and Italians who are hard workers, law abiding citizens and assimilated into Australia with ease and are still respected by the Ozzies, even though they did give them a hard time when they arri
  9. Um, sorry to disappoint you guys, the wording was changed when it was they changed the department it was previously under, that said, it's only a word, i.e. welfare, and as long as we get it, who cares. What are welfare payments in Australia? At its broadest welfare can be used to refer to all of the programs and services that make up the welfare state. This can include health and education, as well as income support payments such as the Age Pension, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension and Newstart Allowance.
  10. This is party correct information. If you are a non-resident/foreign resident for tax purposes and have investments in Australia like shares in the ASX and the shares are fully franked i.e. tax has already been been taken out when your dividends are paid, then you don't have to submit a tax return. If you earn an income from within Australia like rent for example or wages outside of Australia you must lodge a tax return. I have never heard of this, and would assume it is for anyone making an income in Thailand so that they can offset the tax paid here with Aus
  11. Kudos to you, well summed up. I got so fed up a few years back that I purchased an IQAir @ 60,000 baht, a big outlay for some, but when it gets really bad, I turn it on and it clears up whatever room I am doing and sometimes leave it on overnight, best investment I ever made. Your points are spot on, however things won't change in our lifetime, and that said, I too have children and do what I can to minimise them being exposed to the bad air, whether that means taking them to school late so that they don't stand at assembly for 45 minutes breathing in the smoke while th
  12. You could be right, but any educated person knows smoke not only causes environmental problems, it also causes health problems. It would appear you lack education and cannot look outside your bubble $ $ $
  13. Your welcome, my wife did asked me if the farang asking on the forum, was asking because he saw the message on someone's mobile, e.g. wife/girlfriend, I said, no need to know basis Tiruk, job done thanks. I will pass on your thanks to her.
  14. Harmless really, someone should SLAP the person filming it.
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