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  1. Hmmmm, something strange going on here, could they be they the magic type ?
  2. Link: https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/age-pension/claiming-your-pension-overseas/twoyear-residency-rule Extract: A. The two-year residency rule applies to those who have been residing outside of Australia and return to claim an Age Pension. If your principal residence has been in Australia prior to claiming the Age Pension, then you do not have to serve the two-year residency period should you wish to leave the country. If you remain a resident of Australia, a temporary absence from Australia during this period would normally still be counted towards your two-year residence period. If you plan to leave Australia permanently, your Pension Supplement payment rate will change and your Energy Supplement will cease. If it’s an extended temporary absence, this will happen after six weeks. After six weeks absence, your pension will be paid at the Outside Australia rate and after 26 weeks absence, your pension depends on how long you have worked and lived in Australia. You can find out more about how your Australian working life residence is used to calculate your Age Pension payment here. Link: Extract: New recipients who travel overseas during the initial 2 year period will have their payments suspended whilst overseas and the time spent overseas added to their 2 year residency period. So it looks as though all aussies will have to accept their "2 years time" in australia before they can be paid whilst living overseas. Should be clear enough, if not, one more link for you below, happy reading https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/age-pension/claiming-your-pension-overseas/age-pension-on-return-to-australia
  3. Great spot, spent a week there last year, village type atmosphere from the old country, e.g. Balmain NSW Australia, could live there quite easily, especially with water views from an apartment. Good story for a change.
  4. Hate is a STRONG word, tolerate would be best used, HATE is what happened in NZ the other day, Thai's tolerate, that is their culture is you know anything about them. Safe travels
  5. Perhaps you should look at things in another way after being here for so long, i.e. recognise that the Thai's and the Thai government only tolerate farangs because of their money, i.e. it contributes to their economy, we are foreigners, farangs, according to Google: Farang is slang commonly used as an insult to a person of white race, whose is either rude, or having extremely bad manners, or is poor. So at least that way you know up front what your worth is to the Thai's and accept it. Don't expect them to be on your level, their education and cultural differences doesn't allow for it, so the above out of the way, perhaps you should also look at relocating to another part of Thailand, maybe even consider taking on a partner, be it temporary or permanent, growing old and alone is not something I ever thought of, but after having remarried later in my years, I couldn't see myself ever growing old alone. Going back to the US after so many years will be a real shocker for you, I am in rural Thailand, amongst the peasants as one farang said to me, a term I do not like, so as you see, it's a two way street, and when I return to Sydney once a year for a week, I cannot wait to get the hell out of there, skyscrapers, traffic, and people in their droves, everyone in a hurry, to think I used to be like that once upon a time, no thanks, never again. Maybe your just having a bad day, a change in mood, some drink, others have hobbies, seek and ye shall find as the saying goes. Good luck anyways, we are all going to the same place, wherever that is
  6. What, because we, or I have money, I am expected to feel welcome in Thailand, let alone in any other country, come on mate, how do you think w.o.g.s., dago's, spiks, muslims, or anyone else not in their country feel from those born in their country. Multiculturalism like in Australia to bring all nationalities together, like I said, come on mate, I guarantee you most non Australia's don't feel welcome in Australia, even though they have that piece of paper that says they are Australian Citizens. Me personally here in Thailand, feel out of place, but just shrug it off, most Thai's are uneducated, and those that are educated most likely got their education by doing teachers favors to pass them through, the only educated Thai's in my opinion are those who have experienced living overseas. Thai's don't like farangs, they tolerate them, as we do foreigners in our own homeland, some stand out more than others, the ones on welfare pi$$ us off, but is it their fault or the governments for allowing them in without any qualifications to work, refugees aside. This is not my country, I am not delusional that I will ever feel welcome here or secure here, however as long as I have money and private cover, I shall remain a guest here until either asked to leave or get fed up with all of Thailand's bad parts, e.g. when the bad, outways the good, then it will be back to the old country until I reassess my situation. To end, Thai's think we are stupid, this is taught in schools, it's a mind set, but those who allow their minds to expand and question the teachings, the government, will want to get closer to the farang to ask the question, are these farangs actually stupid, do they do anything else than drink, take women for short/long time, and withdraw more than 10,000 baht a day from the ATM's machine, i.e. what makes them tick ?
  7. Fortunately for me, my wife did not ask or request a Sin Sod, it was me who asked her how much she would like after I asked her if she would like to marry, her reply was "up to you", she was quite surprised that I knew about the Sin Sod, having a Greek background, we call it a prika, you know 2 donkeys and a cow in the old days. I provided her parents, poor rural farmers with little more than the usual rice fields, and 4 daughters, one married to another farang who gave no Sin Sod, but built a house for his wife, one of the others had a farang and milked him for a house and other things, but he wanted to have and bring his other 3 wives to live with him, as it was found out later, so good on her, the last one couldn't hold down the farang she got, perhaps he woke up to the fact. I provided her with 200,000 for the parents and 300,000 for her twin boys future education, they were 3 at the time, now 15 and she still has half the amount that was originally given to her for their education. The total of 500,000 was put down at the village ceremony for all to see, I didn't care as long as she banked the 300,000 by the close of business and it was, she is very careful not to touch the boys education money unless it's for school. The 200,000 the parents received was gone within a month, show, show, show, part of the culture. If you end up with a good woman, like me, your blessed, some may say 500,000 baht was a lot, but to me, it was what my previous wedding cost me in 1987 and it was about 2 months wages at the time, considering the baulk of the money has gone towards the twins education, I believe it was money worth investing, besides, the Mrs is worth far more than that, she has repaid me in more than enough ways in our 12 years of marriage, even though I have built her a palace of which I and our daughters live in with the twins, her new car etc etc etc, I maintain to only invest 10% of my worth in any relationship, because everyone needs a fall back position and if we go all the way, which I am 100% sure we will, she will get the lot
  8. Yes you have to be an Australian Resident when applying for the AAP, and BE PRESENT IN AUSTRALIA when making the application, meaning you have to be living in Oz when making your application, Centrelink must be satisfied that you are an AUstralian Resident, i.e. make sure that you haven't just returned from abroad to get the AAP and then disappear after the 2 year waiting period to have your pension made portable, if you had been living overseas prior to your application being submitted. If your friend has lived in Oz for 2 years prior to getting the AAP and is approved, he/she can leave Oz at anytime and the pension is made portable, the only thing that gets reduced on the AAP is the subsidies, like electricity, etc etc, pension and or seniors card get cancelled when you are out of the country for more than 6 weeks, and get reinstated when you return, however have to reapply for the cards. If your friend is returning from abroad and applies for the AAP, and is approved, he/she must sit it out for 2 years, if he/she leaves during that period, Centrelink will apply the stop clock to the 2 year period, ad can even make him/her reapply if they feel he/she is trying to live overseas as a non resident.
  9. Your 100% correct SteveAus, as much as I hate doing it, one alternative would be the government stop wasting money on tanks, etc, etc and provide proper buses to rural areas, like have a bus system and make seat belts mandatory on all minivans etc etc, and of course have police out in force, enforcing the law, but then again, what your used to in Australia will not happen here in Thailand, well not in the next 30 - 50 years, if ever and more lives will be lost unfortunately, I suppose we westerners/Aussie's value life differently, regardless of the stress it puts on motorists, will enforcement, but our annual death tolls are so low, I mean how much does one value a life, not much here from my opinion and it is what it is unfortunately, just got to apply what we know to our own.
  10. If the parents are not well off and the daughter is supporting them, then a Sin Sod is important, regardless of losing face, the parents need to survive, however most will spend it quickly as they have never received such a lottery in their lives and will want to show the rest of the village tribe how much Sin Sod they received, be it 200 or 1 million baht. There are many different cultures that have similar, so if one doesn't wish to provide a Sin Sod, well then up to the cheap Charlie, but remember, one has to weigh up what one is getting, i.e. is she going to be taking care of he, or is she going to be working and sending money home to mumma and pappa ? I took my wife of 12 years back home, she is 21 years my junior, younger men never enter her mind, only in fantasy I would imagine and definitely not Thai men...lol, so it all boils down to the girl one is marrying, a good girl (bar girl) or a bad girl (non bar girl), most men meet their wives in shopping centres or through friends of friends, so I am told The writer of this post did well to get out when he did, because the power of the pu$$y can really send some pi$$ weak guys to the wall.
  11. About ZERO, roadside inspections here are a joke, the only thing the cops here are interested in is 2 days of the month, the beginning and the end with their roadside blocks checking rego labels to make their monthly quotas. The cops and politicians in my opinion contribute to the death tolls because of their lack of care for their countrymen, unfortunately it's the oh mighty baht vs human lives.
  12. Such a sad, but recurring tragedy. I am so glad my wife agrees with me that none of our 4 kids will EVER step foot on a bus or other form of vehicle, the aunty on her way back home via the school is about the only person we will allow them to get into a vehicle with if we are running late, because she drives like an old lady, you know the ones that resemble farmer Joe doing 50kmh on the main 80khm road, while school minivans and those other smaller buses are doing 100kmh plus packed with kids.
  13. I am not on the AAP however have read enough to think it is fair to say, your friend shouldn't travel if waiting for the 2 year qualifying period, i.e. he is receiving the AAP and waiting for the 2 years to be up for portability. From what I have read, if he takes say for argument's sake 4 weeks as an overseas holiday and advises Centrelink, they might agree to it and tell him he will have to wait a further 4 weeks on his portability plans, i.e. they add the 4 weeks onto the 2 years for portability. Medicare from my understanding is cancelled after 5 years, however if he returns and uses it to see his/her doctor it keeps going until the expiry date on the card is up. Now Medicare is not yet hooked up like Centrelink who is hooked up with border control/immigration, call them what you want, but in the future it is more than likely that they will be. Now what I suggest if your friend hasn't already got a MyGov online account, to get one and add Medicare to it. The reason I say that is because as I reside overseas, my card was coming up to expire, so I made an application for a new one, i.e. said I lost the other one and they sent me a new one with 5 years on it to my registered address (mates place) in Oz, and I collected it 10 months later when I had planned to visit family. The above said, I would say he/she would lose it if his/her residency status changes, however if he/she returns to Oz to live, he/she will have to apply for renewal of Medicare, and proof of residency will be required with copy of a lease, drivers licence etc etc, then I believe there might be a period before cover kicks in, however not sure if it would be immediate or not, others might be able to share any experiences. Now as for the heart condition, I had a stent put in when I lived in Sydney in 2008, I stock up on meds when I return, 12 months at a time, so it's an annual trip to visit family and the doc and specialists every 2nd year, now watch out because I believe you can only bring in 30 days worth of drugs into Thailand a year, alternatively he/she can buy them here, but look out, pretty expensive as they won't be subsidised like in Oz. Also depending on his/her heart condition, would strongly recommend looking at private health cover with existing condition, I found a provider who took on my pre-existing condition (stent, left descending artery, LDA) in 2008 with no issues since, and it is only an extra $60AUS on top of the policy, being 57 when I took out the policy it was something like 58,000 baht or $2,400AUS in total depending on the exchange rate at the time. Most won't cover, but depending on his/her condition he can give them a try, David Shield who I am with will look at covering pre-existing conditions over 5 years if nothing has changed in that condition since the event. The cover I have is for here (Thailand) and 4 neighbouring countries and up to 90 days emergency cover to Australia. It is for inpatient only, emergency or elective surgery and covers me for up to 1.2 mil US $. Hope the above sheds some light on some of your questions.
  14. Hey, I saw that one just this morning, it travelling at warp speed...
  15. It's the one after article 776, and the one before article 778, in other words, it's just another article
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