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  1. Easier said than done. Not a good look on their faces when changing from retirement extension to marriage extension, "we are going to have to come out to take photos and you are going to have to pay for gas money, 1,500 baht". You want to argue with them, "up to you" we have them on our side now for small fries, but won't be paying again
  2. 1st year was given a retirement extension, even though we were applying for a marriage extension, you need retirement extension, more easy for you, besides marriage extension has to go to Bangkok and your visa is expiring so do like this, ok. Next year applied for the marriage extension, they were not happy as they had to come to our place to take photos with us outside the house, cost me 1,500 baht for gas money, 2 hour 40 minute return trip for them, every year after has been smooth sailing, that said, if they want to come every year now, they won't be getting any gas money from me because it costs me to go there and back too, maybe they want to pay for my gas x 4 which includes the 4 x 90 days and the extension !
  3. FULL Age Pension: Since 1 July 2018, a single person can earn $172 a fortnight (or the equivalent of $4,472 a year), before having the FULL Age Pension entitlement reduced. https://www.superguide.com.au/retirement-planning/age-pension-income-test-thresholds
  4. I'd say Australia is one up not having you amongst it's nanny state pestine beaches etc etc
  5. Not sure what means mate, I suppose I could always say I borrowed some money off of her and paid it back, less that $4,472 per annum of course ?
  6. It's not really a source of income, I asked mum if I could transfer some funds into her account every year so as to minimise you know what and she said, that's fine, but how much can I earn before they cut my pension, that's when I said I think it was $170 per fortnight. So I suppose it's not really an income, although I could say I pay her to do some house cleaning for me ?
  7. Noted: You did also state: "All the stuff I have been reading here about the pitiful stories about men who have spent all the cash on a house and land for the wife and family and kids and are now broke is really pulling at my heart strings". Indeed, but then again, who have they to blame but themselves, I have heard this and other stories of men being fleeced millions of baht. Love is one thing, finances are another, now if a bloke has spent all his money on a house and car and has nothing else left, then he cannot have afforded to retire here in Thailand and this is what happens when people do not plan. I have stated this countless times over and over, only invest as much as your prepared to lose and that should not be more than 10%, and keep your finances separate because everything is temporary, doesn't matter if it's been 10, 20 or 30 years sooner or later one will leave the other, whether by death, another man, woman or whatever, so the less you have invested here, the easier it is to part, and if it's you who has the other 90% it should be willed to her and the kids and any back home, just stating, we all make our own beds.
  8. Just a quick question lads and I know this has been answered before, but just of the top: 1) How much can a pension earn per before their AAP starts getting cut, is it $170 per fortnight ? 2) Does the pensioner have to advise Centrelink if they earn less than the amount, i.e. that they would be getting their pension cut. It's just that mum asked me the other day and I said to her I think it's $170 a fortnight, so just wanting to clarify.
  9. Yeh, all good mate, lesson learnt as you said. My update was just to clear things up and make others aware, I wasn't complaining over spilt milk, just highlighting the event and as you say, it's sort of a warning to others. I will gladly spend an extra 1,000 baht on a good looking chick, but he UGLY, besides, next customer who contracts me is paying me $40 more, one has to re-coupe one's losses every now and again and inflation works in many ways as it does here with Thai's With regards to paying FORD 5,000 baht plus, NO WAY in the world was I going to do that, i.e. I can be a cheap Charlie at times, e.g. I won't go over 2,000 for a pretty filly, but there can always be a 1st time, so that would be 3,000 max...lol I will take you up on that beer, cheers
  10. There is very little difference in extensions, so my wife tells me, i.e. she does it all and says that after the initial visit from the IO who comes out for the photos with you and wife in front of the house, there is only a couple of additional papers to add. I had the retirement extension 1st and changed it on the 2nd year, my reason was because I wanted the marriage extension the 1st time, but IO said best to get retirement extension because you need it as marriage extension meant I had to leave the country as it had to go to Bangkok to get approved and that takes a month, oh ok, you can pull my leg this time Somchai, but next year I will change it, and I did, although it cost me 1,500 baht in tea money because they had to drive out here and back, a 2 hour 40 minute round trip, and I am a charitable guy once in a blue moon. Did it again just recently, forgot the photos of us in front and inside the house, no problem, you can LINE them to me and donate 500 baht to our New Year Party Fund and IO would get the photos developed and lodge with completed application, suffice to say it saved me a 2 hour 40 minute round trip to come back with the photos, welcome to the land of smiles, could be worse
  11. *UPDATE* Well we got the call 2 days later, the replacement fob has arrived, oh ok, that was quick, e.g. was originally told on Monday that it would take 7-10 days, anyways I said how long will it take to do it, he said 30 minutes to an hour, ok then we will be in tomorrow. We went on Thursday, gave him the key and sat there with the Mrs, not even 5 minutes later, he said would you like to try it to make sure it works, I said yeh ok, I knew the fob was still working, but unlocked the car with it anyway to make sure the chip in the "new" fob was working, car doors unlocked, then I put the key in the ignition and it started, good as gold I said to myself. I looked at the "new" fob and said to myself, this looks exactly the same as my old fob, so I flicked the key open, looked at my other fob that I had been using and identical wording was on both, now I know the aftermarket fobs have more writing as I have seen them advertised on the websites. So I walked back in the shop where the Mrs was sitting and the guy was, and said to my Mrs he is using our old fob, all he has done is replaced the mechanism at the top (previous one broken) and put our key in it from a second hand fob for a Ford. My wife told him what I said, he bowed his head and said capoom, my wife said, oh ok, how much is that then, he said with a look of a thief on his face, 1,000 baht (original quote) to replace the fob, take out the chip and cut a new key, that is when my wife lost it (&^)%##@#@#^#%^ I said to her honey, he quoted us a 1,000 baht, we have our old fob back (the original) with our original key in it, and it works, job done, Somchai, welcome to Thailand, one hit wonders, I'm good with it and put the 1,000 baht on the counter in front of him and said thanks as I walked away. I suppose I could be pi$$ed off just on the fact that he didn't provide me with what he was supposed to provide me with as quoted or at least reduced his quote to say 500 baht, but the way I see it in this world, people will try to take advantage of you where they can, he did as the 2nd hand fob that he purchased, probably from a wrecker wouldn't have cost him more than 200 baht I would think, but instead of ordering another fob as he stated he would, he deliberately had a different plan and it worked, he made a lot more than he would have if he ordered a new fob, anyways I have my spare key, it works, I anticipated paying 1,000 baht for the replacement, feel as if I got ripped, but am moving on, after all this is the Land of Smiles. The funniest thing is I got paid by a client the other day for some contracting work and my invoice said $400 with no 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax) applied, the client paid the GST when she shouldn't have so I brought it to her attention and requested her BSB & Account number to return the $40 which is around 1,000 baht. What can I say, there are some honest people in this world and there are some conniving people in this world, it is, what it is. So if your using the locksmith on the main road after Makro and literally opposite the stadium in Udon Thani, take care now :) What have I learnt from this experience, next time to go to a wrecking yard to see if they have a 2nd hand fob.....life goes on and no point in crying over spilt milk as usual.
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