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  1. Dictionary a·li·en /ˈālēən/ Someone belonging to a foreign country or nation. a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living. "an illegal alien"
  2. We were married in the wife's village, registered it at the local Amphur, immigration accept an updated Kor Ror 2 every year when I do the annual marriage extension, bank also accepted the fact that I was married, got the yellow book and the pink ID too, however some farangs I know say that my marriage is not recognised as being legal that is why I need a Kor Ror 2 every year. The above said, it makes no difference to me whether we are recognised here as we were married overseas which counts to me and as long as we are in the local Amphur's database, which we are, we can get all th
  3. Alternatively only invest as much as your prepared to lose, generally speaking 10% of one's worth. Been with my loving wife for 14 years, 2 kids with her, we have a great relationship and things have never been better in life, but as humans we can change at a moment, so if the s-hit ever hit the fan, at least the kids would have a place over their heads as opposed to renting, but I did not build till we moved here 5 years ago, that gave me more than enough time to know who she was, even though I knew that the first night I met her in a bar
  4. We have 4 kids, 2 go to a Catholic school which is private, not talking one of those international private schools, the other 2 go to government high school. House to build 2 mil, 320 square metres, 6 beds, 3 baths, good quality, local builder. New pickup 800k, I budget on 70,000 a month which includes private emergency health insurance coverage for all. We live comfortably, not over the top, if you want a domestic holiday or international holiday add to that, but at 70,000 baht per month, the budget comes in spot on every year, give or take 10,000/20,000 baht.
  5. As I am in the 59-64 age bracket, all up it came to around 73,000 baht per annum with the pre-existing coverage, noting this does not include outpatient cover, only emergency (more than 24 hours in hospital) and elective surgery. Edit: The cover is for up to 1.2 mil USD. While the amount may seem a lot, I see it as 200 baht a day for 1.2 Mil USD coverage if I need hospitalisation, that said, I feel that I am worth more than 200 baht a day and looking at it that way makes me feel better
  6. We obviously see things totally different and that's fine. As for your comments suggesting is we stop tipping, service industry companies will increase wages is immature and totally absurd. I tip because it makes me feel good, same when I see someone down and out, some call it begging, I prefer to use the the words down and out, I will give them some money, I see nothing wrong with giving someone some money for a meal or to advance them for that day, or for providing me a good service, really what is 100 baht, you sound like a real hard nut. It has nothing t
  7. It sounds to me like you have a travel insurance policy which also covers hospital cover ? I went through AA Insurance Brokers who got me cover for a pre-existing heart condition, with David Shield, it cost about an extra 1,500 baht per month on top of the policy, although I do believe you have to be under 64 to get in the door, so you might be better off making earlier enquiries as opposed to waiting it out as I know a lot of insurers won't touch pre-existing conditions and dump you when you hit a certain age.
  8. Re the UK policy, just look into it a little further as some countries will cover you, but in the small print can say something like this, overseas cover is for no longer than 3-6 months and if your residency status changes e.g. more than 180 days, you are no longer covered. I say this because I looked into this when I left Australia and up to 6 months was the max as the residency status change would nullify the policy. A little difficult at first, but will do you good in the long run. keep it up. With regard to insurance here, you can contact AA I
  9. Being from Oz the same happened there and rightfully so. Just about everything is made of plastic and is one of the hardest things to dispose of. The above said, we do our part which is small, and empty all of our internal bins into one big bin without the plastic bags which gets buried in my wife's land up the road, the internal bins with the plastic bags are reused until they need to be replaced, e.g. we just empty the contents into the big bin, maily paper/tissues, food stuff goes into the garden, and we recycle everything else, like cardboard, plastic and glass bottles which ar
  10. Perhaps some pain killers of sorts were amongst the lollies they provided you, hence no more lower back pain ? Lower back pain is common, you need to strengthen your core, try some planks, YouTube has some good plank video's, you can thank me later. The 2 nights accommodation sounds a little expensive, but then again, it would cost much more in a private hospital. You really should look at getting private cover because if you have a serious accident or have a heart attack etc etc etc it could clean your nest egg out ?
  11. Most people know that the service industry is one of the most underpaying jobs around, and the way I see it, is three fold, e.g. I worked in the service industry for years, being tipped meant that the customer/s were happy with the service that I provided for them, and of course it made up for the shortfall in wages that the multicorportates got away with paying me while they reaped the rewards. Secondly it makes me feel good when I tip someone who is deserving of it, as I am sure the little extra 100 baht here and there like, to the porter at the Hilton the other day for taking my bags down t
  12. As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to have sex with other women even when I was younger, e.g. at age 21 not bragging I was enjoying myself with 3 girls, not all at once, that would have been great, although I did get to experience that later in life here, 2 not three, don't think I could handle three later in life. The above said, when I met my wife here, I told her upfront how I saw life, marriage and sex, and I am sorry to rub salt into your wounds, but your only as old as those you feel, and even at 60, eating extra cake has been great for the past 14 years, you
  13. Sure she did, most women wouldn't say what she just said, suffice to say, I always encourage them to do what she just said she did, and of course they have to be of legal age, after all, what's life without seeing a woman losing control. Kind of reminds me of watching someone scrambling eggs
  14. One would hope common sense prevails here, personally I think the minister is doing more damage to the industry by announcing this. If a cab driver has the right to charge for luggage, then that driver should announce to the passenger at the time before the passenger is getting onto the cab that he/she will be charged XYZ for the bags, then the passenger can decide whether they will take the cab. Personally, I don't take cabs, but if I had no choice and was advised that I was going to be charged for the bags being carted, then I would refuse the service and take a cab t
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