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  1. I reckon you would be better off returning 2 years earlier, less hoopla hoops to jump through, i.e. you did your time, no questions asked, as opposed to declined and having to go through the appeals process, but up to you, and best of luck.
  2. Makes me kind of wonder what the hell, I'm doing here if that is what they all think of us
  3. If the buyer purchases the property and the deal is done through the introducer, then the commission is irrelative in my opinion, 3% sounds ok, alternatively you could pay peanuts and get monkies at 1% and perhaps be waiting for a long time, up to you as they say As for back in your home country, well that's a different story then isn't it.
  4. So why is she telling you this ? I am assuming you did your good deed, now her mum has passed, no more finance for mom's health-care required, end of story there. Of course you did, did you think it was going to stop ? I don't see what her "informal" debt has got to do with you, she is your ex and you didn't ask her or her mom to create such debts from loan sharks, right ? It's all glory, a million stories a day come out from these girls, I see it and hear it all the time as others do, it's ways of extracting money from good hearted farangs.....period. Her choice. She doesn't have to, all she has to do is tell you her sob story as others do and Mr Farang will come to the rescue to feed their needs, whether it be gambling, drugs, boyfriend or buying land, building a house, etc, etc, etc, and of course farangs are suckers and they know it, a lot of them even lie to their husbands to access funds to put them in a better position, I believe it's called the power of the pu$$y for those who can't see between the black brussel sprouts. You shouldn't even be asking, Thailand is Thailand, and every country has a story or 2 or 3 million, i.e. if your a good listener, perhaps if you are thinking of giving her any money to help her out, you would be better off purchasing yourself a violin and take up violin lessons, that would be enjoying as you stroke away at the strings, ah, music to my ears. Move forward, it's ok to say no, even though she hasn't asked you for money, she has done so by telling you her story. I have faith in you, look after number 1 and look for people who don't have stories and you might just get to where you want to be, or join the many other disgruntled farangs who have bitten the dust, from "no fault of their own"
  5. You wouldn't get in, in the first place ! I know exactly how Thailand works, and I know there is something similar to the Residency Tenancy Tribunal that we had back home, or the Department of Fair Trading if you like, they are there to protect tenants, the later consumers, here they are known as the Office of the Consumer Protection Board. Once they wipe the floor with the landlord, he could of course seek retaliatory action and serve a notice to evict the tenant, but then again, if your weak, as your suggesting, then others will have their way with you then ? I have always stood my ground and had the law back me, regardless of country, but then again, each to their own oi. http://www.ocpb.go.th/ocpb_eng/main.php?filename=index___EN
  6. From my understanding is that it is a kind of random audit from head office as your local immigration has to confirm/know your whereabouts every now and again, and that you are at that address, pictures, date stamped, are filed and put away for the next visit in 14 or so years time....lol One would think that because you do your yearly extension annually, that would be enough, but you could be living elsewhere for all they know, so a spot check keeping farangs in check is part of their job, and a good way for them to lose weight, e.g. getting off of their back sides and out of the office
  7. This in itself tells a story, I would suspect that you have been a model tenant and have also paid rent on time and in advance. In the 90's I was a property manager with a portfolio of 400 odd properties and if a landlord was inclined to step outside the legislation, he/she would get a backhander from me, so to speak. I am sure laws here in Thailand for tenants are somewhat lacking, that said, from a legal perspective I wouldn't hesitate to say that the landlord is responsible for the pipes, and you the water usage. Now if you roll over and pay the bill or part thereof, well you deserve what you get, i.e. another landlord bending over a tenant and getting away with it, that said, you aren't really dealing dealing with the landlord, moreso his wife, which is a mistake. What I would do, and I will say this, it's not the money, it's the principal, sure everybody is saying forget the principal, pay it, or negotiate it with the waterboard or the landlord, but I disagree, being a man of principals. Tell your wife to speak to the landlord, not his wife and say, your wife told me xyz, and I spoke to my husband and he said he pays for the water usage and will continue to do so, not for any broken pipes or repairs to any broken pipes that cause water leakage, and that he said it is best that you talk to the water board as it is a matter between you and the water board to negotiate according "to law", because the broken pipe caused more than usual water that we pay for that cause the water to escape, therefore he doesn't see why he should have to pay more than the normal usage, because if the pipe wasn't leaking, this wouldn't have happened, and of course if he knew there was a leak he would have advised you to fix it, but he didn't know that there was a leak, so he cannot be responsible, and tell your wife to MAN UP, otherwise they will walk all over you. Sure size it all up, example: 1) You have lived at the property for 3 years, how long would it be vacant if you left ? If vacant for a while, no doubt it will cost him with the property being vacant, and no doubt repairs/maint... If they don't accept it, stop paying rent and see how things go, if nothing is sorted till the outstanding rent is equal to the rental security/bond, then give them notice that you are vacating, then find alternative accommodation and let them chase you for anything outstanding. If they ever catch up with you, then negotiate what you deem is fair, otherwise see them in court, take lots of dated photos when you vacate and have some witnesses there at the time who would be prepared to attend court. Best of luck
  8. Price adjustments on the way post high season, that or foreclosures by the hundreds will be inevitable, watch this space !!!
  9. I suppose "luck" had nothing to with it Should go out and buy a lottery ticket !
  10. To be able to retire 12 years earlier, build a big house for 1/10th of the cost that it would cost me to build it back home, and the cheaper cost of living of course. What I didn't expect was.................oooops that's another story, so before I get told to go back to my homeland by a certain person, (no names mentioned), best I refrain from starting to list what I didn't expect as there isn't enough room on TVF. All jokes aside, good with the good, bad with the bad, we all make our beds, plan B in the bedside draw
  11. Sad loss of life, RIP little one. As for these clowns getting jailed, I doubt it, perhaps castration without any sedatives !!!
  12. My wife doesn't give them "Jack", and naturally I asked come one day, "honey" why don't you give them something....huh, they have hands and feet and can work, instead of always asking for money on the village people for this or that, um....ok "honey" that sounds logical......love you
  13. Good luck getting through to your mate, I gave up on one who told me a prenuptial agreement in Australia wasn't worth the paper it was written on, go figure
  14. Funny that, Australia has some great weather and stores, like Woolworths and Coles, but I guess you wouldn't know that.
  15. I did a one year budget recently, i.e. writing down daily what we spent out money on and what it would cost to provide for my family here in Thailand, and I have to say, the imported stuff that I like and have been purchasing over the past year are now off of the menu, not that I cannot afford them, but on a recent holiday to back to my home country, I found that I could purchase the same items for less, suffice to say, the import tax on many items has driven me to take the imported foods that off of the menu as I said above, it's just totally ridiculous to pay more here for those items, especially when Thailand doesn't have an industry to protect for most of those items that I buy and if they think they are going to force me to substitute them for a Thai product if I can find one, they are really plan stupid, but we already know that. The above said, I will now have those foods as a treat every now and again to reduce what I call a "rise in the cost of living" for farangs/foods, but not Thai foods, cheap as Charlie when comparing eggs for eggs. As for those farang foods, they can sit on the companies shelves impacting on their profits which impacts on tax being paid to Thailand which flows on from there into the Thai economy. Disgruntled farang...........impacting on the Thai economy with a pin head
  16. Thanks, but I am retired, my money works for me from any country in the world and I pay no tax on from my investments. I don't wish to work, enjoying the retired life, immigration is not a problem, as I said my wife compiles everything for me, I just go along and pay the fee of 1,900 baht per year, as for security. well my passport will deliver me to my home country as soon as I book a ticket, but then again, on the other hand if the Thai government wanted to turn around and offer me Thai citizenship without having to learn the language fluently, I might consider it, but not for the above points that you have posted, more so for the hoopla-hoops the wife has to jump through on my behalf
  17. I don't know if this is relevant, but the wife told me the other day that the labourers that usually do their rice fields want 400 baht per day, that's 100 baht per day up from the previous year, plus breakfast and lunch to be supplied, previously it was lunch only. The above said, they brought in that rice tractor thingneemajig for less than it would cost to employ the labourers and it wasn't just her parents, the whole of the villagers, those that could afford to get the tractors in, used them, I was also told the tractors had dropped their prices by as much as 2,000 baht, so it would appear the people that usually do the rice labour are going to be out of pocket this year. Just saying, but as for financial crisis, well the stock market looks as if it's due for a big correction and I am sitting on that fence, playing the waiting game.
  18. Depending on your home country, you may fined that you do not need a different citizenship to not pay taxes, i.e. if you reside overseas for more than 183 days in a financial year, you don't have to pay any tax, i.e. unless you own property back in the home country (Australia), plus some withholding tax 10% on money in the bank.
  19. I really don't see what all the fuss is about, ok, I have my homeland to fall back on, my wife has dual citizenship and our daughters have dual passports, and I have money. As hard as it may appear for some to digest, being organised and planning ahead does help, because if Thailand ever said; my extension is cancelled, or will not be renewable or enforce more hoop-la-hoops as someone suggest, (really, hoopla-hoops), bloody easy, wife does it all for me, then I would go to plan B, i.e. so long Thailand, thanks for the time I was here. "Security" is what you have planned in your life and what you make of it, i.e. making sure the wife and kids have dual passports, and money to survive for decades after you have gone to the afterlife.... I make no comment here about retirees as the post is specifically talking about Thai citizenship for being married to a Thai, so please spare me the grilling those on retirement extensions. I don't blame Thailand for its immigration laws, hoopla hoops, or whatever, it is what it is, I have my back up plans readily available for any change, but to expect Thailand to make things more secure for us farangs is but a dream similar for some as winning the lottery, time to wake up people, life is what you make of it IMO and the only "security" you can have is the above, i.e. if you worked hard, invested and planned, you therefore control your destiny, especially when someone is pulling at the rug you stand on.
  20. RIP, passing in nice surrounds is the way I would like to go.
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