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  1. If I recall correctly before my dementia kicks in, he said something on the lines of we have it 110% under control, but that was a while back me thinks ?
  2. Personally I don't believe quarantine can be lifted and my reason for saying that, is from my research, these "experimental vaccines" which they are, currently do not protect anyone but the person who has been vaccinated, meaning if they get infected, they can still spread the virus. The above said, statistics at the moment suggest that it reduces the severity of the virus if infected, e.g. keeps them out of ICU's and hospitals, suffice to say they can still get sick with the symptoms but won't end up in hospital. Allowing people in without being quarantined, even for 7
  3. Get what, that Covid is out there, so what, there are also many other things out there, should I hide under the bed, or carry on with life as normal as possible, as I choose, social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing, we are all going to the same place eventually, under beds is not for me.
  4. Will keep an eye open, as we are planning to head out a few days after Songkran, hope we don't get stuck while on holidays as well.
  5. Very little happening at Hua Hin, that and of the few bars open will be shutting down from tomorrow. We are heading down there in a week and unless they stop us from travelling, will be going as there is no need for us to leave the hotel, except when we want something from mini big C across the road or a local restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.
  6. Hope we are still aloud to travel in the next week with school holidays already having started, hotels booked, and kids looking forward to a food time away from home.
  7. That word "principal" which we grew up on has to be let go here, easier said than done, different culture, different world, "principal" doesn't exist to them IMO. As soon as I let go of that word "principal" here, I learnt to survive a little better, suffice to say I think, twice, three times before I make a transaction monetarily wise and if I feel I cannot let go of the "principal" I will pull out of it and make sure they learn, if that's all possible, two words, "missed opportunity" which is usually snubbed off with that "up to you" face.
  8. From what I have read is that they actually do calculate the stamp duty here based on the appraised price, in this case the higher value. https://www.acuterealty.com/calculator.asp It appears things in Thailand are done a little different to where I come from as stamp duty is paid when we purchase the property, not when you sell it. The above said if you think that the 12,000 baht is worth challenging, then you will want to polish up on Thai property law which I know nothing about. I know back in my country when we used to pay land tax on an investment prope
  9. We had a tree stump roll off of a small hill and hit our pick door (parked at the time) and the step up thing to get into the pick up. Excess was 5,000 baht, they replaced the door skin and the step up thing which had a small dent, personally I wouldn't have bothered with the step up thing, but hey they were paying for it. No increase in the policy and that was 3 years ago, still with AXA. Panel beater said total cost was 20k when asked by my wife, so the excess was easy to pay, if they were going to up the policy price the next year, it would depend by how
  10. Good for you, (Sherm), really. So you got your double dose of the Name Brand "experimental vaccine" approved under emergency use, or the gene therapy ones depending on the "brand" both with only very short term data available, the latter never having been used on humans before. It's always good to thoroughly research things before allowing others to do what they think is best for you. VAAE's is something you should have researched, i.e. what long term affects have been associated with vaccines, then you can make an informed decision, but then again, you made
  11. Right under your nose Bob, but then again, I hear that there are these miracle experimental vaccines readily available out there, so knock yourself out.
  12. So lately the Wi-Fi at home has been playing up, one minute it's on, the other minute it's off, kids getting stroppy from time to time because it interferes with their play time, Buddha help me. The 3BB modem is right next to my laptop, so I put the Ethernet cable into my laptop and the internet works fine, however the Wi-Fi doesn't, then it does, then it doesn't and the other night there was ZERO Wi-Fi. I turned the modem off, then turned it on in the morning, Wi-Fi was working, then it wasn't so I put in the call and the technicians came around to find out what was going on. 3
  13. Been having bloating issues all of my life every now and again, i.e. certain foods trigger my stomach to bloat, not sure which ones. Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) sounds like the obvious, however this time it's been close to two weeks and I look like I am going to give birth. No problems going to the toilet regularly, just uncomfortable trying to fit into my shorts/trousers/underwear and putting shoes on. I don't have any discomfort apart from that, however about a week ago, I woke up in the early hours of the morning with a sort of burning pain and couldn't
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