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  1. How long was the Mueller investigation? Does the report say he was not cleared or did it say they should keep investigating? Please quote the report and provide a link, if you would be so kind. As for impeachment, even Ken Starr said it should not have happened: Ken Starr says Trump’s second impeachment 'unconstitutional' and sets 'dangerous precedent'
  2. Most investigated President in history. Nothing found. The IRS has first responsibility to find wrongdoing in tax filings. IF, and only if, they find irregularities, they turn their findings over to the DOJ, who will then take the investigation forward if, and only if, they believe they can convict. None of that is happening here. What is happening here is a New York AG looking at his business dealings, for whatever reasons. Capone and all the rest were being investigated by the DOJ with assistance from FBI. Not a New York AG. The Dems have never had their own trees shaken s
  3. A couple that are friends of ours had a recent accident event and the combined cost of repairing her Suzuki car and the other party's Toyota Hybrid ran well over 200k, and they didn't have the car insured. My wife, upon hearing the details, decided it was a good idea to inform me that her (my wife's) mother's car insurance ran out some time back and she had not renewed since she is broke due to Covid hitting her income (nobody asked if it hit my income ). Anyway, since all roads lead to the foreign son in law in cases of "financial distress", I of course insisted that her car be reinsured
  4. Have TATA solved their rust/corrosion problems? I mean, you have to look at their trucks due to the price, which I did. I found the metal and especially the paint to be pretty "thin". Then I looked at TATA trucks operating around town and found that 1 year old models had the "cancer" coming on strong and by 2-3 years it was pretty much at stage 4 levels. Maybe they've improved??
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