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  1. Apologies ... i don't want to be seen to be adding to fake news so i welcome your correction. I agree with your comment regarding the permanent damage assertion.
  2. I don't argue with much of that. A mask plus distancing plus frequent hand washing is quite effective. You are wisely pro vaccine and you are, as you say, free to make your own choice. In the end, I don't know the legality of the Buriram suggestion but I doubt he will be able to take it too far. However, if it pushes more people down your chosen route, so much the better.
  3. You are right that no one will change their minds here but let it be said that the real world efficacy of the sinovac vaccine is significantly better than the results they got in the trials phase. It is your right to shun Chinese products and services but in this case, maybe I helped to set the record straight.
  4. I think you don't understand the statistics and I am guessing that you have no idea of the population size of Serrana. I had never heard of Serrana myself so, having read this, I looked it up. Population size 45,644 at a density of 940 people per square mile. From the few examples I remember in Bangkok, the blood clot rate for the Sinovac vaccine is/was around 0.002%. Given the population of Serrana and multiplying the population by the vaccination rate of 98%, then we might expect less than one blood clot case. As for the other problems and "permanent damage" (whatever you mean by t
  5. Yes, partly, because no vaccine is 100% foolproof is it. There is the fear that you are unvaccinated because don't want to conform or you are just plain selfish and want to do what you want to do. You may be a danger to society because of that. I should say this, though: the government here is promising to vaccinate local and foreigner. All of us. Locals first, then foreigner: irrational but they decided that. In the meantime, a whole, known, group will remain at large! More than that, no sooner was it confirmed that everyone will be protected than they raised the spectre o
  6. Every society has ideas, norms, regulations, laws that help to ensure life is free, secure, prosperous and so on. At the moment, the world is seeing the suspension of norms in favour of much more of a nanny state approach. I have spent my time over the last year in isolation and so have you. I wear a mask that I hate when I leave home. I wear the mask because it is mandated and because it is good for me and for you: there can be no me, me, me with mask wearing. I did mention the relative merits of the various vaccines available and yet I believe it is wise to be vaccinated. Again, I belie
  7. Since you asked, I did a quick check and the answer is yes, other countries do impose import restrictions/duties on vaccines and other medical supplies. However, from my very small sample, I found that India is waiving them and the EU has been waiving them for over a year ... that's almost 30 countries that normally tax these things.
  8. High probability but not certainty. But don't you think it's rather clever: don't want the vaccine, as a reward, you can join the list of the covid sufferers. I have read lots of the comments on this thread and of course many of them are loopy. I know there are doubts about the safety and efficacy of some of the vaccines but most of the stuff here is fantasy or fake news. Anti vaxxers are nauseous and noxious people and it is good that Buriram is acting along the lines of making everyone think really seriously about their position in life!
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