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  1. They have elimnated surface letter post and surface small parcel. The stated reason is because the USPS raised their prices so dramatically that the services now operate at a loss. It is only cost effective to offer surface mail now on the large packet delivery, with a weight class that begins at 5kg and costs 540 baht. They are doubling the delivery times because they expect a significantly decreased volume with the new pricing. For surface mail, they hold the mail until they received a sufficient volume to fill a container. They are anticipating a dramatic drop in volume, thus increasing the time. There are currently no cost effective services open to the USA for ordinary mail. Worse, recent history has shown Thailand Post is extraordinarily bad at announcing changes in their services. They closed surface letter and surface small packet to the USA with no warning. One day it was available. The next day it simply disappeared from their computers. No announcement was made. The same thing just happened today with airmail to most of the EU and UK. It suddenly became available today. Again, no announcement was made. The staff is never informed. All you can do is ask them to please check in the computer and see if a rate has been opened for the country. Expect that it can change from day to day. If and when airmail is restarted to the USA, do not expect to be told about it from Thailand Post's announcements. You have to manually check at the counter every day.
  2. Your doubt would be incorrect. 540 Baht is the current minimum rate for surface mail. This is for anything for 1 gram up to 5 kg. The cheapest airmail service to the USA is courier post at 950 baht. There are no cost effective tariffs to the USA right now for ordinary mail. On the plus side, normal airmail services have been restored to most of the EU and UK as of today. Do not trust the official announcement in post #4. It is very out of date. You should ask directly at the counter to see if a rate has been opened in the Thailand Post computer system. I was shocked today when we went to send mail to the UK expecting surface, and they checked for us and said airmail is now available. The same check yesterday resulted in a no, so it just changed this afternoon. So anyone who has mail to the USA, please always ask for ordinary airmail at the counter and report back here. Thailand Post will likely NOT make an announcement when they open the service. It remains to be seen how long it will take them to notify everyone that they have now restarted airmail to most of the EU and UK.
  3. Total deaths is equivalent to the area under the curve. It doesn't matter whether you have a big early peak with a quick decline to zero, or a squashed out flatter curve with a long tail. Only the total area under the curve is relevant. Thus you can't know until the very end how things turn out. And scientists don't predict things. They set up models using assumptions. In this case, without good assumptions, all "experts" are simply voicing their opinions. Which is why I have been trying to explain to everyone from the beginning this is cargo cult science and not genuine science. Expert opinion does not mean correct opinion. We won't know the answer for a decade when we have had a chance to study the data in minute detail. For now, *EVERYONE* is guessing. It is time we admit that these lockdowns are nothing but a very risky gamble taken on the personal opinion and value choices of a few people. What is certain however, is that these choices have decimated the economy and are going to lead to millions of collateral deaths due to extreme poverty and psychological issues that would not have occurred without lockdowns. Whether the direct death total, also known as area under the curve, is changed or not is simply a matter of opinion and guesswork at this point. In my expert opinion, nothing justifies what has been done to our global economy, and the people who have supported impoverishing billions through these lockdowns have much to answer for,.
  4. 4 days ago Thailand Post stopped accepting code 150 (letter and small parcel) surface deliveries to the USA. The representative I spoke with said the USPS was charging more for the domestic delvery portion of this class than their rates and they were now losing money on every package. So they suspended that service and now only have the large parcel surface mail option available. The lowest weight class for this is several kgs, and the minimum fee is 540 baht. So whether you send 100 grams or 5kgs your cost is now the same. The delivery time hasn't changed though. It is still 8 week - 3 month delivery. So until regularly scheduled international passenger aviation begins again and they restore normal SAL services, there is basically no mail service to the USA except for their extremely expensive Courier Post with prices beginning at 1000 baht.
  5. Agreed. Ezzra gets it. If we are going to get beyond this as a species, we all need to contract this virus so we can develop herd immunity and get beyond this lockdown foolishness. No sense in putting it off. The faster everyone gets sick, the faster we can get back to reality. Very few people will actually die from this virus relative to the deaths that are going to come from the economic and social blowback of this stupid lockdown and containment approach we have taken. Just make sure the health facilities are not overwhelmed and open up. Only reintroduce restrictions if the medical resources start to buckle under the strain.
  6. Wait until the time is about to run out, then open a dispute with Aliexpress and say the item is still in transit. Magically, a few days later, the item will suddenly find its way from Singapore to Thailand Post. Then Aliexpress will overrule your dispute. I think there are simply so many packages and so few flights that until someone complains the orders just sit in a warehouse. Of course, It could simply be a coincidence, but this pattern has repeated itself 4 times for me on items that just seem stuck permanently in Singapore.
  7. It was being sold at 7-11 in Pathumthani, Klong Luang district, 2 weeks ago. Not sure if everyone is following the same rules.
  8. Does anyone know if there are any 4/5 star resorts offering cut rate deals right now for families? I looked through the Centara ads for discounted rooms. Despite advertising family suites, if you type in 2 adults and 2 children under 11 there are absolutely ZERO rooms available of any size at anytime. I just want a nice resort where my family can stay, preferably in Jomtien, with a nice pool and restaurant, and enjoy the resort experience like people used to before all this ridiculous government foolishness started. Is anything like this actually open? Or is the opening that they imply is happening now one in name only, with no real intention of actually permitting any of the services that would genuinely allow tourists to return?
  9. Be careful drawing a conclusion from that though. The conclusion has it just about right. "Some" asymptomatic carriers "may" be weak transmitters. The problem is that this study involved only a single asymptomatic carrier and those she came into contact with. There very well might be something peculiar about this particular individual which does not generalize to the rest of the population. Although I agree it is a very intriguing case study. We really need to repeat this study with thousands of carriers to determine how common this particular trait is. As this carrier had an interesting medical history of congenital heart disease, was only 22 years old and had chronic shortness of breath, it is possible there is some linkage that prevented her from infecting others.
  10. I have been trying to think of outdoor activities that can be done as a family with primary school aged children. It occurred to me when I was their age, I used to really enjoy going camping and playing horseshoes with my dad. I thought this would be a great way to get the kids out from the house occasionally and away from their phones. It is a game that is easy to handicap by standing closer to the post, so that the children have an equal chance to win as the adults. And it is incredibly easy to make a horseshoe pit. Just need some rebar to pound into the ground at the correct angle, along with some sand. But you also need pitching horseshoes, and those I can not find anywhere. Looked on Aliexpress, Lazada, and Shopee. Nothing. Tried some simple Google searches. Nothing. Does anyone know of a source in Thailand where I can purchase pitching horseshoes? Can they be made locally? I've seen shops that can cast aluminum here, but never iron. I am located in the Northern Bangkok suburbs. Thanks for any advice.
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