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  1. Normally July marks the beginning of the Thai avocado season. In years past I have been able to find Thai grown avocados starting around this time. Usually they appear in Makro. Occasionally I have had to look more extensively in malls and other venues. But this year, at least in the northern Bangkok area, I am not seeing anything. I've checked everywhere. Typically I see them on sale for around 60-90 baht/kg when they are in season. This is the first year I have had my freeze drier and I planned on stocking up and making powder that I could use for the rest of the year. So I was absolutely looking forward to this opportunity. But I have been sorely disappointed. What is wrong? Are the avocados afraid of catching coronavirus and staying at home? Anyone know someone selling avocados by the kg I can buy online? Or anywhere near Talat Thai in Rangsit?
  2. I am trying to find someone in the northern Bangkok area who is skilled in evaluating children and diagnosing specifics of learning disabilities. If anyone has these skills, or knows of an organization who offers these services, please let me know.
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