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  1. Maybe just enter them into your blocked number feature.
  2. Seems crazy to break the law in a foreign country especially in this age of real-time surveillance and a camera can be in something as ordinary as a light bulb.
  3. My wife calls that sharing their music but would never address it with them because that’s not polite and it’s up to them to decide how loud. That goes for anytime day or night. The funny thing is she makes a gesture of throwing something in their direction when she’s disturbed and laughs. Her tolerant temperament is a good influence and keeps me from getting involved in things here because with my disposition it won’t end well for the Thais or myself when the dust settles.
  4. Been raining sand/dust from the two track and rail station upgrade for 9 months where I am. One week they haul 100 truck loads of dirt in one direction then next week they haul 100 loads in the opposite direction.
  5. He knows there’s a difference between blathering and debating. One he’s good at and the other may be questionable.
  6. I’ve gotten the idea that many people welcome or are indifferent to the army’s stabilization of the country. They seem admire and identify (for lack of better descriptors) with the strength, power and control the army represents. Some are just happy the elections are back so they can pocket a little from sitting in on gatherings and bringing a few friends.
  7. Converse immigration crackdown: rich kids out, poor kids in.
  8. I recommend honey and girls nipples but that’s just me.
  9. A chicken or egg situation. Which turned off beach goers the most, the jet skis or the trailers they came in on?
  10. Yes I’d still come here as the only time I consider if I’m unhappy is when I read certain threads about how bad Thailand or Thai people are. That’s when I close the app, make some lunch and go back to knowing I’m happy here.
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