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  1. Glancing through a variety of posts, I vote for CASINO$ as the answer to Pattaya's economical woes. This is a good opportunity for Thailand to face the truth that their citizens love to gamble, and positioning Pattaya as the top SE Asian casino destination will keep money that goes into Cambodian and Chinese (Macau) pockets stimulating the Thai economy instead. Thailand finally has a REAL shot at being a 'hub", and that's something its gov'ts have drooled for one after the other. That little man at the top of the gov't could be the first one to achieve that crowning glory if he can climb down a bit from his high horse of morality and accept that people will always want to gamble, regardless of all his influence to keep everyone pure.
  2. I am willing to take big money bets that Thailand will not be the first country to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, and I recently saw something saying that a true Covid vaccine has never been successfully developed with the closet thing being the annual flu shots people get. It seems to be a very difficult virus to conquer, responsible for things like common colds and flu. One glimmer of hope may be carrying on where they left off with SARS-2 as the medical community felt they were getting somewhere with that one, but development was apparently stopped because SARS went away. Hopefully, success will be found somewhere before too long, and Thailand is welcome to jump on the bandwagon, insisting that they were THE key player in developing whatever medicine may get the world back to normal -- the old normal before Covid-19. I don't care who lays the biggest claim to success as long as it happens.
  3. Another "Just do it!" suggestion from this gov't with no support or ideas to back it up. I guess when your party has basically had a monopoly for so long on doing and saying whatever it wants whenever it wants without much thought put into things, apathy and idiocy become the norm. How about some realistic financial incentive packages and training to convert idle commercial real estate into profitable tourist venues? People get into businesses because they have skills, knowledge, or interest in certain areas, and hopefully all three if they want to be successful. What good is it going to do to just tell people to change everything without giving them the means and support to do it?
  4. Thank goodness The Real Donald is back in front of the camera. Hopefully, he's actually taking a nice pharmaceutical cocktail along with a daily does of household disinfectants and sticking a power light up his backside. Maybe if he adds a couple more nonsensical snake-oil "treatments" he'll do the world a favor and be overcome by them.
  5. Many members of The Committee for Lower Standards are rallying behind this Thai "English" teacher in hope they can keep her in this key education position. If we want to teach people to cook, wouldn't we hire a chef that knows proper methods and has proven ability to do the job? If we want people to teach others to drive, shouldn't they know very well the rules of the road and the handling of a car? If we want our kids to learn Karate, would we send them to someone who only holds a yellow belt? The answers are clear, so why shouldn't Thai students have proper instruction in English language, especially when there are millions of people who are very qualified? It seems there are too many Thais in key positions that will never accept that any person of any other nationality could possibly do anything better than a Thai. They may never need English again for the reasons of tourism, anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter.
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