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  1. Why are the words bizarre, suspicions, arranged, and colleagues in bold? I can't see any reason for it. As for the story, I'm sure much stranger situations have happened.
  2. There's an easy assignment to grade, and the lesson planning is a breeze, too. But in all seriousness, I'm mixed on this. I believe the need to have social media skills is realistic these days for young people's employment efforts, and if the students have been given the tools and knowledge to exploit social media and rack up high numbers of "friends", then that assignment may be fair and worthwhile. However, if this was just thrown at them without appropriate preparation and only 2 weeks to pull it off, then I think it's a bit if BS.
  3. Jokes come in many flavours -- lawyer jokes, bar jokes, doctor jokes. knock-knock jokes etc., but one of favourite categories is wife jokes, so here's a couple to start things off. I think these are ones that many expats in Thailand can sort of relate to. A man notices his wife's bags are packed and sitting by the door, so he asks her if she's going somewhere. She snaps back at him saying, "I'm going to Las Vegas. I found out that a women can get $500 to do what I do free for you." He says, "Well, I'm right behind you. I'll pack my bags too." "What? Do you really think people are going to pay YOU to have sex with them?", asks the wife" "Probably not", says the husband, "but I've just got to see how you're going to get by on $1000 a year." A young guy about 25 years old is jogging through the park when he sees an old man crying on a park bench. Being a nice guy, he stops to see if the old boy is okay and asks him about his trouble. The old guy looks up with tears in his eyes and says, "Well, my wife is beautiful and believe it or not, she's about your age. She keeps our home spotless, cooks my favourite food to perfection, and is affectionate to the point where she's always buying those little blue pill so we can often make wonderful love." "Good lord, it sounds like you've got it made." says the young man, "so why are you crying?" The old man's lip trembles as he says, "I can't remember where I live."
  4. Wouldn't it have been better to leave the pills, and find a concealed place to hide in wait for the dealer's mule to arrive for them? If you have the mule, it's likely he or she will crumble pretty easily and turn in the next person up the ladder.
  5. I didn't read all the posts -- only the first few pages, but I what I thought was one of the more practical suggestions was ignored by the OP, although that person commented on the other ideas presented in the same post. The suggestion was to spend 1 million baht at Bkk lawyer (to use the corrupt nature of the system) to get the blacklist removed. Perhaps that idea was discussed again, but I wasn't going to read 11 pages to see. The OP was angry about people wanting to discuss reasons for blacklisting rather that sticking purely to his or her concern, so I was surprised that the lawyer idea was completely ignored without any comment whatsoever when that was directly addressing the original question.
  6. And she was also probably sitting in a new high-end Mercedes Benz and flashing a lot of gold jewelry to remind the boy she had status.
  7. "....and parents who paid into it could all face up to 20 years in prison if convicted." LMAO Yah, right!!! The person writing that article must be incredibly naive to think any of the rich and privileged parents involved will see the inside of a prison......except on TV from the freedom and comfort of their homes. A legal system bought and owned by the rich will teach the children of the rich that no consequences face them for any illegal actions down the road.
  8. Perhaps you could spend your time and money in a country that both welcomes and values people who decide to make it their tourist destination, even if they like the place so much they want to stay longer and spend even more money. Certainly there are some other countries in the area that offer similar attractions and make their tourists feel more welcome while being more obliging with issuing visa extensions. If not, then I guess Thailand may as well be uppity about refusing entry as they have no real competition.
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