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  1. Step 1: Start car Step 2: Turn on GPS Step 3: Turn off brain Step 4: Drive car
  2. The only problem is that they'll expect to hire native English teachers with specific education degrees who don't mind jumping through a bunch of qualification and immigration hoops involving culture courses, etc. to work for under 30K a month. Then when these people aren't lining up for crappy gov't school jobs, the powers that be will cry the blues, insisting they've dona all they can.
  3. Hopefully the trip will result in a soul-searching experience for this guy. I'd say some deep reflection may be in order.
  4. I agree that it wasn't as good or impressive a movie as Netflix is hyping up with its glowing self-scribed reviews.
  5. I gave your story a haha because of the way you finished -- not because of the frustrating situation you encountered. Talk about a rock and a hard place! There's nothing right about just letting the little misguided delinquents dump their garbage in your drive, and you can't berate them appropriately without incurring the wrath of the wife. That's tough! It sounds like your mission was accomplished in the end, though, and they'll probably keep clear of you and your property line.
  6. It definitely appears to be nothing more than laziness, but I've suspected it has as much or more to do with the importance of status and being cool in Thai culture. The rich can leave their mess for their servants to handle, but most Thais don't have that luxury, so heedlessly dropping their trash on the ground for someone else to handle gives them that feeling of having a servant and some higher status. Also, it's just not cool to be walking around with your food wrapper. Imagine the embarrassment if your friends saw you?!
  7. During my years in Thailand, I saw Thai people drop their litter on the ground countless times when virtually standing next to a waste bin. Thinking in a communal way just doesn't seem to be part of Thai culture. One person will sweep their problem onto the neighbour's property because that's just the way it's done. "I drop this garbage on the ground, so it will become another person's problem and burden, and there's nothing wrong with that because that's just the way it's done." I don't recall ever seeing a farang drop their packaging or wrappers on the ground. They'd look around for a waste bin, and if none were available they'd just hold it until one came along. I used to think Thais must feel some weird shame or embarrassment by holding on to that food wrapper until a waste bin comes along, but now I realize it's just Thai culture -- unburden yourself at other's expense and give it NO thought.
  8. The man is full is so sh*t and hot air I suspect severe and chronic flatulence a permanent condition.
  9. What are you talking about? You do realize these women were armed with little pointy objects, don't you?!?! Some of those 40 officers there to handle this dangerous situation could have got a boo-boo if jabbed with a dart. But Seriously, can't anyone in the Thai police see the logic that actually showing some skill with the use of hand-eye coordination to achieve a goal to win a prize isn't gambling? This asinine lack of sensible judgement equates to saying that athletes shouldn't win prizes for successfully competing in a sports event because it's gambling. Hooking people on buying gov't-sanctioned lotto tickets is a much more obvious and damaging form of gambling than a person using some skill at a fair to hit a target to win a prize. I have a new motto suggestion for the Land of Smiles. "Thailand: You just can't take us seriously."
  10. This is far more likely the truth. There are tens of thousands of these undocumented and semi-legal laborers in Thailand doing construction jobs and that sort of hard and more dangerous work. They get injured but can leave the hospital with a bill because they work for peanuts and don't have the cash to pay it all at once. Thailand needs the very cheap and vulnerable labor they get from their neighbors, so not a lot of pressure is put on them or restrictions made about paying up. There's no sense to getting tough about it because that would only stop the flow of cheap workers across the border, and that would have a devastating effect on Thailand. It's a lot easier to point the finger at tourists who have the money to make up for the real culprits they can't touch.
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