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  1. Glancing through a variety of posts, I vote for CASINO$ as the answer to Pattaya's economical woes. This is a good opportunity for Thailand to face the truth that their citizens love to gamble, and positioning Pattaya as the top SE Asian casino destination will keep money that goes into Cambodian and Chinese (Macau) pockets stimulating the Thai economy instead.


    Thailand finally has a REAL shot at being a 'hub", and that's something its gov'ts have drooled for one after the other. That little man at the top of the gov't could be the first one to achieve that crowning glory if he can climb down a bit from his high horse of morality and accept that people will always want to gamble, regardless of all his influence to keep everyone pure. 


  2. I am willing to take big money bets that Thailand will not be the first country to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, and I recently saw something saying that a true Covid vaccine has never been successfully developed with the closet thing being the annual flu shots people get. It seems to be a very difficult virus to conquer, responsible for things like common colds and flu. One glimmer of hope may be carrying on where they left off with SARS-2 as the medical community felt they were getting somewhere with that one, but development was apparently stopped because SARS went away. 


    Hopefully, success will be found somewhere before too long, and Thailand is welcome to jump on the bandwagon, insisting that they were THE key player in developing whatever medicine may get the world back to normal -- the old normal before Covid-19. I don't care who lays the biggest claim to success as long as it happens.    



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  3. Another "Just do it!" suggestion from this gov't with no support or ideas to back it up. I guess when your party has basically had a monopoly for so long on doing and saying whatever it wants whenever it wants without much thought put into things, apathy and idiocy become the norm.  


    How about some realistic financial incentive packages and training to convert idle commercial real estate into profitable tourist venues? People get into businesses because they have skills, knowledge, or interest in certain areas, and hopefully all three if they want to be successful. What good is it going to do to just tell people to change everything without giving them the means and support to do it? 

  4. Thank goodness The Real Donald is back in front of the camera. 


    Hopefully, he's actually taking a nice pharmaceutical cocktail along with a daily does of household disinfectants and sticking a power light up his backside. Maybe if he adds a couple more nonsensical snake-oil "treatments" he'll do the world a favor and be overcome by them.  

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  5. The only reason I'd ever want this fight to go ahead is to hear that "Old Ear-biter" got badly humiliated. I wouldn't support a fight of his by actually watching it.


    Tyson should have been cast to the Cellar of Shame immediately after biting part of Holyfield's ear off -- then going for the other one after the IDIOT ref lets the bout continue!!! It should have been stopped, the police brought in and assault charges brought against the a**hole. Then Tyson should have been banned from having anything so with boxing (and maybe humanity) for the rest of his life.  

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Traubert said:

    Such as the Chinese?

    I am voicing an opinion against the custom having wet markets for wildlife where animals risky to human health are sold, slaughtered and consumed with virtually no regulations in place. I am also condemning the practice of consuming bats, which have been clearly shown to often carry a range of nasty viruses and disease. It doesn't matter to me where these situations exist or which culture indulges in them, I am saying they should ALL stop.


    It just so happens that China clearly has these situations happening, but if they exist in Canada, Thailand, Timbuktu, or on the moon, I condemn them equally. It is also strongly and logically felt that a certain market in Wuhan, China is where this horrible plague that is tremendously affecting billions of people originated. I could talk about stopping the problem of wildlife wet markets and eating bats in general, but that would be irrelevant without also mentioning where the known problems exist  It's you who have decided to make my comments racial.   

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  7. 49 minutes ago, Pattaya46 said:

    No such laws !

    Okay I'll take your silly troll bait. But only this once! 


    I live in Canada and am posting on an internationally accessed platform, so....


    Freedom of expression in Canada is protected as a "fundamental freedom" by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter also permits the government to enforce "reasonable" limits. Hate speech, obscenity, and defamation are common categories of restricted speech in Canada.


    Such LAWS exit both to protect both our right to expression and protection for everyone who may be victims of hateful, defamatory, etc. speech,  as you can read above. 





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  8. 9 hours ago, Russell17au said:

    And what gives you the right to declare what other people eat is barbaric? Are you one of these vegan idiots

    Well primarily, freedom of speech laws give me the right to declare that it's barbaric to eat a creature that has been well documented and researched as as being dangerously diseased. There are many other appropriate terms that can be legitimately used, but I think 'barbaric' is quite appropriate. 


    And I think it shows more validity in opinion then labeling every person who chooses to follow a vegan diet at being an "idiot". I would also guess that anybody making such a simple-minded statement inferring that a person is intellectually superior for being a meat-eater (and defender of bat eaters) would be interpreted as being laughably absurd. But thanks for the entertainment. 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, lkv said:

    Yeah, well, WHO also told us at the beginning there is no human to human transmission.


    No, the Chinese told the WHO that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission, which delayed the WHO getting the real info to start containment efforts


    EDITED: Thank you! I see you have just confirmed this in the post above. 

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  10. 11 minutes ago, lkv said:

    Why are you worried about the wet markets, I don't get it.


    It was human to human transmission from the lab.


    Some guy accidentally spilt a tube in the lab, got infected, gave it to some others, then eventually someone of these others got hungry, and went to the market to buy food.

    You and the WHO do not agree.  Here's their quick info about the origin of coronaviruses: 


    What is coronavirus? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from the common cold to MERS coronavirus, which is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus and SARs, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.


    Where do coronaviruses come from? Corona viruses are circulating in animals and some of these coronaviruses have the capability of transmitting between animals and humans. We call that a spillover event.


  11. 5 minutes ago, Pattaya46 said:

    Uh? A bit out of topic but who decides which food is barbaric customs??

    You don't show from which country you are,

    but I doubt there is no food that I wouldn't call "barabic food customs"...

    Well, I distinctly cited eating disease-ridden bats as a barbaric custom, didn't I? And I'll stick to that opinion whatever any ridiculously over-zealot liberal wants to say about "protecting people's customs". If those are dangerous customs, it's time for them to go.


    As for the highlighted bit in your post, what does that even mean? Are you saying that the consumption of all food is barbaric? If I eat a salad and some bread, are you saying that's barbaric?  

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  12. 14 hours ago, webfact said:

    Before the first ads began airing, Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, sent a tweet likening their re-election campaign to the “Death Star”, a "Star Wars" reference to a space station that could destroy a planet. The Biden campaign pointed out that the Death Star gets blown up at the end of the 1977 film, the original movie in the "Star Wars" franchise.


    Thank gawd there was something worth reading in all that garbage. Trump's people really seem to have a LOT of trouble thinking their statements and actions through before speaking or implementing.

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  13. I guess if the residential neighbors enjoy having a bar in their midst and see the value of it to enhance their community, they would be the first to give charity to keep this business going. But there may also be neighbors who are happy to see a bar fail that seems to have slowly wedged its way into their community. It will be interesting to see if people see this bar as the special place the owners have portrayed it to be or just another one of the thousands of bars that are in financial trouble. I wonder if other venues in financial trouble will take a "charity channel" approach to surviving.



  14. 6 hours ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


    So if a particular murder doesn't harm Thailand's image, then there wouldn't need to be a full police investigation???


    Do they have a "quickie" or "mini" murder investigation when "image" isn't involved?



    Sadly, that really does pretty much sum up the situation in Thailand, and it's interesting that there's always so much concern about tarnishing the image of Thailand, but the truth is that murders of foreigners in Thailand get very little press attention outside the country, as I assume they're deemed to be everyday occurrences.


    It's pretty well known that Thailand is in many ways a dangerous place, so the report of yet another foreign murder or death isn't newsworthy. Besides, people will come to Thailand anyway, even knowing that getting into the wrong situation or with the wrong crowd can be lethal. 

  15. Perhaps instead of just asking for people to give you a bunch of information and ideas in general about the cost of living in various countries around the world, you may get better and more logical responses if you take the time and effort to say what you've learned so far or what's important to you.   

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  16. As I had said in a another thread, why did it take this women 27 years to finally decide that what Biden did may have been classed as sexual assault? Or if she had decided sometime before this 27-year gap, why didn't she report him previously? It is absolutely no coincidence at all that this accusation came along shortly after the press started reporting that Biden had passed Trump in the polls. It's obviously another sleazy Trump tactic, and hopefully American voters have wised up to Trumps absolute disregard for honesty and his disdain for fellow humans. How did US politics become such a sleazy, nasty exhibition of some of the worst human behavior? It's just more typical Trump deflection. 

  17. On 5/1/2020 at 6:34 AM, snoop1130 said:

    Britain has been on lockdown since March 23 but on Thursday Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country was now past the peak of the pandemic and promised to set out a plan next week on how it might start gradually easing restrictions to allow a return to normal life.


    I swear my understanding of the Covid-19 situation gets worse instead of better as this thing goes along. With over 6000 new case reported in the UK in the past day or two, how is it determined that they are now past the peak and should start planning for easing of restrictions? I would LOVE to believe that it's true and easing up is sensible, but it just doesn't compute for me. Somebody please explain to me what I'm missing, so i can have some optimism about things. If they are past the peak, shouldn't the number of confirmed cases be dropping off substantially? 

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  18. 12 minutes ago, Inn Between said:

    Creating ANOTHER MILLION OR TWO DRUG ADDICTS!?!? Seriously? Do you still really believe those "Reefer Madness" messages that cannabis is addictive? Haven't you heard that it's been accepted by the vast majority of the world as a much safer substance than booze, that it isn't addictive like alcohol is, and that it has genuine medical benefits? It saddens my heart to see posts like this, offering an unfair comment against cannabis when so many of us are trying to promote its benefits.  



    Well, it seems that since I don't know anything about darksidedog, I have misinterpreted his comments about drug addicts to be serious rather than sarcastic, and I replied a bit harshly. I can see how people who are regularly active here could assume that we know their particular style of humor, but for us who come and go, not really paying much attention to who's who, I've suggested that a little "wink" or "smile" emoji would be helpful.


    And now, back to the intended booze discussion. 

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