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  1. 1 hour ago, Thainess said:

    Don't be a cheap Charlie. Cheap tea = bad quality, full of chemicals and pesticides. Buy only organic LOOSE tea. Tea bags are terrible for your health as all tea bags contain millions of plastic particles which they release into the tea. The more expensive, the better the tea. 

    I actually ran across something about this recently, and as it turns out it's the expensive teas using a new development called "silken" bags that may be dangerous. The old cheap bags are made of paper and probably much safer. Here's an excerpt:  


    You may be swallowing billions of tiny plastic particles while sipping a cup of freshly brewed gourmet tea, a new study from McGill University in Montreal suggests.


    Many fancier teas now come in "silken" bags instead of paper. Some of them are pyramid-shaped, which is billed as a way to make room for the large leaves in premium teas to expand. 


    Nathalie Tufenkji, a professor of chemical engineering at the Montreal university, was surprised to find one such bag in the tea she ordered from a coffee shop one morning.


    It looked like plastic, she recalled. "I said, 'Oh God, I'm sure if it's plastic it's, like, breaking down into the tea.'"


    So when she got into the lab, she asked her graduate student, Laura Hernandez, to go out and buy a bunch from different brands.


    Sure enough, Hernandez's lab tests showed that when steeped in hot water, the tea bags released microplastic and even smaller nanoplastic particles — and not just the hundreds or thousands Tufenkji had been expecting.


    "We were shocked when we saw billions of particles in a single cup of tea," she said.


  2. On 12/1/2019 at 3:22 PM, webfact said:

    Facebook user Waruwat Torkaew posted the photo recently with a caustic caption that said: "What language should be used for these people to understand that nobody is allowed to enter the area? Do as you please is such a Thai thing."

    I see the sign has Thai and English characters, so knowing the demographics of who are frequent travels in groups and large numbers to Thailand and have a reputation for this type of incident, I might suggest including the use of characters that were invented approximately in the year 100 CE by a man named Xu. I'm not confident that it would help, but at least those who are likely the worst offenders will be able to read the request. 


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  3. It was for employment and adventure in my case. I figured a break from shoveling snow in the winter wouldn't be a bad perk either for a while. 🙂  


    I had many good years there, felt proud of the contributions I made to the country through my employment and volunteer work and have fond memories of Thailand, but I have no desire to live there again. Like many others, I will be moving to one of Thailand's neighbors instead but possibly dropping in occasionally to catch up with friends.

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  4. Of course the bank was not named!!!  What shameful protection of an undeserving institution!!!


    This incident displays just a very tiny tip of the mammoth iceberg that makes up the prevailing attitude toward farang in Thailand by Thais. Fortunately, these rude ignoramuses who make up the VAST majority of Thais can be ignored and only pitied in their closed-minded and xenophobic approach to life, so farang can just largely dismiss them and enjoy the few open-minded Thais and all that the country naturally provides.


    It must be strange and depressing having to flash a smile on one's face while feeling extreme contempt in one's heart. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BestB said:

    I never realised he was seeing $180 million in damages . Hardly surprising he lost


    maybe if he was more smart and seeking $100000-200000 he would of won but $$180 million ?😳

    I completely agree. Going after such an absurd amount of "compensation" for supposed damages caused in such a childish situation killed any sincerity or credibility the plaintiff's case may have potentially had. 


    I expect the plaintiff will now go after his lawyer for damages caused by going after such an idiotic amount of money. 😉


  6. 16 hours ago, webfact said:

    He promised that 120 bachelor degree graduates, who qualified within the last three years, would drive change to deliver 80% changes to the curriculum. 

    And there was also a theory that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, but we know that's not true, either. It's pretty much in line with the same logic, though. 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, poohy said:

    Living in the countryside Nearest house to me daughter is a teacher

    she has 2 kids  i caught them throwing rubbish on my drive 

    Ok  shouted you !!(pick an expletive, they ignored me) simple followed them and chucked rubbish over the fence at them ... they called mommy i called her and her  kids ignorant filthy pigs (and some more colorful adjectives  from memory)

    Next step mommy teacher came to complain

    Mrs Poohy (BKK born an bred not a fan of country "baanork" people especially this young woman  said  the gist being after swearing at her in Thai  .....Farangs are brought up in clean countries and are clever not like you  dirty stupid country people like you and your family

    Not entirely sure any of that that helped but they certainly dont speak to us any more! 


    And to cap it all after that Mrs Poohy told me off for upsetting the ******rs i mean neighbours 

    I gave your story a haha because of the way you finished -- not because of the frustrating situation you encountered.


    Talk about a rock and a hard place! There's nothing right about just letting the little misguided delinquents dump their garbage in your drive, and you can't berate them appropriately without incurring the wrath of the wife. That's tough! It sounds like your mission was accomplished in the end, though, and they'll probably keep clear of you and your property line.  

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  8. 1 hour ago, Isaanbiker said:

    But too many people are just too lazy to stand up and walk three meters. The same guys then do aerobic or running. 

    It definitely appears to be nothing more than laziness, but I've suspected it has as much or more to do with the importance of status and being cool in Thai culture. The rich can leave their mess for their servants to handle, but most Thais don't have that luxury, so heedlessly dropping their trash on the ground for someone else to handle gives them that feeling of having a servant and some higher status. Also, it's just not cool to be walking around with your food wrapper. Imagine the embarrassment if your friends saw you?! 😉




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  9. 12 hours ago, Just1Voice said:

    too bad they can't show this willingness to enforce the law against actual criminals. 

    What are you talking about? You do realize these women were armed with little pointy objects, don't you?!?! Some of those 40 officers there to handle this dangerous situation could have got a boo-boo if jabbed with a dart. 😉


    But Seriously, can't anyone in the Thai police see the logic that actually showing some skill with the use of hand-eye coordination to achieve a goal to win a prize isn't gambling? This asinine lack of sensible judgement equates to saying that athletes shouldn't win prizes for successfully competing in a sports event because it's gambling.


    Hooking people on buying gov't-sanctioned lotto tickets is a much more obvious and damaging form of gambling than a person using some skill at a fair to hit a target to win a prize. 


    I have a new motto suggestion for the Land of Smiles.  "Thailand: You just can't take us seriously." 


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  10. I guess mentioning that he's a father of two is supposed to give him more respect and credibility. I don't understand that as millions of people irresponsibly bring children into the world. I'm going to assume he fathered those children in the UK and is estranged from them as he took off to Thailand with a 1-way ticket to be with his Thai girlfriend. I just don't see how that's supposed to make us see him as a more respectable person, but perhaps I'm reading more into twice mentioning that he made some babies.


    But, what I really don't understand is why he was in the IDC for 3 months. Did he just not have the funds to purchase a return ticket, or was he actually sentenced to spend 3 months there for being on a 6-month overstay? 


    Clearly, people should not have to be detained long-term in the conditions described, and if there is a high degree of truth to what this person has told the press (and the FBI) then pressure should be put on Thailand to make changes to their facilities and process.  At the same time, people should not flirt with situations where they can't financially take care of themselves when traveling abroad.  

  11. Not me!


    I guess it will be okay for people with unlimited usage high-speed accounts as it takes about 25 Mbps to get full 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. BTW, my research shows that the average US speed is currently about 18 Mbps, so I suppose few people will get to enjoy the full experience and most will have to step down to a 720p situation. I've also heard something about problems with latency. 


    Can you imagine situations where a couple of kids are playing these high-resource sucking online game in a household, and everybody else is waiting 10 minutes for email to load!? It should be interesting. Even with only one gamer going at it, everything else would crawl in the average home. 



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