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  1. REALLY??? So you actually know of a case where a condemned criminal was able to kill again after he was executed?
  2. Hi Sheryl, thanks for the info! Yes, I want to get the pre-exposure vaccine because of all the stray cats that are hanging out at my place. Also, once I get some form of transportation, maybe an electric cart or scooter, I will gather up the cats one by one and take them to a vet and have them vaccinated and fixed.
  3. Thanks for the info, scubascuba3! I appreciate it. Best Wishes, oslooskar
  4. Can anyone advise me where I might be able to get a vaccination against Rabies in Rayong without having to go all the way out to the Bangkok Rayong Hospital? If you're familiar with Rayong, I live on the Beach Road and would like to find a reputable clinic that is not too far away. Please note that I have not been bitten by a stray animal at this time but I do feed all the stray cats that hang around my house and I'm often handling them. oslooskar
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