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  1. The Japanese foods on the top floors are not in Tokyo, I think top floor's supposed to be Hollywood but are in full view of the Golden Gate bridge, some features like the Pisa Tower, eiffel tower spills onto other floors and looks more prominent or some floors than other, but at least in anchors on which escalators things are pretty well, you have the pisa tower end, the eiffel tower in the middle, you'd have to remember floor number still. some of the lower floors toward the front, Italy where there's canals and London with the lion statue, i can't tell the difference whether they are level 1 or 2, not helped that the H&M spans both floors
  2. Tingles on appliance could also be that they are on EU Schuko plug and not getting their ground connected to the Thai sockets
  3. There is only LPG Liquid petroleum gas which is propane, go look at local supplier for appliance, you'll only find stove and maybe ovens that use gas, generator is petrol or bigger ones diesel, gas clothes dryer are commercial sized only. Household ovens with gas stove tops are electric most of the time, but commercial ovens like pizza ovens are available but don't fit so well with home kitchen aesthetic LPGs are delivered in 7 or 15KG size tank. most house just run a rubber hose from the tank to the stove/oven. some restaurant connect multiple tanks together and run a hard line metal pipe to the stoves from a tank room outside, building code requires leak sensor and shutoff valve I think.
  4. Some area further south like sattahip might have their big day on the 20th As the 19th this year falls on the Friday, there's a potential for it to be another week of Songkran, as recently as 5-10 years ago It used to be that For Pattaya it's 18th on Naklua, 19th for Pattaya and not a drop on the earlier dates like 13-15th but Bangkokers and Tourists that came on the 13th expect to have some fun and now it has turn into a whole week of madness
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