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  1. How does riding beyond what you paid the ticket for and back not cost them anything? by the same logic, people jumping over the tunstile cost the nothing and shouldn't be prosecuted As for what they have in the game BTS gets to develop the land around the station, there are many condo near stations that was developed by BTS, some even get preferential treatment to connect to the skywalk, and also advertising around the stations
  2. The turnstile already has entrance/exits to one side, problem is that people leaving the platforms on each side that has to cross to get to the exit side of the turnstile if you mean the separating the two entrance into entry only on one side of Sukhumvit and exit only on the other, that'll never work, no Thais would walk around just to get to the other side to enter/exit Anyway, people delivering stuff over the barriers is not blocking other people, but is gaming their system for cheap ride. It used to be that the time limit to exit the paid area wa
  3. How to they expect the hospitals and doctors at the front line to 'manage'? water down the vaccines to give it to more people? Last week some hospital director in an attempt to suck up to his superior already attempted a hare-brained idea to use shorter syringe needle to draw 13 shots from the ampules instead of 11 or 12at a stretch resulting in the vaccines not reaching the depth required for injection
  4. I have the same problem at my house, since replacing our old pump with new, the new pump would get waterlogged and we have to drain the pump every few months, draining is easy, most pumps should have a bottom most hole you can unscrew with a broadside of a screwdriver (after you have turned the power and shut off the water of course) let it drain out, open the top priming holes in the pump to speed things up helps It only happens in the pump for upstairs part of the house we don't use often, I suspect the water sitting in the pipes flow back into the pump, a check valve might have p
  5. The rules has been in place for decades, and security guard often enforce it or turn a blind eye in some occasion, only that it's been publish on BTS's facebook page that people are aware of it and furore. Is it fair or honest that you can pay the minimum of 15baht to enter and exit the same station, travel to meet your customer, deliver your goods over the turnstile/gate and travel back to your original station without paying anything beyond the initial 15 baht. Legitimate travelling passengers making legitimate trip that exit the station would have to pay the actual fare twice to
  6. from the date of registration in the blue/green book, which could be months after you drove it off the dealer. you can't game the system by renewing early the year before inspection is required either, they'd know that for the coming year's tax, inspection is needed, and you could only pay 90 days in advance, and the date starts of the same day as registration so you don't lose any days the next year if you pay earlier
  7. When they had their home improvement store 'Homeworks' (now Baan and Beyond and not many left) I'd find prices for the same item varied wildly between the Powerbuy attached to Central, Homeworks and stand alone store.. No wonder they lost out to HomePro and close down most branches Nowadays, if you want something from the Central group online, I find JDCentral has best service in delivering, just have to make sure you are not ordering from a seller in China, even then the service is better than anything delivered from any of Central's brick and mortar store
  8. Of note is use of ใหญ่ to refer to age/maturity หนุ่มใหญ่ สาวใหญ่ literally big boy big girl, this would denote someone of 30-40+ often accompanied with found dead in a sentence
  9. You can now pay the road tax online for car and bikes over 6 years old that needed inspection now, just have to had the inspection done within 90 days, it used to be that for cars that needed inspection, you could only pay at DLT. the inspection system is online for sometime now, meaning that theoretically DLT can check the video of your cars undergoing inspection
  10. I can help you claim the 1 pound back, PM me your bank details
  11. Technically you can insure it for the compulsory third party damage/injury (Por Ror Bor) insurance that's required for the road tax using just the VIN alone, for example, 50cc bikes can no longer be registered for a number plate(some were grandfathered in from the 80s/early 90s) but they are not illegal to use on the road, some would have the insurance papers in place of the road tax. As for dodgy 'invoice' bikes with questionable papers... yes you can pay for the insurance to go with the bike, but not much good that'd do if you were ever caught in an accident then the police see y
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