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  1. That's a new one... instead of my parent's water buffalo died, it's now I've been romance scammed.... you can't say the Thais aren't smart
  2. It's not hard to remove developer installed management in a sold out condos. Only reason many stick around is that they are doing a good job and is more convenient to keep around or in case of lower end condos full of first time buyers that don't know any better.
  3. I have both a house in a mooban and a condo... from unrelated developers and ages apart.... both are now suffering from problems of embezzlement that has just come to light. In case where it's just the office employee doing it... if they flee, it's too much trouble to chase after them if they don't have any assets right? how much would become economical to start hiring. But in one case, a committee member/president who is also a resident/co-owner in the condo and owns multiple units... after lengthy court battles, if it was won, can a lien be put on her units like as if it was normal debt to the condo situation? Peoperty management seem like a dead-end job, you manage the place for seemingly rich a-holes in houses and rooms you can't ever afford, unless they find a side hustle as a real estate agent the temptation to take from the condo/mooban is very tempting.
  4. It depends on the seller, some sellers disable the cards option since Lazada charge a processing fee
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