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  1. Thailand's testing rate for people here was only one tenth of one percent so I have read. This being the case it does not show the true rate of infection of people in Thailand , naturally doing this the Thailand government can say they are nearly virus free with little testing for the virus.
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    I am a loyal customer of Lazada, I ordered a few items from them, but they hired a NEW Delivery boy who could only speak Thai with NO English at all. He called, I told him I was at home to come on but he never showed. Later I had my wife call him he said he was just hired 3 days ago. I am wondering if Lazada now wants only Thai people ordering from them in Thailand especially Chiang Mai. This is a popular town for tourist and they also order from Lazada. I would suggest this NEW employee learns a little English or finds him another job. My orders will be delivered tomorrow is what he told my wife. Now it will be over the delivery date and I will probably cancel it. I ordered it COD.
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