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  1. Nothing to with your dad males hairline follow their grandfather on their mothers side 99% of the time
  2. Yes I made that point as well in February. You'd think the software would bring up the last 12 months and how many days with Visa and Visa exempt entries
  3. I go out of my way to locate the female officers on the basis I dress smartly for flights and always greet them nicely. Big smile goes a long way plus dressed properly
  4. I reported back at start of February that for the very first time after arriving 169 times from London to Bangkok that the immigration guy was clearly counting days in the country as the geezer was using his fingers lol Never ever before and he said "many entries" and I said very politely "yes but well within guidelines" (I was) and he smiled and passed back the passport. I was on a visa exempt entry First time ever....
  5. ^^ Wouldnt it be easier just to get a uk sim when in the uk. I use giffgaff which runs off o2 masts but plenty of others. The sims along with Voda O2 3 and all the other networks are available in all tescos and premier shops for £1 I pay £7.50 a month which gives 2gb of data 250 minutes of calls plus unlimited sms but all the providers do deals some doubtless better I rarely use much of the data as most of the time its via wifi and maybe 50 minutes of calls a month
  6. Just thinking if you want the phone on for calls from Thailand either you or the caller will hammered on cost for the call. Am pretty sure it will be you if a thai number rings you and you're the one roaming. My UK sim costs £1 a minute to receive calls when I'm in Thailand. Needless to say I never answer
  7. My Truesim is activated for roaming in the uk (for OTP use) but I sure as hell wouldnt turn on sim data lol. It would eat the balance in seconds literally
  8. How can you have booked on KLMs website but not have your intinary ?? Simply impossible you must have viewed what you're booking surely before paying. No good taking anyone up on their offer now that you've already booked. KLM actually come up cheapest on TT round trip starting and ending in Setember at £612 Random dates
  9. Right you do it your way. The other 99.99% of us know there is no reconfirmation required for at least 20 years
  10. Dear oh dear I do worry for some. Skyscanner are simply a price comparison site. They redirect you to the agent that you click on for example travel trolley. You have absolutely no further dealings with skyscanner once the redirection occurs. I do recall helping you before when you had your flight problem but you didnt listen then and I doubt you will now Forget Travel Supermarket Skyscanner Opodo or Kayak for your own sanity. Go on your airline of choices website and book direct with them. You dont need "to travel to bangkok" to book a flight. Tell me your dates of Travel outbound/inbound and myself or Jamjar will find the flights for you
  11. Lol seat reconfirmation went out in the 1990s when airlines originally didnt hugely overbook in economy and they needed to ensure they didnt fly with empty seats. Since they routinely started overbooking by 10% flight reconfirmation was ended. I'd imagine if you rang an airline office in Bangkok these days they wouldnt havent a clue what you're on about
  12. yes I think you get the option but you'll find you be shafted on the exchange rate
  13. Opodo are not a travel company simply another flight comparison site. In fact that 32kgs is actually wrong now as well baggage handlers are not now "obliged" to lift anything over 23kg but frequently do on behalf of the airlines Have never heard of any biz class ticket that specifies one piece only
  14. lol he's means on the airlines own website However just go on travel trolley site put the flight in and will pull prices up in Sterling even if starting out of Bangkok. You could mess around with skyscanner and kayak but 90% of the time cheapest is TT anyway
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