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  1. Lol big style ! 1.5% down you're having a giraffe TAT. Lets be incredibly generous to you and just say the decimal point is in the wrong place What planet are these fruitcakes on.....
  2. Another quite farcical immigration story of which I entirely believe. This country is becoming more of a ludicrous Banana Republic as each day goes by.
  3. Chivas

    KETO diet

    Completely nailed it buddy....
  4. Chivas

    KETO diet

    I was was one of the worst pigs 30 years eating boozing incessantly and around 18/19 stone in old money but tall with it Started down the gym and initially not a lot happened added in more weights and suddenly the weight was falling off literally day by day. To this day 30 years later I exercise daily and at home have several dumbells. Using those heavy weights just twice a day at home is so easy along with exercise bike in living room Weight is completely stable around 15 stone and waist 4" slimmer than 30 years ago. The simple result of burning more calories daily than stuffing in my face.
  5. Chivas

    KETO diet

    I dont need to "go figure" anything. Theres no magic science, Stuff in your face 3000 calories a day but burn 3500 and over the course of 16 days you'll lose 1kg Even the landing page of google will tell you the same "If you eat fewer calories and burn more calories through physical activity, you lose weight. Because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat, it's estimated that you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound." Chaps it really is that simple. You're being mugged off by all these ludicrous diets which any doctor with no agenda will tell you
  6. Chivas

    KETO diet

    lol Keto Diet, Atkins Diet, Billy no mates Diet. There is in fact a very magic formula..... Stuff less calories in your mouth daily than the amount of calories you burn each day No Ifs no buts, thats it.......
  7. Suspect that the OP story is in fact entirely accurate albeit there may well have been an immigration issue over Visas. However being treated like a convicted criminal threatend with 2 months jail and 99 year bans is the antics of some outrageous Banana republic. Legalised abuse simple as.
  8. All posts greatly appreciated keep them coming and I will take a broad look at the weekend at them all
  9. Yep that was the same issue I had with Zenmate previously
  10. Plenty of search material I agree but up to date information greatly appreciated VPN that allows general use as regards the user actually being sited "in the uk"....if it works for Itv and BBC players so much the better but thats a bonus and not strictly required Paid or free. Not interested in Zenmate as such too many previous issues Thanks....
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