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  1. I've now been refunded by 1 of the 2 banks involved in my case. As the other one only related to £100 anyway am not now that bothered but Coinbase what a bunch of crooks You simply cannot contact them whatsoever. Monies that have been refunded to me in full are still actually in play with coinbase !! Bank have clearly taken the view that they'll refund and hope against hope they can retrieve from Coinbase later I'm reading of one account today complete with screenshot of $763,860 in account "under review" and has been since December. How the SEC havent stepped in god a
  2. The relevant banks (and I'm surprised) have agreed to a chargeback !! Clearly theres a lot more to this than meets the eye
  3. Problems as in not responding to email queries, errors, account reviews etc etc for weeks on end I have one colleague with similar problem but is it more widespread ??
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