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  1. Wheres the edit button gone lol ??? Apologies re the above post I assume its some system failure
  2. Reviweing all the articles on Astrazeneca and they are very close to giving the green light as early as 12th November. Of course that wont open up Thailand overnight and obviously the vaccination programme will be huge but I for one will first in the queue at the earlist opportunity Astrazeneca are always the Company that have sold the vaccine to Thailand already. Its clear the "market" knows as all travel stocks started to surge this week just gone
  3. No one has done more to help others in poorer countries than Bill Gates $93 Billion of his own money dedicated to others. You people are absolute roasters claiming there is some spurious ludicrous conspiracy going on
  4. I've got now 1/3rd of the page on the right hand side doing god know what Turn it back for gods sake If it aint broke DONT fix it
  5. .......and thats down to a country virtually free of Covid. Credit where its due chaps
  6. You've answered the question yourself ! Extreme case. Very few regular tourists go for 3-4 months in one hit. Myself and a few friends with similar trip counts of between 150-200 + but none of us go for that in one period of time Cumulatively yes annually, but not single trips
  7. These people are absolute roasters....nobody is going to do 2 weeks quarantine bar extreme cases. Get that through your thick heads
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