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  1. Nor for that matter will the calls for manslaughter charges to be served on Johnson and wholly justified. On the day that the UK (Wednesday) had more deaths than all the rest of the 27 EU countries combined this hapless oaf claimed he had done an excellent job over Covid The exercise yard at Wormwood Scrubs beckons.....
  2. The UK is led by an inept incompetent lazy cynical liar in Johnson and therein lays the problem.
  3. Indeed but who they opening for exactly. The few expats left wouldnt even cover I suspect the daily utility and most probably wouldnt get a single customer all day. How many of us go and sit at a beer bar where the only sign of life is the cashier. No Customers No Girls vicious circle.....
  4. You have to wonder when the Covid Capital Brits will be allowed to return and breed. Not this decade.......
  5. With such an inept incompetent hapless government here in the UK nobody should be surprised we're clearly just making it up as we go along The scientific officers are infighting its just a complete utter fiasco but frankly nobody should be surprised with the blond bomber Boris (supposedly) running the show He signed up for a nice little jolly but instead is presiding over the worst crisis since WW2 and as per usual has gone AWOL This is why you wont see Brits back in Thailand for a long long time......
  6. If people actually kicked back and relaxed and actually accepted Thailand is out of bounds for the next 12 months am sure their mood would change rather than fighting every announcement with dismay. I've pencilled in November 2021 for my next trip to Thailand and am checking out Southern Spain for the upcoming winter trips instead. Relax....
  7. Quote from OP "He thanked the government for their brilliant efforts regarding the containment of Covid-19 but stressed that businessmen and tourists from countries that have controlled the virus should be encouraged to come back" So its fair to say the citizens of the UK and the USA will be welcomed back in the region of November 2027.......
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