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  1. Almost everything I buy, wear, and use is made in China (and therefore associated with the CCP) so opting out is a little tough! Even if you buy Apple or Samsung, it's made in China. Huawei are actually really good value and reliable - I just bought a Y5p and it came with screen protection film already applied and a free silicone case in the box. It's a different buying experience from buying Samsung or Apple where the first trip is the local phone shop for film and a case (500baht+).
  2. Sounds good, I just bought a Y5P from Powerbuy, it's great and I'm happy with it. I was looking at Lazada too, but I had a really bad experience of buying a USB flash drive from a lazada vendor that was fake. I went through the returns process and Lazada basically didn't care and only replied with 'return to sender' after the time period had elapsed so all I could do was leave the seller bad feedback. Because of that I wouldn't go with a cheap phone, but I'm sure they're fine. The thing I found out from the PowerBuy seller is that all the latest Huawei phone don't have Google services - so no Youtube app, no Play store and no location on LINE (so you can use location-related services). I don't really care about that stuff - the Huawei app store seems fine and I can watch Youtube through the browser.
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