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  1. I apologise for my misleading post. Of course TM15 is not the ใบสำคัญถิ่นที่อยู่ as it says on the Chumporn Immigration site. Here are some links from Immigration on TMs 15, 16 and 17 in English. Unfotunately the Thai versions don't provide the same detail. https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_62 https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_63 https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_64 From this it wouid appear that the TM15 is actually for foreigners who immigrated to the Kingdom before the first Immigration Act of 1927. I expect there was some transitional provision to allow foreigner who were already here to get PR more easily. Application form TM18. TM16 seems to be a regular PR application, as we know it. Application form TM18. TM17 seems to be an application for a replacement book (alien book I presume). Application form TM20. I no longer have one but I don't think there are any markings in the red books show their codes but they could indeed be TM15, 16 and 17. Whether they look different or not like the blue and white books, I don't know. I have never heard of anyone filling up a red book. I think it might be hard to find someoe who had a red book based on having immigrated to the Kingdom prior to 1927 and still doesn't have citizenship to see what their book looks like.
  2. If you flip the Chumphon Immigration page into Thai you get this. ใบสำคัญถิ่นที่อยู่ (ตม.15) กรณีเข้ามาอยู่ในราชอาณาจักรก่อน พ.ร.บ.คนเข้าเมืองฯ กำหนด ฉบับละ 19,000 บาท Alien book (TM15) In the case the alien arrived in the Kingdom prior to the date specified in the Immigration Act B19,000. This seems to mean that applications for PR were B19,000 before they were increased to what are they today. My recollection is that the fee was B50,000 in the 1990s but it must have been less than that earlier. Of course, Chumphon Immigration has nothing to do with PR applications and have no clue. They are probably just regurgitating something in an old website or document. If something is confusing in the English version of a Thai government website, you need to drill down to the Thai version to have any hope of understanding it. Most Thai government officers at that level have a very basic command of written English but none are going to admit that to their boss, if asked to do an English translation. Anyway, rest assured that a TM15 is a red alien book ใบสำคัญถิ่นที่อยู่ (ตม.15). It matters not a fig what date you arrived in Thailand.
  3. I think it is a pretty safe bet that the TM15 red alien book has been issued since the first Immigration Act in 1927.
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