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  1. My appointment at Samitivej Sukhumvit through Mor Prom was cancelled yesterday morning by SMS. Then I got another SMS last night that I nearly didn't see telling me to report to the hospital for vaccination today. I wasn't sure which SMS was correct but I showed up anyway not knowing what to expect and did get the AZ. I think many people have not been so lucky as to get their cancelled appointments reinstated and I have many friends who have been unable to register at all though the rubbish Thailand Intervac app. The roll out seems totally chaotic. The next shot is 16 weeks aw
  2. Saw an article somewhere that suggested the Indian variant appears less deadly because it has been infecting more younger people who have better resistance to severe disease. However, there seem to be nastier complications, such as gangrene and black fungus in the lungs that can occur after recovery from COVID.
  3. Yes. It is very worrying. They sound well behind the curve as usual refusing to recognise the obvious threat from the Indian virus that is now present in many Thai provinces. The worst aspect is that the Chinese vaccines that have been used to vaccinate medical workers are unlikely to offer much protection from this variant. China is already reporting infections in fully vaccinated patients in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Although Pfizer and Moderna do much better, two shots of AZ have been found to be only protect only 33% against the Indian variant. There is no data on the Chinese
  4. Does anyone have experience of getting a foreign passport for a child born after they got citizenship? I wondered, if it would create any complications with both parents being Thai on the birth certificate since the parents' nationality on the birth certificate can be used as evidence of nationality by passport authorities. At least with a Thai father on the birth certificate a child will have the opportunity to be promoted above the rank of private, if he or she joins the Thai military or gets drafted. That archaic regulation is a disgraceful piece of racial discrimination a
  5. I found this on Tilleke and Gibbon's website regarding a relaxation of the foreign exchange regulations in 2019. Outward transfers When conducting outward transfers of foreign currency in an amount less than USD 200,000, the customer is no longer required to provide supporting documentation to commercial banks. This represents an increase from the previous threshold of USD 50,000.
  6. Unless things have changed, Thais cannot just remit savings from their salaries overseas. They need to send for specific documented investments, supporting kids or other relatives overseas. But anyone can send an a small undocumented remittance overseas. The limit for that used to be US$2,000.
  7. Come to think of it, it may be possible to the overseas remittance with foreign passport and salary evidence without WP. Need to ask the bank if you want to try this.
  8. I did this when I needed to remit funds in an emergency soon after obtaining ID and had the salary evidence in the form of the year end tax form from the employer and WP which I think had still not expired, as I didn't bother to cancel it, but expired WP showing you had one covering the period of the salaries is I think enough. Also I don't think there is any check to stop you using the same salary evidence more than once. The bank assured me that there was just a box ticking exercise at the central bank and would only attract attention for a very large amount. Obviously this method can only b
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