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  1. Really liked "Different Drum" and can still remember the words now!! Also liked the Monkees for their all round abilities and wouldn't miss their shows.
  2. Went past Aussie Bar on Wed night but didn't notice I'm afraid SooKee, but I have noticed a fall off in customers over the past year or so, so wouldn't surprise me! Add the dwindling custom in Sois Freedom, Tigers, and Sea Dragon, but look at the large crowds in the band bars and more people than ever just walking and looking, and one can see what is happening.
  3. You are right on about the music bars mm...........actually watched the band in Scruffy Murphys whilst enjoying a steak and Guinness pie!! Shame that it closed as it was very popular, but rumour had it that the landlord increased the rent dramatically so the bar "owner" left. Tums bar was in Soi Seadragon then and is still there now, with a 3-4 piece band playing nightly from around 11 pm onwards, and another bar further up had a 2-3 piece band in it for a while but the bar was far too small to accommodate it and the customers comfortably, so short lived. Don't remember much about Margarita Bar I'm afraid?? Now the bands are bigger and better (IMO) with the band in Red Hot being exceptional.
  4. Check this out........seems like one can buy PM 2.5 filters for existing aircon units: https://www.amazon.in/3M-Non-Woven-Electrostatic-Purifying-Filter/dp/B07D6YLBTH
  5. I live in Phuket, so I'm sorry, I can't recommend any lawyers in your town/city. I think what you are advocating is the right action, however before I did it I would seek your new lawyer's advice on what I have already said, mainly because he knows you and your girlfriend's family and knows a little about the case, and I'm not sure that if you suddenly dropped him and went elsewhere he would be too happy and may not help you in the future if you needed him. And don't forget "face" is everything here. If he were to recommend you went elsewhere because he didn't want the case/didn't have the knowledge, then all well and good, and he could probably recommend someone, but getting him involved and then dropping him is not something I would recommend, with respect. You have still got the March 6th date on the horizon, at which time you will know if these folks can come up with the money or not, so that may dictate another course of action, but as I've said previously, you really need to know if the contracts are valid or not and drawn up in a legal and binding fashion. That is key to whatever your next course of action is.
  6. I'm sure that the price of 50 baht per 100 g was placed in front of the goulash I was looking at as well as the cannelloni?? I don't know about the price of the pork and other dishes and I certainly didn't look at the Thai restaurant, which seems expensive if what you say is true. I can't see that the owner would have put the prices up after opening day, but there again anything is possible here, so perhaps I will take a wander over there again and have a closer look at the food and the prices – – as for the other items on the other floors, well I have no need or intention to buy any of that stuff, so I will focus on the basement area! I have to agree with you that I don't really see why this place has been built, especially, as you say as well, most of everything else can be bought in Jungceylon, and more cheaply so from what I've seen.
  7. Renting your own place through a dummy account etc and then staying there, is certainly an avenue to be considered, however before one gets carried away, I still believe you should run this by your new lawyer. Thinking about the whole situation, you are really taking action on the belief that you have been conned by some sub-leasing contracts which don't quite seem right, so surely you should get your lawyer to see just how valid these are and whether the law has been broken in the issuing of them, because if no law has been broken and these contracts turn out to be "legal" or as near as dammit in this country, then you could be on a sticky wicket. The contracts and the contents thereof need to be examined and understood by a legal mind to see if you are on solid ground with your claim and actions. Things don't always turn out like they should here in Thailand and your lawyer will know this only too well, however if you feel that his area of expertise lies elsewhere and that he may not be of use to you, you could always get him to recommend somebody else, particularly if he understands that you need to get something done urgently, and especially if he has other big cases to work on.........broaching the subject cautiously and with humility of course. No doubt there are some folks on these forums who have more knowledge of this than others, and you have been seeking some input, but you have to trust in the legal system here, irrespective of how flawed it sometimes seems, because that's the only fallback you have.
  8. I do believe there is a possibility that a judge could find that you have no legal right to the property, which is what happened to my friend, however it is purely potluck here, as we know and if the previous lawyer and his "rental cohorts" are able to "influence" the decision, then they surely will. The last I heard from my friend was that he had lost his Villa, because he had no legal right to it, so that has to be seen as a worst-case scenario for your situation. Having said that, it is just my opinion based on a very similar case. As for your second point about marrying your new girlfriend and selling her the property, then that is surely something to broach with your new lawyer because it does seem like a possible outlet, however who is to know if those sublease contracts become null and void if the property is sold – – perhaps there is a clause or two in there which excludes/covers that event? Before you go marrying your girlfriend and selling her the property, you should also broach the subject of repossessing your property by evicting the renters (by whichever means possible without violence) and/or moving in, because that puts the onus on those people you signed the subleases with to be able to come up with some concrete evidence/proof that everything they did was above board and legal, and if it wasn't, there is every possibility that they won't take it any further. I think you also mentioned about waiting for a payment on March 6th, so before you do anything, you should surely wait for that date to arrive because if there is a non-payment, you can decide what action to take, along with your new lawyer. As I have mentioned before and you have said here, I do believe you have to put some trust in your new lawyer and although this area might not be in his field of expertise, as you say, what you are really dealing with is a potentially fraudulent contract, which he should know something about. I hope this helps.
  9. Well I will pick that line up and run with it........ As has been previously mentioned, the new Central shopping centre is now open and whoever would have thought a few years ago when the other building was going up, that it would be knocked down and replaced by this?? Not only that, but looking down Bangla, as an example, it's easy to see that at one time the small, girly bars frequented by the mongers were prevalent amongst all bars, but that has changed quite markedly so, and one only has to looking both of the Tiger complexes to see the scope of this change – – quite alarming for some I would think. Then you have the new type of bar such as "Bar Funk" which seems to be a hybrid of some sort, and I've not really got a handle on what it is! I don't remember any bars in Bangla 10 years ago, having any bands (perhaps I'm wrong) but now those bars with bands are the only ones that are thriving. One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that some of the bars in Bangla, such as the Kangaroo bars, which never purported to be "girly bars" as such and were successful back then, still seem to be successful now as they would have more than their fair share of punters crowding the place out, and it would appear that these folk are there for a beer, meet up with friends, listen to a little music and at the same time people-watch, whilst at the same time being served by attractive wenches. And on the point of "changing", perhaps what used to be known as the "high season" has changed or shifted, because last night Bangla was more crowded than I have seen it in many years.......don't ask me why because I don't know, as it was just another everyday Wednesday night. Looking further afield, the Chinese are staying at the cheaper guesthouse type accommodation in the likes of Nanai road and in doing so are imperilling their lives when they decide to walk two or three abreast along that narrow road, and the amount of near misses from cars and motorbikes is just astounding, but they don't seem to be aware or learn from their near death experiences! Whilst it may well have been like high season in Bangla, it hasn't been good for a couple of small bars near me, one of which has shut up shop, with rumours that the farang sponsor has walked away from it after a split with his Thai girlfriend, and the other which is being remodelled into something which will closely resemble the previous infrequently visited one – – go figure? There have been a few more closures of shops along Nanai and I don't see that changing in the near future because it is an area which one has to "get used to" and certainly does not have its fair share of upmarket places, but feeling like this when I first came here, now I see that it has a certain sort of" charm" (probably not quite the right description) to it and I don't mind living there at all although I could choose just about anywhere in Patong or its surrounds, to live. The last point on the "changing" thing is the fact that the traffic situation has changed for the worse, and how! But then those of us who have been here a while saw this coming when they started to muck around with the traffic flows and the building of the new middle road, and not forgetting the many new buildings which were thrown up, all adding to the congestion – – and on that point, we all know that the infrastructure here could not cope with those new buildings and that's why many new drains etc were put in, and the digging up of many roads would attest to this. Irrespective of all of the supposedly remedial work which was done with regards to drains, wastewater and sewage etc, I noticed a familiar smell at the junction of Soi Banzaan which took me back a few years and reminded me of the bad old days, or were they the good old days??
  10. tcp7; I think you are right to be worried about the judge/court delving into your company formation and the fact that it is an illegal nominee company does not stand you in good stead. Despite what another poster has written, in almost a carbon copy of your case, a friend took his lawyer to court because the lawyer had forged signatures and had gotten a new chanote issued for my friends Villa, then sold it! Fraud, pure and simple in anyone's language, so my friend was expecting a good outcome, however the judge ruled that as my friend had originally purchased the property through a nominee company, then he had purchased it illegally and in doing so was not the legal owner, and he threw the case out because my friend not being the legal owner had no legal right to the property. Certainly not what my friend expected as it was a clear case of fraud, by the sound of it much clearer than your claim, and he was left with nothing. So I'm thinking that your new lawyer may well be your best bet and to trust in him, if you can. If you still have the deeds to the property somewhere, or can obtain a copy, then you could use some strong arm tactics to get the current renters out of the place and move back in yourself. There isn't a lot others can do about this as you have deeds to the property and as they are not likely to win anything by going to court, you won't have a judge delving into your affairs, but you will have the deeds and the right of occupation. Should someone wish to produce the original rental documents, with your signatures, and they don't match those which they have given your new lawyer, then they stand a chance to fail in their efforts to hold you to it. So sad that you should have to go through this, however this sort of thing is what I have warned about on other threads and not just through the nominee company structure, because there are other quasi legal structures put in place by smart lawyers, but underneath all that they actually contravene Thai law with regards to land/property ownership in one way or another, despite what the "owners" of these companies argue. Please keep us informed as to the outcome because there will be other people looking at this thread who may find themselves in a similar situation. And good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. I'd put money on that bet too...........they are bloody idiots and endanger other folks lives. If one crashed his bike and was hurt, I would simply drive by and say, "som nam na''. Having said that there are a few idiot Italians here riding in a similar manner.
  12. Active and Real Estate agents is a bit of an oxymoron, however there is the occasional one around......keep searching!
  13. Are you saying that ghosts are not real................I'm thoroughly disillusioned now. Next thing you'll be telling me is that the amulets don't work!!
  14. The UK Pension service are unlikely to provide that for you........anyone correct me if I am wrong please. Also Bangkok Bank have a faux London branch which transfers funds from the Pension folk directly to my Bkk bank branch here BUT it does not show as an FTT entry, just TRF, meaning transfer. So who knows if this will be acceptable.............too many questions, too few answers from Immigration.
  15. Yep one of my faves............. Just watched "Serenity" with Matthew McConaughey and thought it a bit of a fizzer; shame as I like him as an actor and he was superb in The Dallas Buyers club.
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