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  1. I have switched to using Xylitol to reduce my sugar/calorie intake and to help ward off poss bacteria in the bladder (has the same effect that cranberry juice has). Xylitol is five percent less sweet than sugar, but it has 40 percent fewer calories (9 calories versus sugar's 16) and a low glycemic index. It can be made from many different things, but it's primarily extracted from corncobs and hardwoods.
  2. More likely, don't trust the shady characters who dreamt up this rubbish about the Bidens........maybe Hunter did profit from his association with his father, as have trumps relatives, but there is no credible evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden. And for the record, why should people trust a compulsive liar, a right wing crook like Steve Bannon and a dubious character like Giuliani?? The story in the link below throws some light on the subject. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/trump-had-one-last-story-to-sell-the-wall-street-journal-wouldnt-buy-it/H4ZH7GSBW6UBABTB
  3. PS said: "I'd be worried if such an unvetted and untested person became president because I care about my country". Oh my, that has to be the statement to end all statements..... Why would anybody who cared about their country elect someone who was unintelligent, a compulsive liar, a racist, a bankrupt, stole from charities, cheated on his wife, was a misogynist, and has no idea about what is going on in the world around him, if they really cared about their country. Instead of "draining the swamp" he has added to it with a vengeance and made it a family con
  4. If it works for you, then stay on it, as until new/newer procedures are in place for BPH, some of us are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I underwent surgery in the Epworth hospital (Melbourne) around 11 years ago (maybe 12) and was assured that this top-notch surgeon and hospital would do a good job. So for the benefit of other folks considering something along the lines of a TURP, I will give the lowdown on my experiences. – TURP procedure carried out at the hospital and hospital stay was for three days which included a full time catheter in the penis, and at
  5. From what I recall Garry, it was the fact that sometimes the catheter use was for a lot longer than a few days, and sometimes the dead tissue took a lot longer to be absorbed/discarded by the body and some men found quite a bit of discomfort for even a few months afterwards. I've got to say that this did put me off a little, however I can't find my original article on it due to a few computer problems over the past month or three! Actually I hadn't heard about Aquablation, so have looked it up and that also seems promising. Urolift was another procedure of i
  6. Was interested in the Urethral lift before this latest procedure, then looked at Rezum, however there have been some adverse reactions to this, so looking at this new one as potential for now or the future. When compared to the TURP with all of its potential downsides, then personally I would not be worried if this procedure had to be repeated every few years as it is quick and relatively painless. Anything to dodge having another TURP, hence my enthusiasm for something like this, whether approved now or later, because it gives hope for someone like me who had a bad experience (man
  7. Seems like the earlier versions needed testing and improving, so perhaps this is where we are at now?? Worth keeping an eye on anyway.
  8. My mistake, I was meaning reflux/GERD because as you say, it can also be mistaken for a heart problem.
  9. Having suffered from BPH and then having a Turp, which was not that successful, and which was followed by a bladder neck operation, and then the fear that another prostate operation might be necessary because symptoms of BPH returned, I was overjoyed to get this podcast from a friend!! It is a new prostate operation which is not like the steam process Rezum, but involves a stent being inserted in the prostate, then removed about a week later.......all done as an out-patient, with no cutting/stitching, just an insertion of something akin to a catheter, then removal. The
  10. I agree with Sheryl regarding the pain being felt in the chest and up to the throat, because I suffered from reflux for years, which was the reason I took early retirement, as it led to Barrett's oesophagus. I was on omeprazole 40 mg in the morning and once in the evening until it settled down and I gradually tapered off the medicine and now I rarely get an attack, and when I do I have omeprazole and Gaviscon handy.
  11. It was the last time I visited about a week ago, and also there are two other Bakery shops just opposite, so you are spoilt for choice. Having said that, the bread in Big C Patong is great!!
  12. Totally agree, and he is a very good actor, no doubt about it. I read a review just recently and apparently he had to don a "fat suit" for that part in the movie, however having said that, it appears that he has put on a lot of weight anyway (something which he is prone to do). And as a juxtaposition, I watched him in, "The Water Diviner" just last week and thought he was great.
  13. Never mind that you have missed my inference in my post....... I certainly don't mind if anybody disagrees with me, however my putting people on "ignore" is because they do not acknowledge any of Trump's shortcomings (stealing from a charity for example, misogyny, calling American heroes, "losers" and much more) or indeed the thousands of lies he regularly tells, and totally ignore this as if it's normal behaviour, not to mention his lack of intelligence which is there for all to see on numerous occasions. And I wonder why people would support someone like this. It cer
  14. Watched the Russell Crowe movie "Unhinged" and if ever a movie made one hate a character, then this was it, because Crowe was thoroughly unlikeable, but overall I thought the movie was good. Also watched "Untraceable" from a few years back, and that was very enjoyable.
  15. That is why I have put him on ignore, as well as a few other of his ilk. It seems as if they are afflicted with the same problems that trump has.
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