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  1. I think it was Warren Buffett who once said that he wouldn't invest in anything that he didn't understand, hence he hasn't invested in Bitcoin and the like, neither has Bill Gates for that matter, and these two guys are billionaires, made by investing in companies which produce something, and Buffett was quoted as saying that bitcoin hasn't produced anything? Like you, I did real work and real investing with real assets, and started and built up an investment advisory division which, before I retired, was running at just under $2 billion. At my age I need some conservat
  2. Aerius is a third generation antihistamine, one at night and it stops my allergy, and after about a week I don't take it and all is well, for some reason!
  3. I have just seen the post from Sheryl, and she did mention in her post one that I actually order from iHerb, called "Source Naturals, Mega Strength Beta Sitosterol" 120 tablets at 375 mg per tablet. I had to order an alternative product because they seem to quite frequently run out of this particular product, and in the past I have managed also to get it from Healthpost NZ, and the post seems a little faster from NZ than the US.
  4. I've tried just about every known and "unknown" herb and whatever for BPH, and I have found that Beta Sitosterol seems to work for me. I should say that it works well enough for me not to have to worry about peeing a lot during the day, and probably getting up just once a night on occasion for a toilet visit. IMO this is a very overpriced supplement, which includes a few other ingredients which have on occasion been touted to help those with BPH. I have only just this month ordered a combination of Beta Sitosterol and other plant sterols in one capsule from iHerb, to re
  5. Something I just remembered, which may be of help to you, is that although I have IObit uninstaller and used this to uninstall Panda AV, it wasn't completely uninstalled and I kept searching and finding bits of it in my system, and as I recall, I used a couple of other programs to try and winkle it out, which I eventually managed. Maybe worth looking through some files to see if there's any remnants of it left. Whatever you do, good luck.
  6. Thank you for the tip, and no I haven't tried tamarind, but I will, thanks to you. Always on the lookout for something natural and although prune juice is just that, I'm not sure that adding the sorbitol to it is a good thing to do!
  7. I have only just come across this thread of yours, and what caught my eye was the fact that you were running Malwarebytes along with Panda AV. The reason being was that I had exactly the same happening to my laptop and I tried everything from cleaners, to different browsers......... and the list goes on. Sometimes it would work okay for a couple of days and then for no reason whatsoever, freeze. Everything stayed on screen and the mouse wouldn't move and the keyboard wouldn't work, so it was a forced shut down every time. I eventually removed the Panda AV an
  8. Watched, "Operation Finale" last night and thought it was good, and although it it's about three or four years old, I don't remember seeing it before, so that was a bonus. Also watched the movie with Nicolas Cage in it, "The Frozen Ground" and was absolutely astounded at how many girls/women the guy had murdered over the years.
  9. The first rigorous research on the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia was conducted in 1998. The studyTrusted Source concluded that it doesn’t perform any better than a placebo when it comes to helping you lose weight.
  10. I have to admit that I don't have a clue about what one can and can't do if one is a tourist or directly visiting Phuket, which is why I posted my original comment, really seeking clarification. However it seems that I'm not the only one confused and I was just about to book myself into "a home for the bewildered", when stuarty posted an answer, which seems to fit the bill.............but then again, one never knows here. So until the people that decide these things have another brain fart, I'll go with stuarty's answer!
  11. I have never considered myself an alcoholic, yet I would regularly consume one bottle of red wine per night with my evening meal, although I have cut that down to about half a bottle now, followed by a tipple of sweet wine or Portuguese port. I don't normally drink beer and I don't go and sit at barstools all night, or afternoon, although once a week in the evening with friends is very likely. I remember having discussions over many years with my doctor/surgeon in NZ, as to my red wine intake, and he was not worried about it unduly, but did suggest cutting back on the p
  12. You make a good point BTH, and I have thought about this in recent times, however I think the answer is in the fact that how small businesses operate here. Most of the smaller businesses, including bars, lease the premises from the landlords, and the landlords have been raking it in for decades, so they should have some spare cash somewhere whereby they can repair the scungy premises which they wish to lease/rent out. Remember also that there are some very wealthy people here who bought up land and buildings many years ago, even before Patong took off as a tourist desti
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