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  1. I tried to find another thread with Suzuki on it here on the Phuket forum, but was unable to do so so started this new one. A couple of things to report.............I took my Suzuki Swift in for a service today and to ascertain when they could fix a little dent I had in the back door. The service lady spoke great English and was very good and suggested we book a date for a major service which would be due in a couple of months, which we did. Another young lady looked at the dent and asked what insurance company I used and I told her, "Viriyah", and she asked if I had my driving licence with me, so I gave it to her. Approximately 15 minutes later she came and got me from the reception area and introduced me to the Viriyah insurance guy, who quickly dealt with the paperwork and verified that work could go ahead next week. All very quick and efficient. The mechanic found a long metal pin in my front tyre and he must have been very eagle eyed to have spotted it because it was almost impossible to see, so they repaired that at the same time. Whilst I was waiting for the service I took a chance to have a look in the showroom and took a closer look at the Ciaz Saloon car, which was much larger than I had thought, but the amazing thing was the amount of room in the back seats, as well as the boot, and it almost defied logic as to how they could find that much room in a medium-sized car, and I was very impressed with it, although the little Swift I have has only done 31,000 km in eight years, so it will last me a while yet. My Swift was finished, washed and cleaned and I marvelled at the high level of service I received, when all too often here, good service is something which is hard to find, let alone great service like this. I can't recommend this organisation and its staff too highly – – top-class IMO and experience. PS. And anyone looking for a new saloon car should take a look at the Ciaz!
  2. Found that out, much to my chagrin when I visited my local post office yesterday, but it wasn't only the fact that I could not send an email to Australia, it was the attitude of the woman behind the counter! I politely asked how much it would be to send a small package via airmail, in a bubble pack envelope, to Australia. She put it on the scales fiddled about a bit with some paperwork and then said the usual response, "cannot". I then politely asked when I could expect to send it, and she replied "three months", to which I replied three months before I can come back and send it, or if it goes now it will take three months to get there?? But that was far too much, so I gave that up as a bad job. I'm going to to try and sell my Omega De Ville wristwatch on eBay and wondered how much it would cost to send it, along with insurance, to somewhere like the USA. She then said "cannot" because it has a battery in it. I then said I would take the battery out and if I did, how much would it cost and she replied, "cannot" and when I asked why, she said because it have battery! I very carefully explained that I would take the battery out before it was sent and then she said the famous word, "cannot", so I then gave it up as a bad job as she was getting very bad tempered. After that pointless exercise I went along to the DHL office here and asked how much it would be to send the bubble pack envelope to Australia, and she said 1700 baht!! I then said I didn't think it was worth it as inside of the package were five USBs only!!! In about a week I will have an important document to send to New Zealand, so I will probably use DHL to do that, because it needs to be quick and secure, and after my interaction with the post office, I wouldn't trust them with posting a turd.
  3. So faster than a VPN........if it works??
  4. So would you provide a clue to the name of this VPN, as I may well give it a try. My current full VPN, as per my previous post, is a well-known one, but not working on BBC iPlayer, and as I do have SmartDNS already loaded I'll give it another try, but if as you say, it's going to be blocked all the same, then I'm back to square one!
  5. As others have said, the BBC and its ilk are getting wise to the VPN to circumvent the UK rules, and indeed I recently purchased one of the top rated VPNs (second word is.. Ghost) and although I did manage to watch a couple of BBC iPlayer programs, that is not the case now. I have been in touch with the company many, many times and sent them all sorts of information including my computer settings, VPN network settings, messages on the BBC screen and so on, in fact everything they have asked for and still no go, and after about a month of dealing with one particular person in the organisation, a new representative came back to me and said that they were having problems with BBC as that organisation was going to great pains to shut that access down. So I am left with no access to the BBC iPlayer (which I like) and a three year subscription, which is a pain, although I can use it on my other computer for torrenting. I might go back to my SmartDNS set up to see if I can get any joy with that?
  6. I had a Panasonic breadmaker in NZ, and it was great and I had great fun in trying all sorts of breads with just about every flour, seed and grain imaginable, this to try and make a "healthy" loaf – – and of course the great smell which would emanate from the thing and waft upstairs, first thing in the morning, was brilliant. Just one thing to watch out for......I used to have quite a few dinner parties at my place, sampling some lovely wines, and often, far too much/many of them. So when all the guests had gone I would get the breadmaker out and start adding the ingredients, but there were quite a few times when I was so keen on getting all the ingredients in that I forgot to add the yeast, aided of course by the surfeit of red wine!! In the morning I would traipse downstairs, complete with hangover, and look forward to some lovely warm tasty bread, only to discover that sitting in the bottom of the breadmaker was something akin to, and as solid as, a house brick!! Such a shame and a huge disappointment and I swear that if I had dropped it on my foot I would have broken a bone.
  7. I mentioned Tom Hardy a few posts ago and how much I enjoyed a few of his movies, so last night I sought out another one called, "The Drop" and also thought it was very good. He plays a laid-back, mild and good-natured guy who works nights in a bar............
  8. A bank manager here will suffice........have done same for me with regards to NZ and UK pension declarations. This was OK'd by both Govt depts.
  9. Living in the "dark ages" and having a nuclear bomb..........unbelievable.
  10. Had a fantastic four years in Sussex from the mid-60s onwards, where I had an apprenticeship and I was learning lots of new things and new skills, as well as having a bunch of good friends and exploring the pubs. At around the same time I was selected to play football for my home team in the Isthmian league, and that was my dream, and I did play against Crystal Palace and Wimbledon and a few other classy senior amateur teams, and in addition I was selected for a Sussex representative side. They were the best few years of my life until........... I moved to New Zealand in 1984 and started as Director of Sales and Establishment Marketing for American Express, and that was just a dream job – – lots of travel, entertaining at top class restaurants, overseas sales conferences in Hawaii, Singapore, Hamilton Island, New Caledonia and Manila and I even managed to take the helm of the NZ Americas Cup Challenger, offshore Auckland. Two periods of approximately five years each and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them.
  11. Well maybe not all nut jobs as you say, but there might be a clue in a little video clip which you can find entitled: – "Jay Leno questions about geography", where Leno asks simple questions of high school students and the results are astounding – – astoundingly bad. I believe this was filmed some 10 years ago and these students are now eligible voters – – go figure!
  12. I like Tom Hardy and was just thinking recently that many of his role portrayals are of a similar ilk and wondered if his talents stretched beyond those limits, so I got onto a film called, "Locke" and was very pleasantly surprised, more so because it is a movie based on one man in a particular situation and would appear to be a difficult role– – I won't go into more detail because it might spoil it. So with that in mind I also watched "Legend" where he stars as the Kray brothers twins and also enjoyed that one. Also uncovered a good movie called, "A Moment of Clarity" and although it wasn't outstanding, it was very enjoyable with a couple of twists in the plot. Good viewing.
  13. Can't see Patong fully recovering for at least a couple of years, if that, not only because of money/currency woes for the travellers, but also for the small businesses here. Many have shut down and don't have the money to start again, so will stay permanently shut. Some areas here looking like ghettos, and a collapse of business like this is extremely difficult to "restart".
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