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  1. From what I saw, the prices are very reasonable, with dishes like goulash, lasagne, cannelloni and some lovely roast pork with what looked like gorgeous crackling, at around 50 baht for 100 g. I didn't pay much attention to the other Asian type food places, however there was a place called Premium Burger which was selling its burgers, and they looked very good I must say, at 245 baht for the basic burger, but that in itself looked pretty substantial.......and nothing like a Mac! Maybe they've got it right????? Sorry Mysterion, I didn't study all the brands that closely, but I will take a punt and say that some of those brands are more than likely there? Whatever the brands, the place reeked of price/class/positioning. so aimed above the cheap tourist market IMO.
  2. “Under the income requirement, applicants must receive at least B65,000 per month,” Col Acheep explained. As many embassies no longer issue affidavits confirming income, this is no longer required, he said, noting that letters from governments and pension fund providers will be accepted along with other forms of evidence to prove the income pending. “Of course any financial statements from banks and copies of bankbook records proving this income already being received should be provided,” he said. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/holding-the-balance- phuket-immigration-clarifies-new-rules-on-retirement-visas-to-start-march-1-70401.php#qFDrdIdC5SewFzHi.99 So from my perspective in trying to qualify for the 65k per month method I can provide the required evidence, which was a worry because they have been ''fickle" in that area. Not decided yet as to follow that route or the 800k route. For me it depends upon whether or not I can get an automatic transfer of funds from my NZ bank, so trying Transferwise under an automatic payment schedule if poss.
  3. Yes, definitely changing Patong2, although I don't find it unsettling, but I do "marvel" at the amount of money being asked for the big bars and sois here – – one large bar fronting Bangla can be bought for 50 million baht, or one could settle for Soi Freedom at 90 million baht. Not unsettling, but perhaps crazy? And on the subject of changing, I decided to visit the new Central store here in Patong, but the saga in getting to it was quite lengthy, with traffic backed up for a kilometre or two, not necessarily because of the opening of Central, but a combination of things such as delivery trucks, buses, minivans, traffic lights and poor driving and of course the poor planning. Only to find that when I eventually got to the Central store, I was told that I could not park anywhere and had to go and park under Jungceylon. Now I had wondered why I had been turned away from parking under Jungceylon a couple of times previously, and it's because all of the workers and of course some of the customers are now directed to that car park and its full, and I don't know if it's because there is no parking under the new Central or because it's not ready? Far be it from me to suggest that it was lack of planning! Anyway, I was surprised at what I saw, because there are three floors dedicated to menswear, womenswear and accessories etc, however they were set out just like the old Central in Phuket town, whereby the total floor space was like "open plan" and each brand was vying for its own little space within it, whereas the new Central seems to have gravitated more towards individual shops. Having said that, the basement was just like the new Central and the food on display, particularly in the area serving Western-style food, looked very tasty indeed and this along with a few individual restaurants catering for other Asian needs looked to be doing well. There is a small supermarket area which contains an area for the wine and spirits and if there was ever an indication that this new Central was aimed at a certain market (not the zero baht or cheap Chinese tourist or even impoverished expat) there were no rows of dried seaweed, dried this and that and other cheap snacks, with just the occasional little bit of dried fruit around. In addition the wine area had no casks/boxes of wine anywhere to be seen and although I did see a couple of bottles of Montclair on display (bottom shelf and out of the way) there were many bottles of fine Burgundy and Bordeaux ranging from 3000 to 9000 baht a bottle, plus some pricey Aussie wines as well as a few nice Italian wines. Of course they had wines from NZ and elsewhere, and not always in the very expensive bracket, but the whole area did not lend itself to the bargain basement type type of shopper. All in all, despite it being upmarket, there wasn't very much on display here that could not be bought at/in Jungceylon (apart from the upmarket food and wine area) and I wondered at the logic of opening such a place. Perhaps this is the start of a change of Bangla and its surrounds or perhaps someone is trying to provide shopping for the upmarket and the wealthy in order to draw them here, however that seems to be at odds with the marketing to the cheap Chinese, Indian backpackers and whomsoever else can afford a cheap flight and budget accommodation. I suppose one could add that Patong is becoming an enigma............and no, I'm not starting another thread!
  4. Agree with the general gist of what others have said, because I've only ever met one or perhaps two doctors here who have been anywhere near proficient. One particular case which annoys me is when I had a UTI (from urine retention) and the urologist kept giving me different antibiotics every two or three weeks when I went back to see him, and I must have tried just about every antibiotic known to man, despite me asking him to culture one of my samples because I was feeling very sick and nothing was improving. However he kept on prescribing more antibiotics and the upshot was that I contracted E. coli ESBL (not sure if it was from the cystoscopy which was rather clumsily performed, or from the repeated antibiotics) and I was very sick indeed. So much so that I had to visit the infectious diseases specialist and was prescribed one of only three or four rare antibiotics that might be able to treat this and these had to be done intravenously on a daily basis. Because this was an outpatient procedure, I could not claim on insurance and overall the whole lot would have cost me around 50,000 baht. A guy I know was diagnosed with bladder cancer by this very same urologist and told that the urologist and the surgeon would remove his bladder because that was the treatment they prescribed, however he wasn't keen on this so went back to Australia and had a small cancerous lesion in his bladder treated with radiotherapy (I think) and has been fine for a few years now. And I could go on because I know of quite a few "stuff-ups" here, all of which now make me pretty sure that if I had some ailment which needed surgery, then I would go back home to NZ to get it done privately. The occasional minor complaint is fine, mainly because they don't usually become life-threatening, but trusting doctors and surgeons here with anything other than something very basic is one hell of a gamble. Dentistry on the other hand, no complaints with that which I have received so far. Whilst Thailand may well have become the "medical tourism centre" for some, I believe it is because of their experience with regards to "transgender" type surgery, so, many tourists come here for the likes of boob implants, tummy tucks, nose jobs, facelifts and so on, however in the main these people are healthy when they come here, but entrusting doctors and surgeons to do anything like diagnosing and operating here is not something I would personally recommend.
  5. Watched the movie "Mary Queen of Scots" last night and thought it was good, more so because it gave another insight to the machinations behind the reigns of both Mary and Elizabeth. I enjoyed the Elizabeth I movies, which contained some historical facts, although not in actual timeline, however this one was different because it sort of went behind the scenes, and if I was to draw a conclusion in just a few lines, I would say certainly that Mary was the victim of greed, betrayal and split loyalties by her nobles and family, whereas Elizabeth, not so much.
  6. Agree and was rather hoping it would be just Phuket specific!! That is why I re-posted the policy form that Phuketrichard obtained from Phukey Immigration because as you alluded to, "they do things differently down here". Anyway para 3 still gives me some hope as I do not want to bring over 800k (can but don't want to) AND Merijn has replied so I will contact those he has suggested...........as for "evidence", well I would have thought that a minimum of 65k going into my bank account here, along with the bank statement print-out and bank book, would be enough (what else is there??) but then again TIT and in particular TIP (as in Phuket).
  7. Well the way I read that "notification" I posted, it should be from the bank statements. But.............it seems to be a wait and see what is accepted situation.
  8. Might have been the reason they got together in the first place!!
  9. Agree, I took it with Clarithromycin and a PPI for two or three weeks and only experienced a slight metallic taste in my mouth...........nothing life threatening or that I couldn't handle.
  10. Many of which are there because Thai drivers "struggle with roundabouts" so you have a no-win situation, TIT after all.
  11. No this just looks like the "bare bones" to assist IOs with the basics Now that I have never seen posted...........Yes, 800k 2 months before and 3 months after, then 400k untouched, but combination method m o, not seen. Nor anything about using the 65k pm method AND having 400k in the bank. Perhaps different interpretations, but the one which interested me was as posted because my remits to BBK Bank don't always show as foreign funds, but perhaps they don't have to??
  12. There is a ray of hope and this issued from the IO at Phuket states that............"evidence of adequate finance more than 65,000 monthly" will be sufficient to prove you have enough for the retirement extension to be granted. It doesn't stipulate that it has to come from overseas. Hopefully that will apply elsewhere too??
  13. I have used an online pharmacy to obtain meds I cannot get here and all have been delivered ok.........but as Christopher has "indicated", it could be tricky with no certainty of delivery.
  14. Agree.......bit like the trend for eating raw chicken!! Stupid IMO.
  15. HELP NEEDED PLEASE........A RE-POST OF MINE. With respect gentleman, as regards letters from the embassies, it appears to be a done deal and all we can do is to deal with it and move on the best we can. And I'm moving on to something which I need some info on (please) because I have been reading the squillions of posts on other threads about this whole "debacle/fiasco/change" (take your pick) but I am going to be selfish here because I need a couple of things confirmed, so I'm hoping that the knowledgeable folk on the Phuket Forum can help, especially Merijn if he is reading this........... 1). As regards all of these changes, I did read and see that they take place on March 1. However another couple of posts have suggested that one will need the requisite amount of funds in the bank starting January 1, that just gone by, so is March 1 still the implementation date and the date from whence my funds will actually be calculated. 2). Some posts have suggested that the funds need to be clearly marked as to be from overseas, whereas the letter posted on this thread basically suggests "evidence of adequate finance of more than 65,000 baht monthly" needs to be shown on one's bank statement. If that's the case then all well and good, otherwise many of these companies transferring funds from overseas who do it basically by using a Thai based bank will not show up as "international transfer". So will a total of 65,000 baht transferred into my Bangkok bank here be accepted irrespective from whence it came? 3). Following on from the previous paragraph.......my transfers from overseas to cover the 65,000 baht will consist of three separate transfers but adding up to that total amount and more. Is that sufficient? If anyone can throw some light on this, it will be great, as I did post something like it in another thread but obviously it didn't resonate, or someone has stopped reading that thread, and not only that, March 1st is very quickly going to be upon us/me so some action is needed. Thanks in anticipation.
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