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  1. Well there is a registration number which I have quoted, and there is also a serial number, which is traceable on the Omega website, and it has been inspected by a reputable jeweller who repairs Rolex and Omega in Phuket, and who says it is genuine (he has taken the back off and inspected the workings therein). Not only that it looks immaculate and is nothing like any copies I've ever seen, and it was bought from a reputable dealer in the USA and he gave me a guarantee with it, which basically said that if I wasn't satisfied he would buy it back! It's a lovely looking w
  2. And this has impacted upon anyone who wants to sell something genuine........I am trying to sell an Omega De Ville watch, but already have had two people come back to me and say that it must be a fake if I'm selling it here in Thailand!!
  3. OOPS, I tried to edit my post, but couldn't. Just realised that I had gone off topic quite considerably and wanted to apologise. Sorry folks.
  4. Agree that wine methods and techniques are very transportable and that is sometimes evident in the South American wines which have French roots, as the saying goes. There was a French winemaker in Marlborough and I tasted his wines some 20 or more years ago and I'm not a great fan of New Zealand Pinot Noir, though some people seem to rave about it, but this particular winemaker was able to produce Pinot Noir with just that "French edge" to it and I thought it was a lovely wine, and it was not expensive. There was a rumour that he had imported some old wine barrels from Burgundy in
  5. Ah so......I thought that when I woke up with one this morning!!
  6. Yes I believe it was a good idea, because I bought the bond through the bank, there and then, completed the paperwork and came back a week later to sell it and complete the paperwork again, so it was all done in the bank and they were able to put on the "Source of funds" form that the funds came from a Thai government bond. And of course it was signed by the manager of the bank giving it a bit more "weight".
  7. A few years ago I transferred 4 million baht from Siam Commercial Bank to my New Zealand bank, and though there was a small fee involved, it wasn't very much at all. As I recall the bank needed to know from whence the money came, so if I had provided them with documentation showing the sale of my house or something similar that would have been fine, but I didn't have anything, however they were adamant they needed a document to show the source of funds. So I bought a government bond here and kept it for a week before selling it and put the money in my Thai account, the
  8. I'm trying to find out if anybody knows of a person or a shop somewhere on the island that buys watches? I have put it on Baht/Sold however I would prefer selling locally, mainly because I could deliver it, and save the hassle of postage and insurance.
  9. Watched "Supernova" with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci and it was painfully slow, and I'm not sure why I hung on in there, but there was one scene near the end of the movie which did try to wrap it all up, however when all is said and done it was a painfully slow movie, in my opinion.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised by the people walking around in Bangla on Friday evening, not huge amounts, but a smattering more than previously. The numbers were enhanced by a couple of large groups of young folk/students who looked like they were enjoying themselves and they seemed to be a mix of Thai and other nationalities (some European by the looks of things?). Salute restaurant was empty apart from myself and one other, although they did have a couple of orders for takeaways, and I really do hope that they succeed and pull through these bad times, as it is a good restaurant with
  11. Downloaded a very interesting documentary called "Icemen – 200 years in Antarctica" and I was so glad that I did, because not only did it cover a very recent effort to cross Antarctica, but also included footage and commentary from the other expeditions over the years; Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Mawson and others. Well worth a look if you're into history and adventure.
  12. This has been puzzling me for a week or so now and I don't know where it came from! It could have been something that I've installed on the computer, or not as the case may be, however I can't get rid of it when it starts up, unless I do a restart and then it goes. I will add that if I run my mouse over the logo/icon a black bar with "ok" in it appears, but I can do nothing with it. So as I said, I have to do a restart and then it is gone. Has anyone any ideas of what it might be, and how I can get rid of it? Thanks.
  13. I know this thread will be a little short lived, however I don't know how else to put this point over to other Phuketian's here who may be in search of a good wine bargain, so here is a copy of the post I have put on another wine thread and it refers to the big Tesco Lotus here in Phuket town, although it may be nationwide, I'm not sure, anyway here goes........... "Okay for those looking for a well priced wine at a bargain price, here is a tip for you........ My local Tesco Lotus store here has a wine on the shelves which has been discounted quite substantially, althou
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