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  1. Could try the 16:8 regimen which seems to work for many people.
  2. Yes I was pleased to see the Aussie bar with a few more folks in it, because it is a bit of an icon and I know the manager there who is a nice guy. Don't know much about Kamala and its tourists, however on the subject of spend, surely there has to be a few big spenders in amongst the dross that we are getting here? As for the potential of "high-quality inexpensive Indian/Pakistani restaurants", well we have a few restaurants of that ilk, although not necessarily high quality, here in Patong, yet I've never had a meal in one which has absolutely blown me away (as I sometimes had in the UK or in NZ for that matter). And as for the four restaurants in a row in soi Sansabai, I have eaten in two of them and they were okay, yet in the four times I have passed the new completely white restaurant, it has had nobody in it, and I'm not surprised as it is about as inviting as a morgue!
  3. In relation to this part of a previous post of yours, I was out on Friday night and Bangla was pretty well packed, probably as much as I've seen it since the last high season, or almost anyway! The Aussie bar for the first time in many moons was relatively full, as were quite a few other bars, including the music bars, so maybe it's holidays or cheap flights which are enticing the tourists. Having said that there were far more "Indians" around than I have ever seen, apart from in the movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"!! However a friend of mine suggests that many of them may be from Pakistan, rather than India, as he said he had seen an article somewhere which stated that Pakistan was the largest source of inquiries as to holidays in Phuket in recent months? There were Chinese amongst the walkers and revellers but these numbers were dwarfed by the folks mentioned above. Although this is not the case in Big C lately, where the Chinese are relatively abundant and as loud as always. The influx of Italians, hoped for by my Italian restaurant owner friend, doesn't seem to have materialised that much and the few times that I've been there recently, I haven't noticed it as full as I, or he, anticipated? In addition, the Italian restaurant across the road was playing host to about six diners only. Nothing much else to add from my other posts, apart from the fact that the two new "cafes" I mentioned in my last post, don't seem to be doing much, if any business at all. Not really surprising given their location, but since when has that ever deterred farang-backed Thais from opening something up somewhere, no matter where or what!
  4. Thank you for your reply, and I did test my speed using the link you gave me (thank you again) and it does vary tremendously with a minimum being 7.89 Mbps, midpoint of around 23 and Max of 53 – – some variation! So I'm thinking that the variations/low readings will be the reason the programs buffer? I had no idea about HD prime, so I did get onto this forum and search, but only came up with a few posts on it, and couldn't find out a reason why it buffered, so perhaps my assumption above is correct? I'm not really worried about HDPrime per se or watching EPL football for that matter, because I can get that on True vision, but what I'm really interested in watching is the rugby World Cup and as yet haven't found how to watch it here in Thailand! I have a friend who has something called Expat Prime and another who has HDPrime, and both of them seem to be able to receive a signal without any of this buffering or freezing, which obviously makes me wonder about my Internet connection or my computer as they connect via an android box directly to their television, so perhaps that's the clue?. Any info you have, even if you have to send it by private message (PM) would be most appreciated.
  5. Thanks........and if so, perhaps I should look at my computers ability to handle the content?
  6. Along a similar vein, and hopefully not too far off track (if it is, then please put it in the correct thread for me). I currently have 3BB supplying my apartment on a fixed line (the owner won't allow a new fibre-optic cable to be installed – – don't ask me why) and it is apparently 25 Mbps, although it does vary a little on speed tests I do. However I am trying to watch football and rugby via some of the streaming services like HD Prime and Expat Prime (legal I've been told) but I get buffering and stalling when I try to watch them and the picture goes from good to poor to stall. I was wondering whether 25 Mbps is too low? Another friend has suggested that my computer might not be able to handle the football and movies that I want to watch and that the processor or graphics card might be the problem. I have recently upgraded the computer ram to 8GB anyway. So questions would be whether I need to get a higher Mbps number, or whether my computer, a basic HP notebook, needs to be changed for something a bit more grunty, or I thought about changing to the AIS or True service that uses a dongle, but I am completely in the dark as to whether or not that would work. True have told me that they can provide me with unlimited 4G using a dongle, but I don't know if that is going to be of any help to me on my computer problem? I want to get something sorted before the football season becomes full on and also so that I can watch the rugby World Cup so suggestions would be most welcome.
  7. Agree.....it's not clear from the pic if indeed the earth wire goes anywhere!
  8. Well I also have learned something by reading this thread as I thought (or didn't) that the 5 yr Elite visa entitled one to a 5 yr stay without going through all of the rigmarole of the annual visit to the IOs to face whatever they may decide upon the day!! Sympathise with inwardglee on this........and for the record other expats here have had similar thoughts to mine!!
  9. Was put on Amitriptyline once for for RSO/OOS pain and I felt terrible, lost track of events, confusion and really was not "with it". I wasn't told to avoid alcohol, but dangerous side effects or death can occur when alcohol is combined with amitriptyline. This medication may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be alert.
  10. With respect, he would be here all day trying to list them!! Those that I have encountered include....... Cables taped to fences, especially a no-no where human contact can occur. Cracked socket outlets or junction boxes. Same as above but should have been used for internal use only, but are installed outside in the wet/in the elements. Mains voltage fittings in and around swimming pool areas. Mains voltage appliances in and around swimming pool areas/wet areas/outside, where they shouldn't be. Wires poking out of conduit/holes in the wall/ground with the merest amount of tape covering the bare ends. Mains supply taken directly off the meter, thereby bypassing the distribution board. Earth wire left hanging from an installation. Light fittings mounted on metal railings. Look for general shodiness in the electrical fittings in and around the area. Probably a few score more to add it wanted to take the time.........
  11. I hope they do well Lashay because at least they tried to bring something a little different to the table (pun intended).
  12. And the explanation for walking 2/3/4 abreast on a narrow road whilst continually dodging traffic and doing nothing about it (like walking single file for example)? Or walking straight out on to a road without looking, or indeed standing in the middle of a road discussing which way to go? And what about cutting toenails on a restaurant table or hoicking on the floor?
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